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  1. The sky is always a crucial light source layer so very wise to start with it. Where are these cloud brushes at?
  2. Using Photoshop is a good move. Staying entirely in the 3D app to finish a single shot can be quite masochistic. Constantly re-rendering just to make small adjustments. Can be so much faster in the long run to think of your 3D software as a source for layers that will be composited in later. Sometimes I'll have full renders for single lights, alternate specular passes, ambient occlusion, reflections, rough mattes and depth information. Then the fun can begin in Photoshop.
  3. It's a light meter, but it generates it's own electric charge via a selenium cell. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympus_Trip_35
  4. Had a little think about photo editing. http://blog.richardwhitelock.com/2012/07/gradations/
  5. You would def need a dark and wet proof room for a proper enlarging setup. I haven't dared go that far (yet, I have a box full of enlarger lenses here and a potential space). But developing black & white is so very easy, good fun and you can do it in your kitchen/bathroom. The first successful roll you pull out of the tank will be a genuine pleasure I guarantee you. In fact the first few rolls I developed used a homemade 'caffenol' coffee based recipe http://caffenol.blog...gspot.co.uk/. I've been using 'rodinal' since, which is the classic generic developer. There's lots of videos & info online about developing B&W, but feel free to post any Qs (perhaps in the photo equip thread). edit - oh and of course you would need a scanner to get them onto your computer. In my experience almost all scanning software and scanners are terrible. Hard to avoid unless you enlarge or are willing to pay a third party to scan.
  6. For what it's worth, been playing with film and cheap film cameras a bit. Mainly Ilford FP4 in an Olympus Trip 35 and Olympus 35 RC. http://blog.richardwhitelock.com/2012/07/subjective-chemistry/
  7. Noticed that I (us in the UK?) can choose either GBP or EUROS in currency. Anyone know if this is just the cash we deal in, or if we are accessing different markets? If they are different then I might presume the euro market is much larger? If they are really the same then it's all fine and I will stick with GBP.
  8. One hefty and very red expansion pack out now. http://www.frozensynapse.com/store.html
  9. It's difficult to compare it to WoW where item X is always identical to all other Xs. The stats on D3 items are also randomised, so item Y can be worse than another Y. I'm still not used to what is a good stat value for a particular level. Though It must be quite clear that a class stat + vitality & socket is a good combo most of the time?
  10. So....auction house. How do you decide which Rares are good to sell on the AH? I have a stash full of them and they don't seem to be guaranteed to sell. Do you look at the stats and realise that an item is very well rolled for a certain class? Then price it based on...? Also I'm a little confused about commodity selling. Gems etc. Do you put stuff up at your price and it's then added to a queue that people buy from without specifically choosing your listing?
  11. Blender is good and free. Has support for collada & .obj built in. (Also Unity handles Blender files natively which is nice if you are using that.) http://www.blender.org for download and http://cgcookie.com/blender/ for tutorials.
  12. I doubt it's realtime raytracing. Perhaps a bunch of deferred render lights and post-fx shaders hid behind a simpler interface. Also interested in this particle fx system. Does it use GPU accelerated shaders which are composited rather than sprites/billboards? Have they spelt it out anywhere yet? Also what's the license?
  13. The battletag list : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArEjKfTV-N8IdDg2M3RNWmU2SXgwVVdWWGNqX2ZQb1E#gid=0 and entry page : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDg2M3RNWmU2SXgwVVdWWGNqX2ZQb1E6MA
  14. Is Ravenholdt really worth recommending to people? Not sure I could. It's very quiet nowadays and the Muk guild doesn't have any where near the activity it used to. Would be great if more casual/non-raiders were on regularly. Perhaps MoP will improve it but I doubt it.
  15. I don't think coding assembler is an essential part of playing the game. There will be a 'market' of software and 'Ship O/S' disks made by players that you could perhaps buy in game or copy/paste from sites. There's mention of 1.4mb floppy disks being the in game medium for software. Fascinating to see how fast a community has sprung up to make software even though the spec isn't finished. I do like how it's suddenly got people looking at low level programming. Have to wonder if 0x10c will do more for that cause than Raspberry Pi?
  16. FS is steam's daily deal. 66% off today. still with +1 license to give away. http://store.steampowered.com/app/98200
  17. safest way is to check your battle.net account. it will be listed in there.
  18. http://www.wowheadnews.com/ - had a lot of things not mentioned on mmochamp.
  19. Doesn't help you too much exactly, but the next version of Blender (2.63) finally integrates 'Bmesh'. Which is a big rewrite of the internal modelling stuff with far more flexibility when manipulating mesh topology. You can download builds from graphicall.org Using a bmesh build I would select the bottom edge of the triangle, hit 'CTRL-E' to bring up the edge menu->Subdivide. Then select the two verts and hit J to 'Join' creating a new edge. Some of that might work in the current version.
  20. Got the client downloading right now. Apparently. Just found a link in battle.net and it worked.
  21. Pretty sure there's some more single player content coming in a dlc/update soon. As well as Co-Op throughout the current campaign.
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