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  1. If you played through prologue and did the licences it counts as a pass with the A and B licenses but you don't actually get a gold/silver/bronze on them in GT4, so if you want the three cars for each licence unlocked you are gonna have to do them anyway. You'll get an extra 10,000,000 at the start of gt mode also for all golds (not sure how much that is in UK version money, maybe 10,000?). This i what i read anyway, I don't have prologue so i've just been playing through the regular way.
  2. I've gotten quite bored of most games in recent times...it just feels like a waste of my time playing some random game to see a fancy (or not) ending at the end of it. The only things that keep me playing are those were i can play online or feature online rankings/leagues etc. I guess i'm a competitive gamer, I enjoy playing against others, especially when you get into clans and playing proper matches say in CS or whatever. Another thing that keeps me playing fps style games online is that you develop your aim/skills which can pass on to the next game so you can see yourself improving as time goes on.
  3. Cheers for the post, but i actually managed to sort it myself. After a lot of hassle with updating my bios i finally did it and now i haven't had a crash since...thank god.
  4. Great...CS crashes to the desktop 2-5 minutes into playing with random error messages. A lot of people seem to have this problem judging from the steam forums but no solution...if this is anything like what happened to UT2004 then this is going to be a fun ass wait. Be warned.
  5. What i mean is if you buy through steam and it doesn't work for whatever reason that you can't fix (say some error on start up every time), is there anything you can do to get your money back? Or are you basically screwed? I've gone ahead and bought it through steam now anyway so this is just me being a wuss while i wait for it to download haha.
  6. What happens if you download it and it ends up not working? No chance of trading it back in at a later date...
  7. MrSabu

    Hl2 Update

    Can you buy it in any shops yet then? I know in america some places have it on the shelves to buy...(I just want to play CS:S for something to do till tuesday).
  8. I love stupidly hard games, and those you need to work at to improve rather than a casual stroll from start to finish, I see it as a challenge to step up to. I always set the game on hardest from the start (unless you need to unlock it...bah) and thats how i like it. Just playing an easy game i know i won't have any trouble with bores me as i don't feel myself being pushed or learning anything new...its an experience and all but i want the challenge as well. But hey everyones different, it depends on your skill level at a particular game and whether you have the patience/time to put the extra effort if needed. Its all about playing it so its fun.
  9. Best episode yet, Michigan looks interesting...keep up the import reviews, good to see coverage of something i would never have heard about otherwise.
  10. MrSabu


    The game is pretty much the same as ever, the format of pressing button when it hits the line hasn't changed at all, its just more and more hard songs with each release pretty much (theres a good 100+ songs on each, at least on newer ones), its sounds lame but when you get into it you just keep improving and want something new to step up to.
  11. MrSabu


    http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-8g-70-b6o.html You can preorder the new pop'n with a mini controller (you save about $30/$40 on that) which is ideal if you want to get into it.
  12. MrSabu


    From what i have heard the DC versions are a bit poo bar maybe pop'n music 6 (don't go near the first versions), its mainly the newer ps2 versions thats are worth buying (they do cover songs from old games also, and there pop'n music best hits which is all the best songs from older games). The home controllers you can get for $60 or so are a LOT smaller than the full size proper version, but to be honest you'll still have a lot of fun regardless, you can transfer onto a large pad easily enough if you really get into it. If not you can give the small one a hell of a beating and it'll keep going Maybe check out http://www.ransai.com/ if you wanted a large pad, they make cheaper versions at the same quality (in fact most people prefer those over the official pads now because of the extra customisation options), and theres also a budget one (called the Kagura) thats about $125, which is bare bones controller but is pretty damn good for a full size version
  13. MrSabu


    Hmm i don't think so...don't quote me on that though.
  14. MrSabu


    If you want a real challenge you need to try beatmania IIDX or pop'n music, some of the stuff there will take years to clear (especially if you want to AAA everything). Theres a big number of versions of each now (7th and 9th respectively on home versions with more to come) so theres a huge choice of songs as well. http://sit-k.dnsalias.net/movie/sweet9.wmv is an example of a hard pop'n song (though thats quite old, and much harder songs have come along since then). Beatmanias on about the same level, but the timings a lot stricter and i'd say its tougher overall. *ends join bemani club speech* *runs*
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