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  1. The Boss Rush is nostalgia I could live without. A lazy climax to an otherwise fantastic game.
  2. This is nonsense. Apart from the loss of a couple of arcane techniques, B2 has just as much depth as B1. B2 might feel over-familiar to someone with 100+ hours on B1 but its depth is still virtually bottomless. The W101 doesn't even come close.
  3. In B1 you could offset your combo with a taunt, but I can't seem to get the timing right in B2. Anyone know if they've taken that out?
  4. Five is halfway between one and ten, but it's never been the average when it comes to video games - unless you're Edge ten years ago, and that's long since gone. Nowadays 5=five, no more nor less, and 6 is the new 7 etc wibble.
  5. It's 120 FPS on console, too, as long as someone else is watching, although I've heard it dips to half that when someone blinks.Personally, I play games with my eyes closed. Problem solved.
  6. Surely that's backward-thinking from a (relatively) forward-thinking company. Why would Nintendo revise their hardware to suit a minority of games that have already been released, in the vain hope that they'll please that tiny minority of people who've already stumped up for a circle pad pro? There's something else afoot in the wind.
  7. The suspicion is because of the two extra shoulder buttons, which along with the little nubbin thing brings it into parity with the WiiU controller, with the exception of clickable sticks. Why add the shoulder buttons? They're not something people have particularly missed until now, and it's an expensive addition just for back-compatibility with GC Virtual Console releases (which are still pie-in-the-sky at the moment). Perhaps cross-buy is finally on the cards. We can but dream.
  8. Still on the subject of Disgaea, would people recommend getting D3 or should I wait for D4, given that it's out in a few weeks (just before I go on holiday!). Given how endless the games are, I don't think it's likely I'll play both, despite being a massive fan of the first one on DS.
  9. Eh? How come they're all making 360/ PS3 versions of their next gen releases then? Doesn't seem like they're that eager to move on just yet.
  10. 'Failed oddity' is a bit strong. The Wii U's USP (second screen) seems to be where the market is heading, with everyone from Sony and MS to Google and Apple moving toward linking large screen entertainment with small screen/ mobile devices. But obviously Nintendo haven't worked out how to market the darn thing, despite technically being ahead of the curve.
  11. Those videos are incredible and just go to show how deep NSMBU is if you're prepared to dig. I don't understand why the reviews scores were so average.
  12. Did someone on here say that NSMBU was easy? Either they were lying to look hard or I'm a gaming spasmo. I know which I'd rather believe.
  13. I'm not and so isn't my wife.
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