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  1. wow is basically a 30gb chat client.
  2. I try to take the camera everywhere if I can. Whichever one it is. iPhone in the pocket is good for snaps and playing with the numerous photo apps. The 350d+50mm I can just about squeeze into a big winter coat pocket, otherwise it happily lives in my everyday bag. The 7d though is just a bit too big to carry all the time, so it only goes out on specific photo trips.
  3. Wow. Great thread. fwiw, I setup a tumblr for this, which is open to post submissions. And started it off with one I've always fancied putting together. http://8bitconcept.tumblr.com/
  4. It's not the "HDR" which makes the image look that way. It's the choices made when using the Tone Mapping software. Be it Photoshop or Photomatix or whatever. High Dynamic Range simply means you have a digital image format, probably 32bit, with a greater than usual range of captured light values. This is incredibly useful. Especially as 99% of digital sensors have a lower dynamic range than black & white film for example. Once you have that image, you have to convert those values into something that is viewable on a low dynamic range medium. Such as a screen or printer paper. That's when you can make an almost infinite number of creative choices in your tone mapping software. The way a final photo looks is entirely up to you. HDR gives you a lot more options in some respects, but as mentioned above, does come with it's own problems and considerations. Especially when it comes to moving objects Trees are always a problem if there's even a slight breeze. Interestingly, the "old way" of managing dynamic range involved manipulating all the light in the scene yourself. With fill lights, bounce cards and shades and all sorts. Which of course is how they still do it in film/tv. At least until the HDR sensors I've seen demo vids of become mainstream.
  5. There's loads.. so good too. They remind me a lot of Matt Stone &Trey Parkers' early pilot show "Time Warped".
  6. Some friends tried this once, and I played my little part. It was called 'Skew' and the manifesto was something like this : > ----------THE SKEW MANIFESTO----------------- > > 1. The time signature must be 3/4. > 2. Tempo must be about 140 bpm. > 3. Drums must come from a Roland TR808. > 4. All other sounds must be square wave based and > preferably unfiltered. > 5. The track should be mixable (i.e. some blank > drums at the start and end) > > ---------------------------------------------- So we all made a track, I made a variant genres called Nu Skew Breaks, and they were thrown together on an album. We even had a one off night at some place in london. Anyway not much happened after that, but it was fun all the same.
  7. Mecca - Growing Pains - Cover by brfuk, on Flickr I gave up on flickr a long time ago. Tempted to nuke my account from orbit. Or just trim it a bit.
  8. Aww. You guys are really generous. Pretty sure I've said before. I just use Lightroom initially to get 90% there. Then Photoshop adjustment layers. I was interviewed about Photography generally a while ago. Can't remember if I mentioned it on here. http://brfuk.blogspot.com/ You won't be surprised that it doesn't feature much technical talk. Although I am interested in it, nerd camera / software stuff, really I'm interested in creating evocative artwork. I try to keep the production techniques I use simple, so I can focus on choosing and refining images I find compelling.
  9. If Canon made something identical to that, weatherproof, with the 7d sensor and a set of prime lenses I would be all over it.
  10. Is it just me, or is the DVD version a bit shonky quality wise? Seems slightly pixellated, or aliased.
  11. It's worth a punt. Get some Ilford B&W film. Probably ISO 100? Then outside on a sunny (winters?) day set it to F12 or thereabouts, shutter speed of 100-200 and get shootin. See if anything exciting happens...
  12. "The Battle for Gilneas The time it takes to capture a flag has been reduced to 5 seconds, down from 8." Woah. They actually implemented something I figured they had to do to improve the BG. This should make it much more dynamic, as standing still for 8secs in the current version was very hard.
  13. It was immense fun. Reminded me of L60 premades in AB. The bar is raised very high on teamwork though. That takes time to develop, and though I enjoy co-operative pvp, I get the feeling we don't have enough keen PVPers in Muk to regularly get even a 10 together? Let alone tolerate the inevitable learning curve where you lose most of the time. But the first victory will be so very sweet. Despite getting wrecked in that first BfG, taking the lighthouse with Deef blasting away was very satisfying.
  14. Have you tried reseting the Muk server on a periodic basis? Perhaps once every 24 hours, or every week. Maybe when a specific meta-gamey criteria has been met.
  15. It does bring healers back to their part of playing god slightly. Or 'triage' as they say. I have found myself thinking "Right, if this is going to be a success, you mr.dps, are going to have to die so I can use resources elsewhere...soz!". Pala divine light costs 7k mana...
  16. I assume he means 'deal'? As for what tanks have been doing the last two years? They've been playing WotLK of course. Also...a holy pala nerf occured! Apparently they weren't being completely exhausted of mana quite fast enough. Heroics are gonna be fun. Glad I learnt how to cut spirit gems...
  17. Yeah I think so. I would describe clarity as 'Localised Contrast', which is basically what sharpening is. Mid-tone contrast would be a centralised S-curve you placed manually using a curve in Lightroom or Photoshop. Some might say 'Gamma', but I wouldn't describe that as a contrast curve, just a 1 point curve based around the mid-tones.
  18. I have a 7d and a 350d. But the 350d is more likely to go in my bag on a regular basis because it's so tiny, but still really good quality. If I bought another camera now, it would be a 550d.
  19. I was going to say get a 450/500/550d. The size & weight with a 50mm means you will be inclined to take it out in a bag more often. I know I am. My 7d, as much as I like it, doesn't go out as an everyday camera. Just a bit too heavy.
  20. Very kind comments, thank you. I really need an agent or something. More people must have favourite photos? Though there is still a month to go....
  21. Had a quick mine on mmmmmic's server. Put some basic goodies into the /home safehouse store.
  22. Probably this one. But there are a few others I'm fond of. Looking forward to seeing this thread fill out.
  23. They've redone all the music? Excellent... http://www.muziboo.com/levilx/music/westfall/ (seems to be the elwynn theme remixed)
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