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  1. That is the ironic thing about people's perception of Don Mattrick. He was a bloody actual game dev originally! when he started making games at the age of 17 in Canada. Microsoft wanted to pursue their original 'Centre of the Living Room' pipedream they had ever since they got into the games business and thought they had won the console war definitively so could pivot their strategy to do so. Mattrick just enacted that wish after he got given the job. Nobody points to Robbie Bach putting in the original gutting of first party mandate, because reasons.
  2. I think the whole somebody is interested in buying SEGA fanboy wishing that some people for whatever stupid reason continually want is kind of a non-starter. Why did they wave the white flag and leave the battlefield of the console wars over 20 year ago? Their content wasn't compelling enough to enough people to justify bleeding out on hardware and despite going multiplatform, their shit still isn't massively popular. Now the company bearing the name is a shadow of its former self and a significant portion of it is the equivalent of the British Empire's overseas territories or dominions. You're better off just slicing off the semi-valuable bits, rather than buying it whole.
  3. You mean by making several games that sold over 10 Million copies, that shitshow? It seems the move not to renew the exclusivity agreement comes about because Disney like $$$$ and doing more of that is better than keeping it exclusive. Or given that EA told FIFA to fuck off on their most lucrative game, more likely that EA didn't want to pay the exorbitant re-up that Disney likely wanted to charge them to keep it exclusive.
  4. I randomly occasionally watch the odd Disney-Marvel production and whatever overarching storyline they apparently have can't be that important as they seem to work fine enough as a standalone product, though I'm sure that to get 110% enjoyment, I really need 30+ years of comic/film background knowledge, but like 99% of the audience, that ain't happening in this or any other lifetime so they have to ensure this stuff works on a basic level as entertainment. I stopped following the MCU years ago and haven't read a comic in a long time either, yet still thought Infinity War was by far the best one, despite having seen very few of the films which directly preceded it.
  5. They were given free reign to make something original for HBO and that was what they originally announced they were making once they had finished GoT, their passion project, Confederate, way before the news that they had signed a deal with Disney and most recently Netflix. They must be big fanboys to have given up a HBO free pass to work on some licensed project. And it seems some of the cast were growing tired of slogging away at it too as it grew ever bigger. If they ever get The Three-Body Problem TV series finished, I'll be interested to see how that turns out as I'm actually aware of part of the source material for that one.
  6. That seems to have been the consensus verdict from test screenings: And too expensive to justify releasing as a direct to streaming film so using it as a tax write off was the most prudent financial decision to mitigate the costs apparently due to the recent merger. According to the directors, WBD told them it wasn't their fault, just a change in business strategy decision:
  7. Interesting to see this was created and partially written by Jessica Gao, who either wrote one of the best or worst episodes of Rick & Morty (depending on your viewpoint), John Pickle Rick AKA Solen'ya. She seems to have been stuck in development hell on multiple projects until this one. I might have to see how this plays out as these Marvel shows have a distinct tendency to be uneven.
  8. Threads (1984): I've seen this mentioned over the years but wasn't entirely clear on what it was exactly about, but it absolutely lives up to its reputation. An absolutely stunning piece of work and easily in the Top 10 things the BBC have ever commissioned. Still as powerfully effective as it must have been back in 1984, the artistic choices make it much more timeless compared to the American attempt on the idea, which looks absolutely laughable by comparison, despite the much higher budget that had. If anybody attempted something like this today, I'd be amazed that they could do it in the same matter of fact way this approaches the subject, with little in the way of punches being pulled or censoring the likely potential realities it was depicting. It even has this bit of 'banter' which shows some subjects have been rumbling on since forever, LOL: "What about the Falklands?" "What about the Falklands? Listen mate, there's nobody more patriotic than I am I've been trying to get us out of the Common Market for bloody years!" 4.75/5
  9. The hot idea in business economics is rental and nobody owning anything anymore so they all attempt to get in on the latest hot trend. It makes sense in terms of 'recurrent revenue' and becoming a landlord with indentured tenants forced to pay you until death for your product. Software is generally attempting to go in this direction too. It certainly isn't sustainable at current subscription prices, but those only exist because you're in the landgrab phase of the business plan and anybody who thinks otherwise is delusional.
  10. They are charging $60 for it, so is it entirely unfair to compare it to something else sold for similar amounts of money or a small premium more? I'd think most people would say no. Never played this series, despite owning multiple entries because unless you can beat Rockstar North, I'd rather spend my gaming time on the near infinite alternative games available.
  11. You have to give the team at Epic some credit here. They managed to pivot their game to a different play-type and keep it still relevant for years. If it was that easy to make a metoo clone, somebody else would have eaten their lunch by now. Certainly plenty of other developers and publishers have tried to clone with a twist popular ideas with much less success. Appealing to children probably helped them get one over the original populariser of the concept, plus PUBG doesn't play quite the same anyway.
