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  1. Well, it's because it says gozaimas@pol.com, and I just wanted my own. When I bought it, I was given the impression I could start from scratch with my own personalised account. So i'm just a bit miffed. I don't know why I can't change the email either. Only letting you change your name once? Crap!
  2. I haven't got one! Anyway, seeing as we're now in control of goz's account, can't we cancel it and start over? I could reuse my character name if we'd cancelled it couldn't I? Actually, it keeps them for 3 months doesn't it? Nevermind, I can think of another!
  3. Its ok I think I've done it. Just involves setting up a new pol email and deleting the old one! *crosses fingers* EDIT: Curse nope. It said it had changed but it hasnt ...
  4. I'm pretty sure he has, there weren't any of his characters or anything around. I had to add myself and then add my cc details as his had been removed, I just couldn't get a ney pol accoount for some reason... I don't know! Anyway, won't it mess my character about now if I could?
  5. I couldn't sign up for a new play online account as I bought this of gozimas and it seems his details are all ready registered with my copy of the game, so i'm trying to set up my gmail account as the email address i get stuff sent to. BUT! It's asking me for a POP3 server name, and port number and stuff. Any idea how I can find out what it is? I should have just bought a new copy I guess.
  6. Argh! My electricity just cut off! Now i'm getting scary messages. I'm sure it'll be fine though.
  7. I'm on! I'm wandering around looking for Jack. I don't know what i'm doing at all, i'm going to start chatting to a few people and see what happens! My name is Tesia and i'm a Mithra thief . Anyone around Windurst? How do I add people to friend lists and things? Guess I should make some first!
  8. Ok, did it but my pass has expired. I'm a bit scared to try the random trick, incase I go too far. Can I still go back after i've selected my city?
  9. No, I just can't post as Laine. I keep getting flood warnings. I've tried all day to post as Laine but it won't work. I think it's something to do with the forum being messed up at the moment.
  10. That's what I was thinking...how are you even going to word the questions? What happens in such and such when thingy goes to the whatsit?
  11. Sydney is a boys name, stupid.
  12. I'll try that then. I did a boss the other day and found myself constantly healing my other 2 team members with Nell. I was getting absolutely hammered. Gah! Stupid game. What really annoyed me is I was dumped on a snowy mountain, decided to explore and ended up back in the place i'd just escaped from, and got killed by some stuidly hard guards.
  13. Ooops, sorry. That'll teach me to skim read.
  14. Sydney Bristow


    Sorry to hijack, but i'm really struggling with the real time system in Star Ocean 3. I hate it, and it hates me! I can't even find an auto heal option. It's just attack lots, don't attack as much, don't use specials, do nothing. I'm finding it incredibly difficult, and it's reafirming my belief that real time rpgs are all crap. Apart From Dark Cloud.
  15. Woo. Yay. You managed that quick. It's so good you can't stop watching huh? Remember: DON'T watch the season 2 preview on the extras.
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