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  1. The entire rationale for publishers and developers of big(ish) budget game series to put their old stuff on XGP is to get people interested enough to then buy the new version for fullprice at launch on the Xbox. If it instead trains people to just wait for it to appear for 'free' on XGP, then they've just basically fucked themselves over longterm. Unless people expect Microsoft to keep doing corporate welfare for the entire Japanese games industry with their funding of ports to Xbox like they have been for the past few years.
  2. It's the same as seeing a film without the VFX and final polish in place, not exactly representative of what you'd actually be paying money for when it is release ready. Plus, the average consumer is an idiot so can't see things without the makeup slapped on without jumping to the wrong conclusion. Interesting leak anyway, looks pretty great for something nowhere near final.
  3. Streaming wasn't exactly something anybody in their right mind was thinking was a mainstream idea back in 2009 when Sony were designing the Next Generation Portable. It was designed as an evolution of the philosophy behind the original PlayStation Portable, a handheld device aiming to deliver high-end home console-type experiences primarily. The backtouch was an interesting gimmick, the sort of thing Nintendo loves shoving into new hardware. Sony's US marketing man described the reasons behind its existence as thus: Unfortunately, unlike the PSP, the addressable market had shrunk significantly and publishers couldn't be convinced to support it like they did the PSP initially so no point throwing good money after bad.
  4. Incorrect, played this in the last few years for the first time, still absolutely brilliant, wish more TBS games were this dated
  5. Pretty sure the problem of shader compilation induced stuttering is entirely a UE problem in general, so unless you pre-cache it, like you can on a fixed hardware target like the STEAM Deck or a console, you are generally fucked:
  6. Australians reckon either of those options is wrong, Tim Tam is actually the best take on the concept.
  7. But if it was as disappointing as you seem to be claiming then people would stop buying it as the negative word of mouth would have stopped it a while after it launched. back in 2020. Just like all the other shit games. Yet, unlike Watch Dogs: Legion, it is still being supported, nearly 2 years after launch. So Ubisoft are listening to the money, not to the cheap seats.
  8. https://www.gog.com/en/game/assassins_creed_directors_cut It's been on GOG for years too, though why anybody would actually want to play it as it's basically a tech demo proof of concept compared to later entries anyway. Edit - the original release used SafeDisc v4.85 DRM, which explains why it doesn't work on newer Microsoft OSes. Interesting that a Windows update also broke SafeDisc on every other Vista and later OS too and requires you to enable secdrv.sys manually.
  9. Considering people voted with their wallets and made Assassin's Creed Valhalla the most profitable game in the series and the first Ubisoft title to cross the $1 Billion landmark, it's not exactly surprising Ubisoft are giving the punters more of what they want. Clint Hocking is directing Hexe so it might be interesting and it's apparently something different. Playing a shinobi with Odyssey gamepley, could be good.
  10. Yep, buying and reselling anything desirable is pretty much a business for a growing number of people, it's just acquiring stock for resell. So demand for all the new PC components will be artificially higher than otherwise as a result.
  11. I don't think the two shows have that much in common really. One is a Sci-Fi mystery with a neat unique gimmick, the other was written by Damon Lindelof and is full of Lindelofisms so YMMV on that point. Even the general vibe I don't feel has that much commonality.
  12. It's probably cheaper to do traditional animation than the current ultra expensive computer renders, though as they stopped doing traditional drawn animation for so long, most of the artists have retired and the skills are starting to be lost so even if tastes change back, somebody's going to have to relearn the techniques required.
  13. Severance - 8.5/10 This is very nicely shot, has some fine acting and an intriguing premise. It's a great debut first series, but the risk, as always with this sort of show is whether the creator(s) fuck it up further down the line, fingers crossed they don't. It has a bit of a BioShock vibe too.
  14. According to Microsoft, their potential target market is 3 Billion gamers (I think it started at a lower number when they first talked about it, but that is the most recent one they choose to use) so mobile phones is the only way in hell you are going to to get anywhere at all close to a fraction of that potential customer base via streaming. Dedicated consoles do barely a 10th of that userbase, and I'd bet the vast majority of existing dedicated console owners aren't particularly interested in an objectively inferior streaming powered experience, otherwise why else are they buying dedicated gaming hardware in the first place?
  15. Wasn't even referring to this game actually, considering several other of the [10] games remain very contentious, years after release, with several people including the OP taking potshots at them in this very thread!
