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  1. You got to play the algorithm if you want people to watch the videos now, it's why a lot of people do variants of the derp face these days, even on subjects you wouldn't think it was required for. Though the footage of Dirt 5 he was requested to watch hardly makes the game look great so his reaction to it is not abnormal, it's not much of a looker in most of the footage I've seen so far. Some people on YouTube do make some coin playing to the fanboys, it's interesting seeing that worldview on things every so often. Superchats can be quite lucrative, even for channels wi
  2. I thought it's basically a taster course of some the best premium games available on the platform that people might not have tried yet that might then interest people in the upcoming sequels to some of those games. It's an interesting marketing tactic. There should still be PS4 titles added every month to PS+, those will be playable on both systems. PS5 games on PS+ will be more likely to be indie games at first as the licensing cost of big budget games would likely be too high for quite a while.
  3. It's the latest fanboy battleground as GFX is marginal or at parity between console versions these days. The problem isn't the information, it's how some people choose to weaponise it. Consoles don't have ways for end users to monitor performance so you are reliant on people with the tools to provide you that information. VRR only fixes the visual presentation, it still wouldn't fix the gameplay feel of erratic unstable performance. Though to the casual player, this doesn't matter as they are fine with sub-30fps anyway at present. These things only concern dedicated gamers. John Li
  4. It's not a lie, it's a performance target and some games do manage to hit or exceed it so in a court of law you are covered. But I think as the average punter just swallows marketing messages whole without any thought for nuance, then it'll come back to bite them as the power gap between the 2 consoles indicates the chosen rendering resolution gap is too small to be sustainable, without other changes needing to be made. People can see how it works with PC GFX cards running on the same underlying CPU, etc at the same graphical settings but a different rendering resolution. People ca
  5. Given how much shit The Cherno is getting for that Dirt 5 reactions video elsewhere, I doubt any actually active game developers want the grief from whatever fanboy side doesn't like them not being ultra positive about their preferred platform and games running on said platform. He just does these reactions as a bit of fun on the side going in completely blind. The team at Digital Foundry get enough shit thrown at them as it is, to the extent it's caused John health problems. Game devs on Twitter also rarely bother giving you the truth as they know it isn't worth the ha
  6. The one featuring Jason Ronald? I have seen it. Before it was officially confirmed, assumptions and rumours were either for a 1080p or 1440p target for the XSS. I was personally surprised they chose to even come out with any sort of official performance expectations for it really as those have a nasty habit of being sunk very quickly. Counterproductive if you have games falling short of official expectation targets. Had a Google for the current announced perfomance targets for known XSX and XSS games, some are stating 1440p/60 as per Microsoft's marketing. One indie gam
  7. Given the power disparity, I find the output render target difference a bit questionable longer term. 4K is 8294400 pixels. 1440p is 3686400 pixels. Claiming the only difference is the rendering resolution might be a tad optimistic, you have to drive 44.4% of the pixels with 33% of the TFLOPs. If they had stated the target for the XSS was 1080p, that would be more probable as the long term sustainable rendering resolution, once you are beyond current gen. We already have a current gen port which can't handle even 1080p at their stated performance target
  8. mushashi

    Mafia 2

    I played this a few years ago, it must have one of the most pointless openworlds to have ever had way too much effort put into it. It was basically a cardboard film set built for a linear game. Decent enough game, but tragic waste of effort on the openworld setting. This is a staple of openworld games, padding out their runtime with realistic tedious journeys, can't remember if it has any fun dialogue to at least make some of the journeys more bearable, like GTA, which is also very guilty of this crime.
  9. I also haven't played the original so have zero point of reference for that, while I have played all 5 major 3D iterations of GTA (and the mainline 2D entries), and GTA V is the best mechanically, but still noticeably below dedicated mechanics games. They've skipped an entire hardware generation so I think expectations should be set very high, no excuses about shit hardware holding the implementation back this time, just money now, and if anybody has the money to do a virtual world right, it's Rockstar.
  10. mushashi

