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  1. Meatwagon as in the US ambulance that sets up in pubs? I had a burger from there in Peckham in the summer. The burgers aren't huge or anything, but incredibly tasty. The general feeling at the table was "I kind of want to order another one...". The chips were unremarkable US style fries.
  2. Going to give it a go. I can say this much so far : best title music ever.
  3. TB said in a recent video that despite the new expac, he wasn't interested in doing WoW vids at all, claiming he has just lost all interest. Whether he's liable to change his mind I have no idea. I think I'll give it a bash as there's some nice ideas, as well as some shark-jumpy ones. But unless they can really invigorate the player base into realm/world interaction, I don't see it holding interest for more than a month or so.
  4. There's still the November 3rd announcement to come, which is rumoured to be some kind of HQ video focused product line.
  5. The 5D range could go for full frame + resolution? So 30MP in the MkIII? Whilst a 7D Mkii could simply aim to be the highest quality Canon APS-C. There's a market for both.
  6. Pretty sure Adobe were not the first with this, I am sure I have seen a specific piece of software that claims to do exactly this. Does it only remove motion blur, and not focal blur? i.e the blur has to have a discernable direction/vector path?
  7. You don't want to lock off at 19, just go to 20. You'll get better gear than most players levelling through the 20-24 bracket. If you config your wow to connect to Aerie Peak - US, you'll find loads of players at 20 from twinkinfo F2P. From US & EU. I have a 20 warrior on there. But the restrictions on chat, lack of guild make it a pretty quiet experience.
  8. The patch is out now I think, so we should have the ability to create full tournaments within the game.. The music pack alone is worth buying the humble bundle for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9g7H3n3TxY
  9. Woah where's that? More forests need to have random statues in.
  10. If you enjoy the game, you'll replay every section a 1000 times anyway. #blizzapologetics
  11. Be warned, It contains sentences like this "Admittedly the first person perspective still isn't a perfect representation of our human vision system, lacking the wider field of view that our amazing eyeballs deliver."
  12. Canon have a big announcement coming, but it's rumored to be related to a specialist camera for film makers.
  13. Apparently you can put Nikon SLR lenses on these with an adapter, so at 2.7crop a 50mm f1.4 would be 135mm? Would there be a usable f-stop reduction too? Interesting developments, but all this micro EVIL stuff tends not to tempt me. Cameras that lack an optical viewfinder seem unusable to me nowadays. The experience of holding a camera to your eye is so much more involving. Just as using a TLR also 'feels' different.
  14. Perhaps we need an alternate settlement area. No Gods, No Kings, Only Man. Join me, would you kindly?
  15. Indeed. I haven't really played Torchlight that much, but I certainly considered it worth the money I paid. Hardcore mode can be fun time constrained play. I assume Diablo III has that? One-Life-Lose-Everything mode.
  16. Damn this is getting me hungry, I should have had some breakfast. I'm keen to try this out, especially as I have a huge rosemary shrub in my back garden which demands to be utilised more. I came across some J.Oliver thing where he absolutely drenched some veg & spuds in cheap balsamic vinegar. Looked pretty amazing. Another trick I've used a couple of times. Place your primary ingredients, including meat like burgers or sausages, on a base of sliced onions and garlic in a snug baking dish. Add around them some veg which will break down, like pomodorino tomatoes. Maybe a little cheese. Some olive oil, herbs, salts etc. By the time it's done cooking the base of the dish should be filled with an amazing gravy, which you could further reduce.
  17. http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2011/09/01/the-new-fuji-x10-is-announced-the-x100s-baby-brother-slick-black/ Wasn't interested in this initially, but the dynamic range increase mode is interesting! Apparent significant increase in dynamic range, at the cost of half-resolution (6mp).
  18. The intensive part of Frozen Synapse is just the backgrounds I think, which have a disable option for netbooks and the like. Doesn't make any difference to the gameplay of course.
  19. Spelunky Minecraft Frozen Synapse Torchlight Warcraft III Should keep you busy...
  20. Nice soft reflections & quite convincing diffuse lighting.
  21. Hopefully once Notch has Adventure Mode sorted, he'll get Creative mode in quick sharp. Though I'm not sure if he plans on making a distinction between Adventure and Survival mode or if they will end up as the same thing?
  22. Deep, Deep underground. Seal it in. Forget it ever was.
  23. I love this idea. You start out in the wilderness with nothing but a wooden pick to your name. And hope. Hope for a better future on the horizon.
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