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  1. I'll add some right here... GTA - Great. Just like everyone has said. MGS - Again...really replayable and atmospheric. and one that no one has mentinoed (i think) The MotoGP Live demo that comes with xbox live. It was pretty much all I played..
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    Yeh hybrid joy indeed. Not as much as I would have liked. But still ace. The Blackout remix is just the REM remix but with the Blackout vocals. But it',s ace so who cares. Wonder where I can get that ',In god we trust', in full..
  3. here's some of my faves. the ulrich schnauss. Ulrich Schnauss saw him live. Then bought all his albums Excellent. Trademark - Want More Trademark some great angsty pop tunes. "Interim" is a great one. 2000 electropop.
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