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  1. 24MP seems escessive. But I'm not sure who they are targeting. Why not go for 12-18MP and increase sensitivity & dynamic range? We can make larger prints than almost anyone will need from digital files but we still don't have sensors with a dynamic range equivalent to B&W film.
  2. Well at least it has anamorphic lens flares.
  3. Was at Pukkelpop 2011 during the storm that killed 5 people. Took this right after emerging, though we didn't realise quite how serious it was at this point. There's lots of videos online if you fancy seeing what caused this.
  4. That's great Tom. Really enjoyable. The main cat is a great character. I know how hard animation can be, so to complete something and for it to turn out well is a great achievement. Reminds me I need to crack on with my animation teaser/pitch.
  5. In the weekend steam sale thingy, 2 copies for just over £9. http://store.steampowered.com/
  6. Lots of great photos as usual. Although Klaark, might not want to take too many photos into random people's houses. Pretty legally dubious as far as I'm aware. (unless it's your house or something).
  7. I've been surprised how well a few iPhone games have worked on the touchscreen when given due attention. Tony Hawks, GTA and SFIV for instance.
  8. If conversions of Zelda OOT, Advance Wars and Mario Kart DS where on the iPhone at £9.99, would you buy them? I think I would. How about older official emulated titles like Super Mario Bros/World, Link's Awakening at £2.99? I don't think Nintendo side releasing some titles on the iOS is a zero sum relationship with regards to sales on their own consoles. I have no intention of buying any Nintendo console again, so it's a win-win for whatever demographic I represent.
  9. There is no longer a 'world' in the game. That was the draw for me. Exploring the world, unpredictable events, discovering random locations, teaming up with friendlies met out in the field, developing an evening long vendetta against a small group of enemy players, getting to know & hate the players on both factions specific to your realm. Almost everything they have done since, whilst initially fresh and interesting, has essentially reduced the scale and scope of the world. Once you have a flying mount, you'll never be forced to explore the ground again. With cross-realm pvp and the dungeon finder you'll rarely encounter your own realm's players outside of the auction house, trade chat or guild chat. This isn't one of those design decisions you can make halfway. Either your game is entirely instanced, or you really set out to simulate a world, with all of the annoyances and restricions that entails. Yes, to get to that instance you are going to have to form a group and travel there first, across treacherous ground and enemy territory! That's where the adventure and memorable events happen in games of this type. Not whilst grinding for tokens in instanced dungeons with nobodies. Looking forward to seeing how Diablo III works in comparison.
  10. rundll

    Ronald Jenkees

    Excellent tunes. Still can't quite figure out how much of his character is an act. the proto-jenkees. http://web.archive.org/web/20060303151318/http://coolcollegekid.com/index.php?id=1 http://web.archive.org/web/20060303151318/http://coolcollegekid.com/cool_college_kid.wmv
  11. After some thought, I'm happy for Blizzard to take this, probably unavoidable course, and for smaller devs to make titles like Torchlight. Seems like a win, win really.
  12. So can you possibly sell items you have looted for real currency? Is my accountant going to ask who I sold a "Bastard Sword of Bloody Wounds" to for £20 ? Or is all this auction stuff just speculative and Blizz haven't detailed how it works yet?
  13. edit - technically a beta Big patch out. Out now for non-steam version. Tournaments! http://www.mode7games.com/blog/2011/07/28/patch-beta-released/
  14. Gave the iphone app a quick blast as it's free. It aint that fun. I think there's some potential in a fun little single player 'healing' game. Keep the critters alive whilst they fight a big boss. Something like tower defense meets DOTA. Anyone else solely playing on 'free to play'? I'm finding it scratches the infrequent wow itch quite perfectly. I signed up for a US f2p account and joined the Aerie Peak server, which is 'officially' a gathering of lots of f2p 'twinks'. Not that it's really possible to twink at all. But anyway most of the queues for BGs/Dungeons are very fast, and there is a lot of EU/US people levelling <L20 players. Powering through the low level content, Deadmines, SFK, WSG & AB. It's a nice diversion.
  15. Cheers Fletch. Looks interesting. Will check it out.
  16. That a windows thing? You can print to PDF from any dialog in OSX, that might work in Lightroom. Photobox do plenty of books. But they are limited to 26 pages by default, and extra pages are £2 each. Can't *see* anyway of making a book other than using their online flash tool.
  17. Has anyone ever printed a one-off book using Lightroom? Just starting to look into it and wondering if the print module can output a PDF or something I can mail out. Is Photobox the best one to go with?
  18. I could probably settle for just one of these. It would be tough. But I would have to manage...
  19. Blimey. Put down the cameras before someone gets hurt. Each to his own I say. Photography has many axis of exploration.
  20. Well if you can take 100s of photos whilst rotating perfectly around a locked pivot point then I guess you wouldn't need a machine...
  21. A film version is tempting. It seems that the film bodies and M lenses will retain their value well, whereas a digital Leica could lose value fast. Though it's hard to tell if the M8 being so reportedly half-baked didn't help reduce it's price. I assume you liked your M8? There also seems to be wide ranging opinions about which is the best film version to get. And which is the best rangefinder magnification, something I have no way perspective on having never used one. I actually quite like the 'tunnel' I get in my cheaper canon dSLR.
  22. There's a bug patch a comin. The coder is looking at all bugs like that. http://www.twitter.com/IanHardingham
  23. Taken about 9 months ago.. I get them done eventually. Though it's still a WIP really I guess, isn't everything?
  24. Remember you can also move the grey "ghosts" around to where you think they might have moved since you last saw them. Mac & PC play on the same servers. And you can watch any game that's ever been played, usually just by double clicking on the game ID whenever it appears in the UI. Useful for seeing what the high ranked players do. If youtube upload doesn't work in game, you should still be able to export a video to upload yourself.
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