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  1. Rocksteady apparently didn't get that memo either so...
  2. How does it compare to Clerks 2 and the other years later View Askewniverse sequel, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot?
  3. Saudi Arabia already own SNK and 2 of the leading eSports organising companies. Getting foreign companies to set-up development branches in KSA itself is curious, seems similar to what Singapore has been attempting, though results from that seem mixed at the moment as the 2 most high profile projects to be run from there are either likely to be not successful or got outright cancelled. They are certainly aiming for the heavens with their ambitions for the next 8 years. Tencent are already there, they just need to cement their lead.
  4. Oh, that was a spin-off from the legendary TBS series Battle Isle, by Bluebyte of Germany, very much like Nectaris from Hudson Soft.
  5. In terms of beginner TBS games, old console ones are usually the best option as they don't have all the strategic optionality and systems of more recent ones. So a 16-bit or 32-bit classic, a few have been mentioned already. Once you get the basics down, then you can load yourself up with the more complex ones.
  6. Not strictly news which has happened yet, but more pre-news on the inevitable, which I'm sure will please anybody who cares about who owns what for whatever personal reasons they may choose to do so. Both Saudi Arabia's government slush fund and Tencent are gearing up for controlling stakes in more foreign gaming companies. The KSA is even planning to Borg one big one entirely, place your bets: https://www.spa.gov.sa/viewfullstory.php?lang=en&newsid=2388379#2388379 https://www.reuters.com/markets/deals/tencent-shifts-focus-majority-deals-overseas-gaming-assets-growth-sources-2022-10-01/
  7. Seemingly without the patronage of a TV network or Technology company willing to pay for it, the companies which hold the brand copyrights don't want to take the risk of self-funding brand media extensions as Alcon Entertainment who own the rights to both Blade Runner and The Expanse for example seem incapable of doing new stuff with either of those brands without somebody else primarily footing the bill to make it happen. Which is I suppose the current equivalent of having to rely on the Medici.
  8. But they also want somebody who is happy to give up 10 years or more of their life to doing the job, so Idris noped out.
  9. They are paying for it as it's a EA Originals project (though it shouldn't be, as the developer doesn't fit the official remit of that publishing label).
  10. Are those from the actual game? as they look quite different to what I've seen in previous trailers.
  11. So as a result of Allison Janney's personal publicist's initial claims, I decided to see what the fuss was about. I do actually recognise her from some old films, but didn't know her name. The topic title needs changing as it is highly misleading, this is as close to films like Taken and John Wick as McDonald's is to gourmet burgers. I'd describe it as a very Indie thriller with a stupidly low bodycount, the exact opposite of the films it is being compared against. As to the quality of the film itself, Netflix/10 essentially, competently made but entirely forgettable and a snoozefest for anybody looking for a charismatic actor of either gender stacking up fools to the ceiling. A fairer comparison would be against the action works of either Denzel Washington or Charlize Theron, both award winners who have shown they can murder people with plenty of flair, and this film comes up very short against either of their best works.
  12. This was a co-production between CN and Crunchyroll. They still have the option to produce it on their own or with the other companies who had a financial interest in its success. So I assume it wasn't quite at the level of popularity required for any of them to step in and continue it, much like the other co-production that is also now shelved.
  13. I believe James Cameron is doing the hybrid FR approach because it allows you to keep the filmic 24fps look that people have become accustomed to over the last century, but you get the motion clarity in fast moving scenes which also helps with the stereoscopic. I first saw this idea implemented years ago by a Polish production company for stereoscopic as a techdemo. The company behind the technology is going to push it into TVs too, though currently it's only announced for TCL. Titanic is also getting the treatment.
