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  1. Well, I was expecting to find out this answer in about 4 months from now, not 4 minutes... but there you go!
  2. I'm not a fan of Serkis at all. I could be completely wrong, but he comes across as a right dick head off camera.
  3. That trailer looks fking fantastic!
  4. Capirca started getting interesting before it was canned. So say we (me) all.
  5. Just to add some fuel to this fire... There is a 2160p Web DL out there, weighing in at about 35GB.
  6. I thought it was great! The bants had me having a genuine chuckle on occasion as while some might not like #topbants, it at least felt like genuine jokes, not the scripted crap of Clarkson and Co's more recent output.
  7. You know what. I really likeSTD. I know I'll get negged, but that's OK. At the same time though, I agree with everything said in here, and the Michael Mary sue and time crystals schtick is fucking stupid. I just still really enjoy giving this a watch and just tell my brain to shutup, when I wonder why future Mary sue wouldn't already know what's happening....
  8. Meh. I still liked it! But I'm also of the camp of preferring long story arcs vs monster of the week stuff like this.
  9. Can I jump in on this topic and ask if andromeda is worth buying now it's patched up? I really liked me2/3 but was saddened by the reports of this when it came out.
  10. Yes, my stand out movie of 2018. Not specifically because it was the best of, but definitely came out of nowhere for me, and exceeded expectations. Award for most unnoticed good film of 2018... Definitely.
  11. I weirdly was actually reading the marvel thread yesterday for the first time, where people were discussing his cameos if he died. It's sad, but 95 is a damn good innings son!
  12. The person holding her hand as a child, was indeed Mr "1 quarter portion". His attitude towards her further added to the mystery box which was part of the annoyance.
  13. That's one fuck you jj, I'm a bit sad at then. She was totally built up, with the visions and flashbacks and stuff. I can understand how you can hand wave that away, but still.
  14. They were about 2 weeks behind before the break, if I recall. So perhaps a week on Monday. Might have to check the series link.
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