  12. This must be the fundamental divide between people who know/love the source material a TV/film is based on and those oblivious to it, as I'd rank Fellowship as the weakest of the Peter Jackson trilogy. I find the simplest rule to enjoying TV/film series based on existing stuff from other entertainment mediums is to generally not have experienced those in the first place :P, makes it so much easier to take the TV/film at its own merits, for good or bad. As I stopped reading books a long time ago, this makes all the stuff based on them much simpler to digest without that nagging feeling that the source material was probably superior as it is 9 times out of 10. As to LotR, fucks knows if it'll be any good, as I've had zero interest in it outside of the first Peter Jackson film trilogy, which was able to escape its genre and have outsider appeal.
  13. It would seem as simple as Embracer are operating in what is currently seen as a very hot area for investment, hence all the PE money sloshing about funding shit nobody here either cares about or has even heard of and has been easily able to raise debt/capital to fund their buying spree. Plus, all the deals they make, with the odd exception, are worth chump change. The total market valuation of the entire Embracer group is currently less than $9 Billion. CDPR at the height of Cyberpunk 2077 mania was worth about as much, off the hype of a single game! They are doing the Netflix model (borrow shitloads of money to fund #content, hope to someday justify the valuation), they certainly aren't in actually generating profit mode yet as they report using the EBITDA method. They now also own the entire Toaplan library.
  14. The requirement for a PSN account seems plausible, simplest way to unify all the various PC storefront editions when the Service Games get released, which will generally be PS/PC.
  15. Given the state of progress, a Saturn Mini should be commercially viable when people are about the age of that character in that JIF. It'll probably be a JPN-only release though, much like this. Some old computers were so much more interestingly designed than the IBM ripoffs which have outlived them.
  16. Aliens - Special Edition (1986/1991): The James Cameron approved cut of this film is pretty great, some added backstory to give some motivation. For a 36 year old effects heavy film, it more than holds up. In terms of its reputation as an action film, it's kind of surprising how relatively little action there is in it and how few fucking marines they feel it's necessary to send on missions, LOL, not to mention how most of them bite it ASAP too. 4.5/5
  17. Alien: Covenant (2017): The positives of this film are it looks great and is very competently made and shows Ridley Scott can still do the technical side in his sleep. The major problem of this film is that it somehow manages to both undo the film it is a narrative direct sequel to (Prometheus) and retrospectively by its sheer existence makes the entire Alien film series worse. The cast are entirely disposable and forgettable outside of Michael Fassbender's artificial person(s) and the scene straight out of a slasher film was very WTF. 2.5/5
  18. Nope, it's a homage to Bloglovin'. The primary reason they are offering to buy Unity and allow Riccitiello to become overlord of the combined company is because otherwise, Unity's planned merger with ironSource would become an existential threat.
  19. Looks like DannyTRS is coming good. Interesting to see how he started as a commercials director/minor internet personality pre-YouTube and has now done 2 decent sequel/prequels. Hopefully he'll get the chance to do his own new thing at some point in the future.
  20. There was a teaser for this game at the recent Annapurna Interactive showcase, looked suitably in his style:
  21. So primarily out of morbid curiosity I watched this. It is the very definition of Netflix out of Ten. The primary problem is that for a film about a badass assassin, the action is fairly anemic. The Russos can't even match Michael Bay as action film directors. You compare this to the way cheaper to make Bourne or John Wick Trilogies and it's not even close in terms of filmmaking quality. The mild stunt casting they seem to do is also about as non-shoehorned as the stuff Hollywood does to appeal to certain key markets. Let's see how the planned R-rated spin-off goes, as then they go up against the real heavy hitters in this genre. Netflix, spend less and do better, or does practically every single film maker do a Netflix gig because it's effectively a jolly for them where they can hand in any old half-arsed effort and be paid handsomely without having to deliver a result somebody would actually spend money on if you had to pay for it individually, certainly seems that way.
  22. It does work as some Fortnite or Warzone sort of change of scene every few years, the only problem is you're now doing it on Rockstar Time and quality standards with the need to not work your employees to death (which in itself is a positive, but it does as described in the article come with its own problems) so they turn GTA VI into a multi-decade ever growing virtual gameworld. Rockstar aren't working on anything else ever again would also be a natural conclusion to their new regime and the ambitions of Project Americas. It can still have a single player campaign for each new city, but that will just add even more time to each new city's completion.
  23. Well the article does have some interesting cautionary notes buried in it, with several seeming to stem from their work reforms. Losing a bunch of designers from Rockstar North frustrated with the lack of development progress and some of the other comments talking about too many cooks does kind of paint a picture of development hell and minimal chance of hitting their postulated release window, but they couldn't even manage to do that when crunching to death.
  24. Well the description of what Project Americas was originally concepted as was certainly beyond anything they've ever done before. Both North and South America in a single game, with multiple fully realised cities, no wonder they had to scale it back to just Miami and then piecemeal hopefully create the other planned cities at some point in the future. The main playable character being of South American origin fits in with that as there is now a story reason for them to be farting about in both continents moving drugs for the cartels.
  25. Slightly over the required duration period. Concept: 3D Open-World Action-Adventure 1991 - Paul Holmes' Hunter 2001 - DMA Design's Grand Theft Auto III 2013 - Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto V
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