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  1. Just make Sonic Adventure 3 using exactly the same engine as Sonic Adventure 2 but with better graphics and new levels! That would do nicely for me. LOVED both of the Sonic Adventure games and the 3D ones have gone downhill ever since...
  2. Any word on whether people blind in one eye or have much worse eyesight in one eye can see the 3D? The lack of glasses gives me hope, but maybe it isn't so...
  3. C64 Tetris is one of my favourtes simply because playing it is such a surreal experience. The trippy music (that builds up in to something epic over the course of 15 minutes or so!) and the fact that it never speeds up makes it feel almost zen like. Especially if played in the dark at night. If only Tetris DS had music like that instead of the bloody Mario Brothers theme.
  4. Delhi Land Dizzy is gonna be immense.
  5. The new characters in Mario Sunshine: Awful!
  6. Are there any decent point 'n' click adventures for iPhone?
  7. Max M

    Phoenix Games

    The Animal Soccer videos are incredible. Can't believe the Lion's King's in it... How the mighty have fallen.
  8. Max M


    63 fruit and veg a week isn't easy or cheap though.
  9. Max M


    Hi Benito! I find it a bit difficult. Today I've done well though: 1) Glass of Tropicana pure tropical juice (not from concentrate) 2) Little M&S fruit smoothie that came free with a tuna pasta 3) Apple 4) Salad in a Chicken Mayo baguette 5) Beans in a Baked Potato
  10. I recently got a cafetiere and am enjoying the benefits of filter coffee. So much more energy than when I was on instant. Can anyone recommend some particularly nice beans I can pick up at the Supermarket? To stop the coffee being bitter you're meant to leave the water a couple of minutes after its boiled before pouring it in the cafetiere, otherwise the heat burns the flavour out of them. One great tip I heard was to heat up your cup for a minute in the microwave before pouring the coffee in. Keeps the drink nice and hot without losing the flavour. With 2 minues in the kettle and 5 minutes in the cafetiere it can get pretty cool otherwise.
  11. Last year a pigeon flew in to the Kingston branch of CEX and half the customers ran out... not because of the pigeon itself, but because its flying around on the pipes/ceiling caused HUGE showers of thick dust to fall everywhere. It was rancid. Game Focus in London FTW. Great staff.
  12. I'm sure this will bomb just like those Ubisoft racers at the Wii launch. These kind of Wii games never sell well, so I don't know why Midway's bothering. Mind you, all leading consoles get filled with Shovelware, just look at the PS2. The gameplay's probably just as bad as the graphics too, considering the Cruis'n franchise has always been shite.
  13. What's wrong with it? Thought the PAL one would be worse (borders, speed)
  14. The NES and TurboGrafix VC reviews are handy for me as I never owned those systems. I really like the little video reviews on the Ngamer DVDs. China Warrior looks LOL worthy.
  15. I was gonna say Mario Golf on the GameCube as well. Surprisingly deep. Glad someone else likes it!
  16. http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/45251938 !!
  17. I wonder if Street Fighter Alpha 2 will come out on the Virtual Console eventually? That would be a bit special. I only found out recently it came out on the SNES! How odd that the first one didn't.
  18. I wonder if he knows what kind of piece of shit paper it is? He should've given it away in The Guardian or even The Times. I bet they weren't too complimentary about him in the past! He's everything they stand against normally. Did anyone see the desperate NOTW trying to confuse people? "FREE PRINCE CD!" filling up the cover. Open the paper up and it's a competition to win a free copy of Purple Rain. Embarrassing.
  19. The pirate ship's in the trailer briefly at 1:00 in. Looks like the ship level on Mario 3. To me it just looks much more creative, polished and active than Mario Sunshine. There seems to be so many interesting things going on everywhere. It looks like it's had real effort put in to it. Remember the tacked on Yoshi appearance in Sunshine where, if I remember correctly, all he could do was jump around the hub and vomit everywhere?
  20. Pirate ship level FTW! Interestingly I saw a quote from Iwata somewhere saying this will be the first worthy successor to Super Mario 64. Glad Nintendo themselves seem to acknowledge that Mario Sunshine wasn't what it could've been.
  21. English press release: ATLUS U.S.A., INC. ANNOUNCES TRAUMA CENTER: NEW BLOOD™! All-New Characters, All-New Emergencies, All-New Excitement! IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — JULY 10th, 2007 — Atlus U.S.A., Inc., a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced Trauma Center: New Blood, a new entry in the award-winning Trauma Center franchise, exclusively for the Wii™! Keep your hands steady and your mind focused – this time around there’s a lot more on the line. Every cut of the scalpel, every pinch of the forceps, each and every second that ticks by is of the absolute greatest importance. If you think it's too much to handle alone, invite a friend to assist with the operation and work together to save patients from flat-lining. The adrenaline is pumping, lives are at stake, and only you can save the day. Have you got what it takes? Trauma Center: New Blood has not yet been rated by the ESRB. About Trauma Center: New Blood: At a remote hospital in Alaska, Dr. Markus Vaughn quietly toils, a surgeon who has forsaken the politics and power struggles of his former ward. He is content to use the power he has discovered within himself, the Healing Touch, to positively affect the lives of those in need. His partner is Valerie Blaylock, a promising young doctor eager to unlock her own dormant abilities. When the facility unexpectedly closes, they are forced to return to Concordia Medical Institute, where politics are more important than patient’s lives, and doctors more concerned with image than their ministration. There they are recruited into the government organization Caduceus, where they will learn of a conspiracy with dire ramifications, and their lives will be changed forever! Key Features: • Two Player Cooperative Play! For the first time in the series, work with a friend to race against the clock and save lives…success will require teamwork and communication – Every second counts! • All-New Story, Characters, and Operations! Depend on a brand new medical team for support and advice as you tackle new emergencies. • Fully Voiced Dialogue! Characters will come to life as never before as they speak to you during operations and story cutscenes. • Full 480p and 16x9 Widescreen Support! • Online Score Ranking System!
  22. A screenshot of the offending game. ... What were they thinking!
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