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  1. Apparently, nobody gets paid any actual money to implement vendor specific features. Seems more a win-win for both parties. They push your game for free, you push their hardware features for free or they buy some copies of your game to bundle with their hardware and parachute in some engineers to help you get it working. A Google brought up this old PC Gamer article which talks about the subject: https://www.pcgamer.com/what-does-it-mean-when-a-game-has-amd-or-nvidia-branding/
  2. You're entirely correct, but that's because most games are forced to support weak and/or legacy hardware. If only you could design games around RT, then the technology would be given the chance to show its transformative powers. Only one developer has done that so far, 4A Games and all their games going forward are RT hardware only.
  3. Given the moaning that the now unlaunched 12GB RTX 4080 had essentially what would have traditionally been a 60-class sized die, and they wanted $900+ for that, you're already too late to stop the future RTX 2060 6GB - 445 mm² RTX 3060 12GB - 276 mm² RTX 4080 12GB - 295 mm² Nvidia's even fucking you over on the amount of silicon they are selling you now.
  4. PS2 version runs at ~60fps, compared to the ~30fps of the DC original
  5. So basically being "encouraged" to design games which make enough money to justify the significant investment required to bring them to life and keep the lights on and mortgages paid for the few hundred people employed on it for the last 8 years. The consumers are certainly voting with their wallets as to the direction which premium projects are forced to take now. Being stuck making licensed games certainly does put you in certain positions that you might otherwise be able to avoid if you were making something original that you had full control over.
  6. If that was the case as far as Sony viewed the private offer they received from Microsoft about longer term guarantees on its availability, then Jim Ryan wouldn't have essentially called Phil Spencer a liar over what Phil Spencer was claiming in public about it recently.
  7. Depends on who you believe did the real heavy lifting on the Playdead games, Arnt Jensen who is credited as the creator and director for both their games, or Dino Patti, who had executive producer credit for both of them. They co-founded Playdead and then had a falling out, resulting in Dino Patti being bought out and forced to leave. He then went on to co-found Jumpship with Chris Olsen, the creator of Somerville so I assume most people assume history will repeat itself and executive producers are of equal importance for the final product quality as the creator/director of games, we're about to find out. Playdead are also making a 3D open-world game next, for Epic, apparently using UE5.
  8. The only connection this has with those games is Dino Patti. The actual creator of the game, Chris Olsen, has made sure this game keeps its distance from the Playdead stuff. So clearly their marketing message isn't working or gaming journalism isn't working.
  9. Another reviewer who specialises in looking at these predominately Chinese handheld devices points out the exact same problems as the above review, yet comes to a pretty different conclusion, one which seems the more prevalent one. Great for its intended advertised use case, just the price being the sticking point. It does seem to have a pretty nice screen, one which makes Valve look like they went for the cheapest they could get away with at their target price point, when significantly better LCD ones do exist.
  10. The PC versions of games are only as scalable as the developer allows it to be. Unlike the old days when the hidden developer menus were left in the retail versions, nearly all modern console ports enforce hard limits on what you can and can't turn off or reduce so 'scalability' is woeful on modern console ports compared to older stuff which really could run on a wide range of systems, but then again, a lot of those were actually built with PC systems in mind and weren't just console ports. The only thing the 2 Xboxes share are the CPU power which is close enough and the SSD, which is identical. The other important parts are fairly divergent. So you either target the more powerful one and shaft the weaker one, leading to complaints from the budget gamers or you go with the path of least resistance and least moaning, and target the weaker box and not fully utilise the more powerful hardware, so a repeat of last gen and what happened to the mid-gen consoles, which were just higher resolution/more performant versions of the base spec.
  11. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the first modern game to feature basically a Path Tracing solution, which a few years ago seemed impossible, so you just need to throw £1700 worth of rendering power at the problem and then you can get a fully dynamic real-time lighting solution into even the most demanding of massive open-world games. Maybe in 10 years time, we'll get a console box capable of PT with PS4-Gen graphics. Portal with RTX is a full PT version of a PS3-Gen game and that will crush anything that doesn't have the latest and greatest RT hardware.
  12. The Phawx seems much less pleased with it than ETA Prime does, though other reviews do praise some aspects of it. So probably the right product at a price that people used to corporate-subsidised hardware angling to make money off you longterm in other ways find unpalatable.
