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  1. I'm actually really excited to see this as. Just because it's more supes. But Synder... We'll see, if it's like BvS we'll get some cool action scenes and fancy shots, but the movie will be crap. As an aside, why are the special effects on the dc movies so, soo bad? Justice league was just gross. It looks like mid tier b movie with a 40m budget. Not something costing 300m. Why does marvel do it so much better? Is it just using a better studio?
  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this. The opening back story bit was great (take notes Zack!), and it's no mandalorian with its fancy unreal sets, but the budget/quality of the cgi is vastly better than supergirl and the other cw shows. My only bummer is I really don't think either the actor for Clark or Lois fits very well, with, at least my internal view of the characters.
  3. Well, spiderverse was decent. Don't think Hollandaise is quite old enough for a mentor role though!
  4. I wonder if they'll keep him, or have him transition out to someone like Miles Morales.
  5. No contest for me. They made the wrong choice.
  6. Is anyone saying it wasn't awful? But yeah, I got your point about the equivalence.
  7. MEh. I don't think her tweets are that bad. I mean she's obviously stupid, but does it matter if she has stupid opinions as an actor? She's not holocaust denying, just making a stupid false equivalence. I mean, I didn't even like her character but Disney does seem to be taking an extreme left wing stance on everything at the mo. This being a lefty forum you may all think that's a good thing.
  8. Well fuck me. It's all coming out now. Please don't say Lucas or Spielberg is next.
  9. Damn, I liked Whedon's take on stuff, Buffy/Angel etc. I liked Bryan Singer's Superman. I liked Kevin Spacey in...loads of stuff. Why do all these people turn out to be assholes or rapists Does make me wonder if the Synder cut may not be so bad after all.
  10. I know people have problems with the killing and stuff, but I thought Affleck's Batman was good, and he fought like a badass. FIlms aside of course.
  11. Welll, there's only like 10 minutes of new footage isn't there? Anyway, these Snyder fans are coming across like Trumpians. I mean, producing stickers to stick on random shit? Really? Synderverse is hardly Star Wars or Star Trek.
  12. Yeah, I did like that. It depends on your perspective. Very Cobra Kai. It still needed longer though. Like Anakin wasn't developed enough in the prequels and only fleshed out in clone wars (Episode 1 should of been a 15 minute prologue and 2/3 expanded IMO).
  13. that's exactly the point my man. 30 second expose. Learning nothing from the vader bit? EDIT: I feel we need more justification for that decision. It doesn't gel with who the character is.
  14. So in Summary, @K's defence of the last Jedi is mental. If JJ sets up some shit in the force awakens, it's expected it'll get answered. Whether that's Rian's fault, JJ's fault, or KK's fault it doesn't matter. It didn't. Grumpy Luke? Meh, sure why not, but at least spend 5 minutes explaining why. Kylo going bad *exactly like his father* and have luke chuck it all in, makes no sense. I'm with you @kensei Apart from the Grey Jedi. Bring in the average Jedi I say.
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