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  1. You can read that quote as a Nintendo-wide view of there being a negative connotation of being SEGA-like when Nintendo design their games so having them somehow help make that differing style of game become successful seems like trying to mix oil and water. Nintendo don't generally make 15 or 18-rated games for example, it's not in their sphere of competence. (I'd love to see them give it a go, it'd be like Disney making an 18-rated film themselves, though they have done quite a lot under various other owned companies in the past, like Touchstone and Miramax) They have some ownership rights over the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series, didn't really help improve the quality of that game series as the earlier ones made without their involvement are still considered the best. Their ownership of Monolith Soft seems to be fairly neutral as that company already made acclaimed games while under Namco's original ownership.
  2. There is this famous quote from Shigeru Miyamoto, which explains why SEGA x Nintendo really isn't a good Dream Team pairing: https://www.wired.com/2008/06/st-15miyamoto/
  3. They target different use cases really. Gaming Laptop: You are either space constrained at home or somebody who travels a lot and wants something with a fair bit of grunt to use when stationary with a power socket close by. Significantly more powerful than the Deck but also more expensive. The high end Deck is £570 for 512GB of NVMe storage. A similar laptop with a RTX 3060 is ~£800-1000. Which gets you at least several times that performance and decent usable Ray-Tracing. It's good enough to do Quake II RTX at upto 144fps, which you'll never be able to experience on weaker hardware. The RTX 3060 models are the best price/performance gaming laptops as the weaker stuff is so much slower for not much of a relative saving. Steam Deck: A true portable gaming device, capable of playing games at reduced graphical and performance settings. Any use cases for any portable game console can also be applied to the Deck, it's just chunkier.
  4. We are talking about the same Nintendo who can't find ways to continue the discarded legacy brands they already own? Every long established publisher has a warehouse full of brands they could continue to use but don't for usually commercial reasons. Microsoft own the rights to some interesting games, have an "infinite money cheat" and yet still don't greenlight new games based on the vast majority of their brand portfolio, because I suppose even with infinite money, nobody is stupid enough to just burn it for shits and giggles.
  5. Since you mention Walton Goggins, I assume you have seen The Shield? What's your opinion of that one? as it has an even more acclaimed reputation than Justified.
  6. Hmmm, interesting. Did you find it bad from the very start or did it get worse over time? I've seen some of it, but like most other acclaimed shows, it lacks the real killer edge to keep me interested enough to blaze through it so it's on the ever increasing partially digested list discarded in the quest to find some more actual GOAT-worthy TV.
  7. Friday (1995): This seems to be a quite nostalgic film for certain groups of people, but after having watched the Director's Cut of it, I really have no idea why it is fairly highly rated. It's not particularly funny, not much really happens and the leads ain't all that. Compared to other bong head duos, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker just aren't up there. 2.75/5
  8. As part of Ubisoft's 35th anniversary celebrations, they are giving away 2* games in the Splinter Cell series: Chaos Theory: https://register.ubisoft.com/sc-chaostheory/en-US *Double Agent (requires a Japanese IP to obtain, check Google if interested): https://register.ubisoft.com/sc-doubleagent/en-GB
  9. This is just the equivalent of an American Hollywood remake of non-American films and it'll probably have a larger audience too, which probably explains why such things keep on getting greenlit.
  10. Sort of I suppose, but the NVMe variants still offer an appreciable QoL benefit for those sort of people who think a 10-15% performance improvement is praiseworthy.
  11. The Valve developer presentation stated that even though they only showed data from one game, they think it's a representative difference of how the majority of games will perform. The boot times are only 25% worse on the eMMC too. I'm sure some games, just like now, do show some decent advantage when run off a NVMe drive, compared to slower interface drives. The NVMe interface is x4 Gen3, which gives the exact same potential maximum raw speed as the Xbox Series X interface (x2 Gen4). But as game loading isn't really storage read bandwidth limited in 99.9% of existing games, it doesn't matter how many GB/s of fast storage you throw at the problem. You need somebody to solve the rest of the loading chain to get a major speed-up if you want >5s loading. Valve or AMD are going to have to work on a Linux-native implementation of hardware-accelerated GPU decompression as you don't have a console-like dedicated solution to the problem.
  12. Or game loading is fucking bottlenecked by something other than pure read bandwidth...
  13. These ports are for whatever reason significantly more demanding than even GTA V on maximum "turn it up to PCMR 11" settings so I'd dial back performance expectations. Oddly enough, the first two games are harder to run than the more ambitious San Andreas, WTF! I assume things like alpha and just drawing too much shit at once are responsible for it, those are the usual "optimisation" route.
  14. But I thought Kevin Feige has some sort of masterplan?, as this is now "Phase 4" of the neverending MCU. I'd expect him to stay the course as they've had their masterplan mapped out years ahead if you believe the hype, including I assume the climax film for this stretch.
  15. The power of actually having a game which isn't neutered to fuck in China, which Fortnite was, to the extent it is now being shutdown. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/59125512
  16. Pretty sure Donald Mustard moved to basically overseeing their F2P stuff, along with pretty much every other game dev working at Epic. I only ever played the remaster of this. The final section is pretty impressively Epic in scope, though I see the game gets shit on elsewhere these days. I think it's the only game in this subgenre that I've completed.
  17. The good thing about them starting to give away games that don't require me to Google WTF they are is that they are redeemed elsewhere and you can still keep them if you stop paying the Jeff Bezos tax.
  18. A spin-off from the biggest mobile game ever. Developed by Tencent's TiMi Studio Group. They also announced a collab with Cixin Liu on the series and a potential new Sci-Fi game.
  19. Joel Kinnamen was decent in Daniel Espinosa's Snabba cash, not so much in the misguided RoboCop remake. But the more important question anyway is whether John Woo still has it. If George Miller can come back from directing kids films and make one of the greatest action films of all time, there is hope for every formerly great director.
  20. It was listed in the Capcom data theft information so it'll likely happen at some point this console generation, maybe with Deep Down-level visuals, one can dream. It also showed up in the GeForce NOW database.
  21. The developers of the maligned original mobile ports (Grove Street Games) are credited with doing these new ports by Rockstar. I'd expect some changes as the PC spec requirements are way higher than even GTA V. This is what they could have done using the RAGE engine from GTA V, fairly similar:
  22. The Chinese have been courting quite a few of the old school Japanese developers for a while, be interesting to see who they manage to bag next. NetEase seem pretty keen and their offer is quite tempting next to what the existing publishers are willing to allow you to do these days that isn't YAS:
  23. I suppose it does at least answer the old question of who was the more important partner in the original L4D games, Valve or Turtle Rock. If Valve ever deem L4D3 worthy of going into full production, then I suspect they could do something special with it, or maybe they realised even they couldn't add anything more so have decided to do whatever else it is that the people at Valve spend their days busy with.
  24. Rockstar have fairly good launch QC and these have been in development since at least ~2019. But to the general sentiment, that's what you get with hardware with writable storage and online connectivity, the ability to keep on working on it upto and past the official launch period. Old read-only games just had silent bug fixes in later manufacturing runs instead if they were buggy or you bought the later export market version. The simple fix these days to it is to just never play anything at launch and wait a few months for the semi-polished version to have been completed or the GOTY content complete version a year later.
  25. If other big multinational companies can sell even less effort collections of their greatest hits for fullprice, why wouldn't Rockstar think their iconic ultra popular classics are also worth ~$20-23 a pop? shame about the forced bundling. If the leaks are true about the control changes, I might finally go back and attempt to complete at least one of these ancient games at some point as they'll at least finally play better.
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