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  1. Mate. What a load of old bobbins. Contact isn't just Sci fi "ish"!
  2. I will buy your movie, sir.
  3. I was watching Larry Wheels do some Arm Wrestling with another juice head on youtube. I know what issacs means about ridiculous traps now it's been pointed out. I'm not sure Hemmers look crazy there, but it's not a very clear photo of them. Though, If these drugs are managed and don't cause ill effects then it shouldn't matter I guess.
  4. Don't need to watch this. Sean Bean will die.
  5. Can't speak for in built device apps. But netflix quite quickly picks up on a VPN if I'm using it on the PC since I got a 2 year sub to Nord VPN last year.
  6. Oh I get all that and without turning this into a "do you even lift, bro?" I'll just point out, Extraction size Hemsworth, isn't that different to Thor 4 Hemsworth and it's certainly many times quicker regaining mass, than it is building it from scratch. Does make me wonder if Huge Jackedman was also dosing, as his body size varies even more so on the regs , but then again, timelines between shooting, promoting, and releasing movies is soo broken it's hard to tell the timeline of anything.
  7. I think you're right Isaac. But as someone who can build traps fairly easily, and will never have decent calves, I can 100% tell you some people can put on size in places others can't. But as an all on ensemble, yeah...It looks pretty sus.
  8. Lets not start this crapola again about casting quicksilver to play quicksilver was NOT a terrible idea and wouldn't lead to crazy fan assumptions. It was a bad move.
  9. Keaton bat was happy to kill people off, so no problems here!
  10. He's not that bad all the time guys, cmon.
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