  14. This person seems to know their stuff and has seen it:
  15. In the case of WBD, they have a window to do this because of the merger. I wouldn't expect them to be wholesale killing stuff going forward. They've taken a $826+ Million hit on existing and in-development stuff so far, and that doesn't even include the 2 films they killed. There is a quite interesting conference call with WBD about their future strategic direction. Surprisingly, they actually come across as having some sort of plan that might make their streaming business work sustainably longterm. They aren't chasing after subscriber growth by throwing money at #content anymore and going back to the way HBO has traditionally done things, quality over quantity. They might even do what the previous management couldn't manage to do and fix their DC comic film quality control problem.
  16. The stuff they've taken to the gas chamber isn't bringing in enough eyeballs and they've decided is better off being used to reduce their tax bill. This article has a succinct explanation of it: https://www.indiewire.com/2022/08/hbo-max-removed-6-streaming-movies-1234747761/
  17. It's not really streaming specific. Anything digital that can be touched by the copyright holder can be license revoked at some point in the future, and if the DRM is decent, there is fuckall you can do about it at present, legally or otherwise. Back in the days of analogue broadcast TV, shit got shown once sometimes and then similarly disappeared forever for the exact same reasons. $$$$$$$. Animation mustn't be that big a money spinner as Netflix gutted their animation division this year too.
  18. It being a Netflix funded product should have told you to lower the bar right to the floor. All 3 of the films and actors you shat on probably had similar or lesser amounts spent on their films and they maybe less talented (no idea, never heard of the woman you reference) but their films, even the Bob Odenkirk star vehicle still beats this, which is just classic Netflix Seal of Quality.
  19. The Optical Flow hardware is pretty cool, been expecting this tech to arrive since about 2010 FFS!! Future consoles generating 720p base visuals at 30fps and then upscaled and interpolated to 4K/60fps, the only way to push the visual boundaries at a reasonable hardware cost. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/dlss3-ai-powered-neural-graphics-innovations/
  20. That has never stopped them in the past, where laptop chips just randomly share numbering with the equivalent desktop number but have entirely inferior actual chips, that shit has been going on since forever. Pascal was one of the few times you actually got slightly better than desktop components, just gimped by power limits and clocks instead.
  21. The AYN Odin uses the Snapdragon 845 SoC, so is significantly more powerful, but in the grand scheme of things, they are still barely giving Intel's useless iGPUs competition so *shrug* The $350 price is a bit higher than what I was expecting, but this is the reality of pricing when you aren't selling people Trojan Horses designed to lock them into your exclusive theme park and you actually have to turn a reasonable profit on the hardware sales alone. The noname China brands don't have the sales reach of Logitech or their OS but dedicated streaming gaming devices being an actually large market seems a very questionable idea to think is ready for primetime anyway.
  22. This is quite funny considering the only reason Alex Garland even got into directing films is because of his bad experiences with other directors implementing his scripts in ways he personally didn't agree with so to say he should be directing somebody else's words is a highly amusing reaction to this latest work of his. It sounds like he's planning to do the opposite after his next film and retire from directing. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/16/movies/alex-garland-men.html
  23. You're making the potentially incorrect assumption that the person who did this is in a country where Rockstar can actually get at them, which might not be the case. Having sat through the entire video leak, most of it is cutting room material which doesn't tell you very much about the game really. But it's clearly well beyond the PS3-level visuals of GTA V, the character modelling of the 2 main characters, Jason and Lucia is well ahead, even at this early stage. Interesting to see how they do placeholder models, reminds me of those art mannequins.
  24. The entire rationale for publishers and developers of big(ish) budget game series to put their old stuff on XGP is to get people interested enough to then buy the new version for fullprice at launch on the Xbox. If it instead trains people to just wait for it to appear for 'free' on XGP, then they've just basically fucked themselves over longterm. Unless people expect Microsoft to keep doing corporate welfare for the entire Japanese games industry with their funding of ports to Xbox like they have been for the past few years.
  25. It's the same as seeing a film without the VFX and final polish in place, not exactly representative of what you'd actually be paying money for when it is release ready. Plus, the average consumer is an idiot so can't see things without the makeup slapped on without jumping to the wrong conclusion. Interesting leak anyway, looks pretty great for something nowhere near final.
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