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  1. SO been binging the shit out of it. Never even gave it another thought before, because I don't really give a shit about the royals either way, and that's just for grandmas or something. Purely because a couple of female friends said they were watching it the other week (I think because the new season is out and all over netflix), I looked it up on imdb and it was 8.7, which is killer! So on that imdb basis, here I am, at the end of season 2 in a matter of days!
  2. I can't remember. Can I just skip the first season, I don't remember like it that much (not a fan of monster of the week crap).
  3. This was bullcrap. Not Nic Cage bullcrap, just bullcrap. The "actors" obviously knew how to fight, the movement was pretty good, it just had no feel, and the plot...
  4. Damn, just watching a small benchmark video. 4k is already pushing over 10GBVram in Horizon zero dawn. youtube (How do I embed it into the post?)
  5. Sooo, the AMD partner cards are being released tomorrow. Rumour has it there should be a lot more stock. I'm not sure if I could push the button if I get the chance...
  6. It's very pleasant. Plus Kristen Bell Someone asked earlier if it's been planned in advance. I'm about to season 4 and I'd say definitely.
  7. Fuck me. Isn't that more viewings then a blockbuster avengers global release? Unless that's Netflix pulling their only watch 2 minutes shenanigans...
  8. I noticed steppies new armour from the trailer. Looks way better. The face though, looks...wrong, like really poorly done. I know it's a still, but if that's an official pic curated by Synder, and not just a random screengrab, doesn't bode well. I mean, look how shit darkseid looks so far...
  9. Nahh, bevvers had a really great one when I was a nipper. Something about a warp bubble making the crew disappear.
  10. IN fairness to one aspect of the Burnham. Tng did character better yes, and solo crew episodes. But the focus, for the most part seemed it was always on Picard. At least from the decent episodes I can remember off the top of my head...
  11. Speaking just of the mini box, it either loses connection to the main box, or the internet, or both. Every couple of days. I need to reboot everything to solve it. Massive PITA.
  12. Well there you go. I never knew they used a real model.
  13. It's excellent. But yeah, use a guide to skip the crap filler. It can't be oblivious to anyone that most of the recommended episodes are at the start and end of each season...
  14. You assholes talking about over and under clocking your new cards. Meanwhile I'm staring at my 1070 and a completely underused ryzen 5600.
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