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  1. Now seems like a great time to get a Canon 5D Mk1. Seem to average about £5-600 quid.
  2. It is a bit surreal. She was lit by two narrow flashes from camera-left. She is also motion blurred and not the technical 'focal point'. Sometimes strange things happen to blurred colour edges during B&W conversions, especially as she was wearing a vibrant red jumper.
  3. Got a load of film developing equipment in. But coffee based! "Caffenol" as it goes by. Already exposed some 120 film on a TLR, and going to try out a few 35mm films on an old camera I have lying around. If it is enjoyable enough it might lean me towards the slightly more attainable Leica M6.
  4. http://www.superflashbros.net/as3sfxr/ - 8bit fx generator
  5. If I could completely remove one thing from the game, it would be flying. Not just whilst doing new content, but from all content. Get all the players back on the ground and out in the world. With a player base either standing around in cities waiting for instanced content, or up in the sky travelling 'as the crow flies' the world itself becomes almost pointless. It's one of the games most important assets. Exploring, navigating the environments and dealing with unpredicted pve/pvp encounters made the game.
  6. Vaguely relevant. I turned an interesting day out with Leica into an indulgent article. Touches on the discreet-ness question. Let's not talk about that cost eh? http://blog.richardwhitelock.com/2012/01/leica_experience/
  7. rundll

    Pulled Pork

    The Rodriguez version. Thanks for the achiote link, never been able to find it. Though the R.R recommends making it from scratch. Made one of the recipes in here a few times now. But I'm never sure what to do with reheating it, as it's never as good as straight out of the cooker. I usually end up mixing left overs with rice, peppers, onions and black beans. A sort of puerto rican thing.
  8. rundll


    I've been using a small one for years, I think it's an A6. But there's no denying that a larger one allows for smoother, more expressive strokes. It's the classic art school tip isn't it? draw with your arm not your wrists.
  9. Yeah I basically agree with Rev. If there was a market for it I would sell prints out of my own home. Using the best large format printer I could afford on the lushest paper, with all the time to proof prints that I send out for tonal qualities. Which is certainly how I would want to go about printing for an exhibition. But all that proofing and framing would be costly.
  10. Yeh what sells is likely to have more to do with external promotion.
  11. Yus. Snowed a lot the last few years. But nothing this winter... I realised that the link I posted previously would only work for logged in members. Here's the public link : http://www.photo4me.com/cart/details.asp?PictureID=140410
  12. Video editing of any kind is the last thing I want. Don't be daft adobe. Anyway I was just thinking about the next version of LR last night, so I'm rather excited to play with this. Yeh Pope, I was editing a picture with mutliple light sources last night. Temp changes by area would have been easier than using colour tints! Some Fuji x-pro videos out. Turns out they've done a Leica, and removed the AA filter, plus ditched the Bayer pattern on the CCD in favour of a more random 'film like' pattern. Proof will be in the RAWs, and it is a bit pricey but it could be the camera the X100 was supposed to be. Watch out for dodgy focusing and a nasty UI.
  13. Tah Bob! I've got lots of comments, but predictably no sales. The top sellers only have 4-5 sales (for last 30 days?), so I'm not expecting anything.
  14. Tried putting one up. Will see what happens. I've always felt a bit off about selling prints on sites, but well. Here ya go. http://www.photo4me.com/members/details.aspx?PictureID=140410
  15. Hi chaps. A few from the blog. Which is being updated fairly regularly. Picking at the archives and processing some from the backlog.
  16. rundll

    Illustration Club

    Another game concept. Painted this time.
  17. rundll

    Illustration Club

    I can see an awesome deck of cards theme'd around that cleandemon.
  18. rundll

    Illustration Club

    Epic game concept, inspired by a Gustave Dore piece.
  19. I was just wondering if http://uk.moo.com/ 's unique business card printing service could be used to make high quality home made card games. Worth a look?
  20. Doesn't hurt to give it a go. It's far easier to obtain than the major apps. The general principles you pick up in one app can be transferred to others. They just have slightly different approaches to the same tools. http://www.blenderguru.com/ has lots of tutorials.
  21. If you have no 3D experience at all, then no, not really. But there are lots of tutorials for Blender available and you will encounter similar hurdles with other large 3D apps. If you do have 3D experience, Blender does have some odd quirks. But they are quickly learned. Google's Sketch-up is reportedly easy for beginners to start with.
  22. Blender is awesome, and coming on in leaps at the moment. 2.61 will add camera tracking and the new GPU accelerated 'cycles' renderer. http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/introduction-to-cycles Farg, that character is great. Lots of personality. Have you skinned it? I've never tried skinning in blender, partly because it's the CG process I hate the most.
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