  16. Considering they chose to revise their score for Resident Evil 4 retrospectively, I'm curious if any of the games which initially got [10] would now be retrospectively removed from the hall of fame as if you can mark stuff up, then surely you can mark stuff down aswell?
  17. I think all of his English-language stuff has at least been good, if not great. Enemy is a bit weird, and people with certain phobias might not want to watch it I need to get around to watching Incendies myself.
  18. I think the bigger problem is it addresses a problem that doesn't really exist for Microsoft. The Xbox division is still required to provide the basis of the Cloud gaming platform and get game support and they are willing to do Gamer Welfare for that division with the hardware, but making dedicated Cloud gaming hardware seems addressing a niche need, when the dream is to sell monthly subscriptions to literally Billions of consumers with already existing hardware, which is a debatable idea in and of itself anyway. Reading the PR from Logitech when they announced this, it seems they are doing the manufacturing and selling of the hardware while Tencent have provided the software side of the partnership. Seems a device more aimed at countries where people actually like playing Tencent's mobile shooters and high-end dedicated gaming devices are prohibitively expensive. The concept Razer/Qualcomm G3x developer kit, which should have been commercialised by now sounds awfully expensive. High-end SoC and 120Hz OLED screen and Razer margins = more expensive than any console.
  19. The Surface division primarily makes upmarket expensive devices. Cloud gaming, if you want it to be mainstream, like Microsoft state they do has the exact opposite requirements. The entire Cloud gaming idea is about reducing the barrier to entry to as low as possible. Having to buy an expensive device which is otherwise an expensive paperweight when not gaming seems entirely doing it wrong, unlike the standard mobile smartphone, which is the default all-in-one computing and communications device for a significant portion of the global population. The Logitech G Gaming Handheld being based on the 720G means it can natively play Android games fine so if you really like mobile gaming, fill yer boots. Adreno 618 isn't exactly amazing but it isn't a low-end device chip so this is going to cost a few hundred I'd suspect, given the lower manufacturing volumes compared to phones.
  20. That's why it's a cult classic, and not an actual classic. It's only revered by a small amount of people, while most people say IDGI. But I think that applies to every single one of Mike Judge's films, though I haven't seen Extract, which is supposedly a companion piece to Office Space. The only thing I remember vividly about it is Jennifer Aniston and her stupid workplace rules.
  21. Clearly the first series of this was the best one, but all the subsequent ones have had some interesting stuff and it must be the most gorgeously filmed TV series ever. You really can't beat old school film for getting lush visuals.
  22. The primary thing keeping them afloat for alot of that period was the simple fact they were rescued out of near bankruptcy by Sammy who had a profitable business to prop up the combined group. SEGA are like a smaller Embracer or Tencent, they buy up other developers and let them generally get on with whatever niche that developer generally specialises in. Their owned European developers are primarily PC exclusive strategy game makers and they've owned Atlus for a while, but they've still operated as if their parent practically didn't exist. The part of the company which people are nostalgic for is a shadow of its former self, and I'd love somebody to successfully show that isn't true. The founder of Sammy, Hajime Satomi said this about SEGA when he acquired them back in 2003: For example, a snapshot from 2012: Consumer toys and games arm loses ¥5.5bn, but Pachinko sales cover shortfall https://www.gamesindustry.biz/sega-9-month-profit-down-6-6-percent-yoy-as-games-business-buoyed-by-pachinko Best days are behind them so what are you really buying at this point in time?
  23. For anybody interested in the current state of the comics industry in the USA, I found some interesting articles talking about it. As of 2021 and driven by the Pandemic, the entire comic/graphic novel market was worth an estimated $2.075 Billion, but that is primarily driven by the popularity of Children's comics and Japanese Manga which has eaten the native industry's lunch, as both of those make up ~3/4 of the revenue. The top US individual comic sold ~480K copies, and Marvel's biggest seller was an issue of Venom, which sold ~300K copies. https://www.businessinsider.com/whats-behind-surge-in-comic-sales-movies-kids-comics-manga-2022-7?r=US&IR=T https://www.comicsbeat.com/looking-at-npd-bookscan-2021-and-its-a-doozy/ https://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2021.html
  24. Exactly, I know some people who still buy comics and when they mention the prices they have to pay for them, I just think LOL nope. Niche industry which is practically a rounding error for both Disney and Warner Bros on their financial reports, to the extent they aren't even worth specifically mentioning.
  25. The game has a release date in 2 days time, so it would seem the general embargo is quite close to release and given that a print magazine had an exclusivity period for it, then it could have easily been reviewed by everybody else by now too if they were allowed to talk about it.
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