    The Medium

    The stated aim of the studio is to become the gaming equivalent of Blumhouse, which hopefully means decent quality but low budget. Looking forward to seeing if their patented USP is actually worth them bothering patenting it.
  11. Hope springs eternal. They have made slow but steady progress on the mechanics of their games, apart from some dispute over whether the driving mechanics have progressed or regressed. The earlier 3D games were sub-par mechanically, but at least the latest one is semi-passable, given the scope. Or maybe it's too much for anybody to take on in a single sprawling virtual reality project, no matter how many years or bodies you throw at the problem. Though The Benz's upcoming game might offer a more interesting implementation of online multiplayer.
  12. By allowing some of their characters to guest star in one of their premier games via paid DLC. The handjobs are apparently over anyway:
  13. This assumes you only continue to develop games using the existing development paradigm of separation of work between CPU and GPU. You can in theory lean much more heavily on the compute side of the GPU (as those have become a more generalised resource), at which point you can be held back by weaker GPUs, much in the same way that weaker CPUs can't do the same stuff as well as more powerful ones. But as you have to account for PCs, you are already boat-anchored in terms of resource usage flexibility anyway, unless you hardline your minspec and SOL anybody who doesn't meet it.
  14. I suppose if you want to see all the endings you have to do that. But when I played it many, many moons ago, I believe I did just one of the endings, still more than worth the journey. Best 16-Bit RPG ever made. Can't say I love games I'm shit at generally, Guitar Hero probably qualifies though. You can have fun on that, despite not being an idiot savant at it.
  15. It's impractical to go after and sue everybody using unauthorised emulators on the PC, just like any other things which people obtain via the internet without the copyright holders consent. You can very easily go after a console manufacturer or company using your copyright and distributing it via an easily trackable distribution channel.
  16. There is some evidence this is true. Nvidia have said fuck it and gone for the pot of Gold that is the data centre and professional markets with their Ampere design, hence why it scales like crap at lower rendering resolutions compared to previous NV designs for games. AMD have split GCN into 2 separate designs, RDNA and CDNA. I'm betting AMD don't have the same level of shit scaling that Ampere has.
  17. The duplication savings seem a tad overhyped. Spider-Man doesn't have that many GBs of duplicates. I think unless they implement the magic texture upscaling technology that some people bang on about, then games will invariably keep on increasing in size with the demand for more lavish and non-repeating visuals and more Hi-Fidelity multi-channel audio. UE5 games using Nanite most certainly aren't going to be small.
  18. Vapour chambers are weird, they've started appearing on gaming laptops now and are surprisingly not-amazing compared to bog standard heatpipe-based coolers for some reason. The primary benefit of the vapour chamber design isn't really in the cooling itself, it's in the ability to do it in a smaller volume of space with the downsides of higher relative cost, which is I suppose why Sony's engineering team are able to claim their heatpipe design is as good as a vapour chamber. Most high-end GFX cards don't use them either, no matter how expensive those are. A Dell thermal engineer exp
  19. Because it's the only version of the game that runs unlocked, they patched it out with an update to make it run more stable, but BC loves unlocked games.
  20. I assume they went for the legion of slow spinners approach then, though I'd think you might get some case vibration-related sounds just from that many fans all going at once in close proximity, though I may be more sensitive to that sort of thing than the average person TBH, not even dampening material makes much of a difference in my experience for that problem.
  21. It all eventually boils down to one simple thing, the almighty $$$. People brag about emulators on PC, the only reason that works is because nobody is getting sued by somebody who feels like you owe them a cut (because people who use emulators are too small and numerous a target that's difficult to hit). If they could shut them down on PC, they would. It's usually never a technical feasibility problem blocking games from being added to official BC solutions, it's money.
  22. If you believe some of the rumours, the FE cards are a unsustainable product being sold at low margins so Nvidia can claim their price points are real. It's not out of the realms of possibilities, given past examples of actual GFX cards sold at prices not designed to be sustainable. Or maybe that is just fake news from AMD fanboys
  23. It's a big change from the initial Ryzen reveal when AMD chose 4K as their rendering resolution to demonstrate how close they were to Intel. Choosing 1080p is a big sign of confidence that they finally have something worth charging a premium price for. I won't be surprised if RDNA2 also becomes a premium-class product if they are finally competitive against Nvidia aswell. No need to do an Aldi if you have a product people will buy willingly based on its actual merits, rather than the fact it's cheaper than the competition.
  24. So essentially FOMO at work? It's difficult to resist, the only option to preserve your sanity is to avoid the temptation in the first place, but maybe that cure is worse than the problem for most people.
  25. Rez is one of those examples of the music being a superb fit that I don't care about when decoupled from that game/other entertainment product. So I suppose the answer is sort of yes as I've never knowingly listened to any of the artists or tracks pre or post their inclusion in that game. But a lot of realworld music chosen for games is like that. The inverse is also true though, GTA: Vice City is one of the greatest musical compilations released, don't care for the game itself though
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