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  1. Last few hours on the campaign!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/47744432/zzap-64-annual-2020-lets-do-this-again
  2. You get a copy from : www.fusiongamemag.com
  3. yea done that - nothing there. I have put the emus in their respective directory in the emus directory - do they need to be in root? Do i need to run anything for the console to know where they are?
  4. I installed the firmware. I got the pack with emus, games and apps. Got the apps and games to appear - how do I get the emulators to appear. Just blank at the moment :)
  5. Some observations..despite RCL saying the unit that was released is a V2, apart from the buttons and the cutout for the rear sticker it's identical to the prototype. Both feel exactly the same in your hand, both have the sharp edge at the back. The prototype has a different firmware which "feels" faster and of course includes all 1000 games but no "roll of honour". The big difference though is that the Prototype is at least playable as the buttons are much better than the V2. They still need more pressure than you would be used to on a DS - why they changed is beyond me. Those old buttons look rather nice in the flesh as well.
  6. New A5 printed magazine - 52 pages in length and will be bi-monthly. Covering ALL gaming. www.fusiongamemag.com
  7. To follow on from the success that was the Crash 2018 Annual that was published end of last year, we are embarking on a new ZZap! 64 Annual that we hope to have out by the end of the Summer. To fund the production of the annual, we are going to run a Kickstarter campaign that will commence on the 27th April. Roger Kean, Oliver Frey, Jaz Rignall, Robin Hogg, Paul Rand and Mel Croucher will be involved in this issue - there will be a brand new Oliver Frey cover and Roger will be at the helm as Editor.
  8. Still got some left if you fancy getting one as a Christmas present www.fusionretrobooks.com
  9. The book is getting great feedback on Social media - you can pick up a copy on my site - www.fusionretrobooks.com
  10. This will be the story of Commodore by David Pleasance who held many senior roles at Commodore in the UK and Internationally. Kickstarter has just started.
  11. @Sir Shrew Thanks for the feedback. There is over 80,000 words in the book and as you say it is a comprehensive history that Philip and Andrew have been 100% involved with. They have signed off each page of the book - and the Q/A process went through multiple iterations with them. Thus the time delay. To be fair, the Visual Compendium book is just that - Visual. The Twins book is a reading book - one you don't just flick through, but read which means it needs to be written, edited, proofed etc. The cart issue was out of my control - I was promised NTSC/PAL compatible carts and when I got them they were only NTSC. I have now found someone who can produce PAL versions of the PCB and all those backers who had the cart PERK will get one for free. The graphic design and layout was done by Roger Kean - Roger was part owner of Newsfield (Crash/Zzap/Amtix) etc and editor of Zzap. We chose that design on purpose and the design is evident in all the other books we have done. The cover was done by Steven Day - a prolific C64 artist back in the day - this is the cover the Twins wanted - again it went through a number of iterations with them until this is what we arrived at. Over 50 A3 prints have gone out - only a few to go. Yours must be in the few I will sort over the next number of days. The book has taken 12 months to do from start to finish.
  12. Appreciate the kind words Keith - I know we have not spoken for some time so it was really nice to hear your review etc
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