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  1. Sadly no more. https://pitchfork.com/news/daft-punk-call-it-quits/?fbclid=IwAR38m9vWaF4CLblSPWmTO0PrRn7XSiE6f3oUVUh9ufhGG_NNO5QePMd_sbY
  2. Quick question, is it worth investing in PS VR if I only have the standard PS4 rather than the Pro?
  3. Hunters in the original Resident Evil
  4. Alien Breed currently down to 69p.
  5. Ran out of fuel apparently. Expect a penalty of some sort.
  6. Apart from the fact Burnout 3 can be almost unplayable online at times, and will frustrate and annoy you.
  7. I always use first person views in driving games but i just found with burnout 3 it made things too hard as everything happens so fast.
  8. Didnt even realise it was out, not long since his last IMO disappointing album
  9. To be fair and I havent seen the pilot but if the old series was shown now without the nostalgic element of it being a part of our childhoods, how many of us would pick it apart for being terrible. I loved the original series but that was despite its many flaws, in fact with my friends we often loved it more for its strange traits. Its not been remade to appeal to us I wouldnt have thought, it would be for a new generation who might talk about it as fondly in 10-15 years as we do about the original. But if it came to observing the original solely as a peice of quality television it doesnt stand up well, so why would we expect this to be any different.
  10. Yeah looks like they have forgotten to add the scenery. Disappointed so far, but lets remain optimistic anyway. I loved the original but hated the sequel on the Dreamcast, the framerate problems ruined it for me.
  11. Are they still making this, thought it ran out of ideas after about 3 episodes
  12. Take that back , the Saturn version was sublime. One of the best racers of its generation.
  13. Not convinced by the gold one myself, looks less like gold and more like aged yellow.
  14. Tsunami

    The Sims 2

    Im always amazed at how much time my GF can put in to it, I just sit there watching thinking there is no real overall point to it. But then I guess you could say the same about every game if you broke it down to the most basic level. Hopefully this one is a bit more goal driven.
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