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  1. The game pushed the last gen consoles hard enough already that none of them could do native 4K on it at a flawless 60fps (they had to use reconstruction), the (now) current gen machines are hardly a massive leap in terms of graphics power over the X1X in relative terms (it really is becoming more like PCs where you count yourself lucky to double graphics power when changing hardware). Lowering rendering resolutions is the most classic of performance optimisations, even RT on PC has to use that one. I suppose pray for the Silver bullet that is Machine Learning reconstruction if you
  2. Devil May Cry 5: SE already hits 60fps with RT though, at launch! You just need to accept lower rendering resolutions and last gen base game visuals to do it. :) ML-reconstruction is also not going to be a free performance boost on AMD hardware, as it, like RT uses the same hardware used for general graphics, not dedicated extra hardware. Microsoft's R&D demonstrated ML-reconstruction years ago using Nvidia hardware: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/gaming-with-windows-ml/
  3. I also think you've confused Nvidia with Intel For a company accused of laziness and phoning it in, they've innovated more than AMD and provided as-big or better leaps in performance in the same time frame. You've just had to pay for it. AMD's problem in graphics is that the competitor has way more money and is led by a ruthless leader who knows how to win and doesn't like losing. Just see how quickly Nvidia announced they too were supporting the PCIe resizable memory trick that AMD are promoting as a bit of recent evidence. Years ago, AMD's first choice of
  4. Yes, it's a data centre-centric lopsided design, which is why it scales worse than RDNA2 at lower rendering resolutions but is a beast at compute (they doubled the compute capability without doing the same for the rest of it) Minecraft DXR runs at 720p to achieve 60fps most of the time on a RTX 2060, the XSX is around that power level for RT (based on the current shipped evidence) so I can believe it was real. The game uses DirectX 12 Ultimate features, which is a universal Next Gen Microsoft ecosystems feature. I assume they don't want to releas
  5. The settings must be pretty different or it runs better on the non-Nvidia exclusive MAX GRAPHIX levels, but then again, Microsoft haven't mentioned it again since showing this tech demo:
  6. Mikami originally set-up Tango so he could mentor some talented individuals and step back from front line development, he only originally planning to do one game for ZeniMax, the last two games from his development company have been led by other people. The Tango phase of his directing career didn't quite deliver the goods compared to his Capcom or Clover or even that one time he did freelancing for PlatinumGames.
  7. But people seem to forget the small detail of who was in charge of game development for MGS since 2008 (and was in that same role for the European development division before that), so it all happened on his watch, even if you think his hands were tied until his promotion. Also people love to blame Don Mattrick for strategic direction, he inherited the first party situation from Robbie Bach, who is on record talking about not bothering with making many first party games as their chosen strategy during the X360 generation so he seemed to be implementing the game plan already laid ou
  8. Without a guestimated breakdown from IHS iSuppli, nobody knows how much they are losing this time but all previous launch Xboxes have lost varying amounts of money on the hardware. How much they are losing this time would be nice to know. If you listen to the rumour mill, the XSS is actually the biggest loss maker due to the low pricing on it. The PS5 DE is similar, the fact that also has the lowest supply would lend weight to that. Supply less, lose less money overall. Xbox 360 was a massive loss also at launch, Xbox 360 Core was $299.99, actual cost to make was $460!
  9. By on purposefully losing quite a lot of money on each bit of hardware sold. It's also the official rationale for XSS, the fact they don't expect to be able to cost shrink it down for a very long time. PCs, like mobile phones are sold at a profit, you can never compete against somebody willing to cut their own throat for business.
  10. Practically all those mentioned PC exclusives are built for KB/M so yes, if you want to play that sort of game, PC is really the only place to play them. Best PC exclusive is obviously SCS Software's Truck Simulator . Or you treat it as the Ultimate DirectXBox, which is how I tend to use it these days as KB/M gaming requires too much dedication for my limited gaming time.
  11. Listening to Halo fans talking about it at the time, they all thought it was some character called Atriox which got them quite excited as he's the new bad ass (see Halo Wars 2 where he was the main protagonist on the non-human side of that game) so I can see why 343i included that. It's like having Darth XXX narrating in the next Star Wars reveal trailer after featuring in a prior side film that only fans had watched. Though it's not actually him, but one of his lieutenants, but his faction is apparently the major enemy in the game.
  12. It's apparently tied to the (I assume) amazing lore that keeps fans interested. Halo Wars 2 has an explanation of why the Brutes are in it. Never cared for the increasingly convoluted storylines of the games myself.
  13. DirectX 12 Ultimate already ties games on PC to a certain operating system, that's why money is invested in it. Not seen much news about a cross-platform/OS alternative to that package being prepared so business as usual, which is the same as the last nearly 40 years.
  14. It turns out one of the key members of Mass Effect 2 has actually left the company. How much this matters to people depends on how important you thought the lead writer was on the first 2 games. Dragon Age has the same problem, lead writer left BioWare ages ago to do his own game. Drew Karpyshyn left BioWare to join a bunch of ex-BioWare at Archetype Entertainment to work on a brand new Sci-Fi RPG. He seems quite happy about it: http://drewkarpyshyn.com/c/?page_id=2
  15. Donald Glover talked about this recently, he's making some pretty bold promises, though his choice of benchmark might render it moot :
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