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  1. And I thought the Nolan batman was edgy... Interested to see what happens with this one. It's also cool that Bat's suit seems to actually be bullet proof this time.
  2. Jamie Costa has some skills. Best star wars fan film I've ever seen here:
  3. I like the ENT E for being more badass. But the D is just by far the best ship design in the whole of trek.
  4. Use the prime app and access shudder from there? At least that's what my Samsung prime app keeps bugging me to do.
  5. A lot of social media style youtube content is in 4k, consumed on phones. No different to a trailer. You need one version, the 4k one, and youtube will do the rest.
  6. IcEBuRN

    Squid Game

    I got bored after the first ep. Might have to give this another shot!
  7. Social media is NOT free. They will have expensive PR and digital marketing companies spinning all this shit out, and they charge top dollar. Analytics on when and how to post, what type of content all that jazz. I'm not saying that's always particularly effective, but they charge a lot. Plus, google "hollywood accounting"
  8. They are all very cool. But, and I know it's kinda the point, I feel kinda frustrated their is no conclusion to any of the stories. It feels like stopping mid wank.
  9. Huh? Most films are filmed in 6 to 8k. I don't understand your comment.
  10. No folks. These are people ripping the original and doing shitty upscales and jacking up the brightness/saturation (horribly I might add), again, for that sweet free revenue. Find me one 4k trailer from an official source? That's right, they don't exist.
  11. This hurts my face. It's all getting like second guessing each movies time travel paradoxes! I will stop everyone.
  12. I mean, surely you'd want to showcase your upcoming product as well as possible right, and obviously, I'm talking about films that will have a 4k release, so all the blockbusters etc. Even specifically on the actual distributors channel, and not someone that's ripped it, and re-uploaded for the free views. As an exmaple, even this Matrix trailer looks pretty gash on my 4k monitor with youtube 1080p compression, and out of any upcoming movie, you'd expect THIS to be it. Nothing else really, but I've wondered for a while, and it's 2021 now, so what gives? Is there an actual explanation considering everyman and his dog has 4k on their channel?
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