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  1. Threw myself to the fire for the greater good this morning and did the Live Gold stacking trick. Still works! Only cost me £1 instead of £10.99 too, so result. Now on Game Pass Ultimate til 2026!
  2. There's just way too much stuff in this. I'm 50-odd hours in and while I was absolutely hooked on it when I started I'm just finding myself resenting the thing every time I boot up the PS5 for how much shite there is – just the sheer bloody volume of stuff to do regardless of whether it's worth it or not. I'm into the story but I had a look and I've got around five main missions left to do, but I just can't be arsed. Deleted it so I don't have to look at it anymore. Hopefully one day I'll fancy jumping back in, but at the moment even looking at the icon in the home screen makes me feel knackered.
  3. Way more excited for this than I need to be. It's the only thing giving me the old E3 feels.
  4. Managed to grab a PS5 from Argos thanks to a post in the stock thread yesterday. Gotta say it's a fucking monstrosity of a thing isn't it? It came with a code for Horizon Forbidden West but I've been out of the PlayStation loop since Spider-Man came out. What's essential to get so far, barring what's on PS Plus anyway once it relaunches next month?
  5. Aye, as someone who's been out of the Sony ecosystem for a few years it seems like a bit of a no brainer to go for the second tier once I eventually pick up a PS5. For a few quid on top of what I'd be paying on top of ye olde PS+ anyway, I get a decent taster of PS4/5-era Sony games, some Ubi bits and bobs that feel of a similar level to the EA Play stuff on Game Pass, and a carousel of third party stuff. Admittedly, the third party list looks a bit sparse at the moment, but you'd expect it to expand and move about anyway. And it's not matching Game Pass in my book, but then Sony are market leaders and and all that (as well as being daft Sony again) so you wouldn't expect them to go all out in the same way MS have. Overall it's alright, innit. Not amazing but not too bad.
  6. Had a mess with this yesterday and did the first chapter, and I'm pretty into it. How easy is it to go back through chapters in this to comb through areas and make sure I've picked up costumes and that? Will I need to start an NG+ at the end or is there some chapter select kind of deal? Same with all the dialogue options - I'll be keen to see how things change about but not necessarily if I have to play the whole thing through again.
  7. Ah piss. Think the writing was on the wall a bit but I hoped if they were going to ditch last gen consoles they'd release current gen versions and keep those updated along with the PC version. I don't know what I'm talking about though and obviously it's more of a job to do that than I think it is, but I'm pretty bummed I'd have to lose my progress and buy a gaming PC to play new Elite stuff when there's surely a sufficiently powerful box just sitting next to my telly.
  8. Disappointed by the move to survival horror, but that's because I'm a coward. I was relieved that the AWE DLC for Control wasn't actually scary. Still, after Control Remedy are very much in my good graces. More than happy to deal with survival horror if it means more Remedy universe stuff.
  9. On a headphone Dolby Atmos tip - how do you make sure all the software is doing what it needs to and game settings aren't overlapping and messing stuff up? Am I supposed to set the audio in, say, FH5 to surround or headphones?
  10. Yeah, nothing has grabbed me in the same way Fez has. It's the one game I wish I could play fresh again, not knowing anything about it, just because there's been nothing since that's quite scratched the same itch.
  11. I remember reading somewhere that it's not really possible anymore due to the stipulations Spotify et al place on app use. Something about not being able to copy, save, or manipulate the music, which extends to integrating the app output with other apps or having it play through the car's speakers etc, and resulting in the app just playing over whatever's going on.
  12. If we're still in inviting everyone mode, hit me up!
  13. Samesies. I want to get into this one. Also reiterating – ItSameCraig.
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