  13. Well in the case of the two Xbox Series machines, developers are forced to support both, whether they want to or not, you can't release XSX only versions, much like you couldn't do PS4P/X1X games last gen so they ended up usually being higher resolution versions of the base PS4/X1 version. And in the dim and distant past, games were so stupidly cheap to make, you got separate developers to do ports to individual platforms, sometimes with very little in the way of asset sharing, which isn't what you find with modern games, where they build one base version and just adapt that to each release platform and if somebody thinks there is money in doing a port to Nintendo, some poor sod gets to do a bespoke dumbed down version specifically for that platform as you can't just push the port-to button in that case.
  14. That's precisely how all the fake bullshit works, an artist has to time consumingly hand place everything and do that multiple times to get the final desired result. If you replace all of that with real-time computed on the fly systems running live on the hardware, it'll be significantly faster. The only reason people fake stuff is because they can't afford to do it in real-time or maybe in certain cases you want a very specific look that doesn't exist in reality and that a systemic approach to it wouldn't give you naturally. But as mega budget games generally strive for photorealism, RT is naturally the future direction of real-time rendering. The more photorealistic games become, the more the hacks will cost to implement and at some point it'll be cheaper to do them using RT.
  15. Well as both NX Gamer first showed and Richard Leadbetter confirms in that very video, yes, it did. How do you even know the resolution of the Xbox version in the first place, did you pixel count it yourself?
  16. Xbox version got a stealth patch a few years ago, they bumped up the resolution a bit. Arkham Knight is more a product of excellent technical art direction than anything else, Rocksteady rolled their own custom UE3 variant. The PC version is only good now because more powerful hardware became available to bruteforce past the engine limitations. Richard Leadbetter tested it a few years ago and it still happily kills more period accurate hardware if you want to aim for a stable 60fps, rather than settle for 30fps: UE4 is a better more feature rich versatile engine than UE3, where the games got called out for having the UE look as everybody used the same bloody things on it.
  17. The problem isn't running at 60fps per se, rather the fact that quite a few big budget ones suffer from shader compilation and loading stutters. Even Epic themselves can't get it right as ForkKnife is often called StutterNite for good reason so clearly *expertise* with UE is sorely lacking in general when it comes to these long standing problems. It doesn't plague other developer's engines, not even Unity, which has interesting flaws of its own.
  18. So essentially it's OutRun 2 SDX or Shenmue II in the gas chamber, worst Sophie's Choice ever :P
  19. Well, if you ever listen to Alexander Battaglia rants about it, you'd probably come to a different conclusion. I think he even prefers Unity over it at present #Stutterstruggle. An old quote from one of the games he reviewed this year:
  20. It runs on UE, just like most of the previous non-LEGO DC games from WB, so yeah, it's a shit engine The shader compilation and streaming performance on the PC port should be interesting to see.
  21. People could just visit the official webpage, it's usually a pretty good indicator of how a company is positioning its product: And they do even confirm it has a fan, let's see if it thermal throttles as it's still in a tiny thin case: So for the price, a bargain, from Razer of all companies!! Streaming is just a value-add, the real reason to buy one is to pwn n00bs online with your framerate and input advantage. It also explains why the controller is separatable as not all Android games support them.
  22. One of the artists from Rocksteady dared to speak his mind on this subject and got quickly reminded of why developers should never tell it as is to the average 'gamer' on the internet, especially Twitter using ones, who are even more 'special'. JackNicholson.jif
  23. How sure are you in making this statement? Maybe the compromises required to reach a relatively stable 60fps was too great so they didn't want to spend their dev time on it and concentrate their effort elsewhere. The game has been delayed by nearly a year already. It'll be interesting to see what happens with GTA VI and other upcoming future open-world titles, including the Rocksteady one.
  24. Nice specs and surprisingly low priced for Razer, as competing gaming phones with older chips are about $550-$1300 without a controller. So it's essentially a gaming phone that you can't make calls with bundled with their new controller add-on. Calling it a tablet is a bit of a stretch, it's tiny! I wonder if it has a fan or suffers from throttling like all the other high-end 6.8" gaming phones.
  25. Probably exactly because of the post below yours I'm sure Ada wouldn't enjoy sharing a surname whose most famous use is for a stage name for a pornographic actress from America, not exactly a problem for any other notable scientist or computer pioneer to my knowledge. The chip shortform is AD rather than GL or LO anyway, but as all their current codenames are based on the surname, they had to use both to avoid any stupid jokes.
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