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  1. Considering how much Intel charge for the chips used in the latest GPD models, the probability is Valve are losing money on the base model. The Intel i7 chip alone costs as much as what Valve are charging for an entire system! which partly explains why GPD have to charge so much, along with their complete lack of relative economies of scale. The base model exists because for this to take off, they need to hit a mass market price point and $400 for a portable gaming PC is pretty much as good as you could hope for and it blows away any competition at that price point, with only gaming laptops costing ~$600-700 being a noticeable jump beyond it and those are equally cut to the bone in terms of hardware specs. That's Valve's claim about compatibility. Everything they've thrown at it works and I assume they mean when run via SteamOS and not via Microsoft Windows. The primary sticking point for some high profile online Windows games is the anti-cheat technology not being supported, but they claim they are going to fix that too, though playing those types of games isn't exactly the sort of thing I think a portable handheld PC is best suited for myself.
  2. I've been reading through this thread as I started watching this recently after seeing and reading some fairly hyperbolic praise for it elsewhere (which seems to be echoed here), including from critics who claim it's the best thing released in at least the last decade. The first series is a bit WTF personally. It's basically 10 what seem at times interminable hours of grief porn. Can't fault the technical aspects, but the subject matter takes some adjustment to. It's certainly unconventional. Matt's good Christian actions certainly didn't get rewarded :P Does it stand up to the HBO Holy Trinity of the 3 Davids? I'm not expecting it to do so based on what I've seen so far. Given it's now been 4+ years since the series ended, I'm not finding much movement in terms of this show gaining popularity after the fact and I think the basic premise and how it's delivered are going to keep this at the fervent cult level.
  3. Explain the Valve Index then? or is that also sold at a loss, despite the premium price? If Valve were locking you into their market place, they wouldn't make their system so open and suggest you can install anything you want on it, even competing market places and OSes controlled by other companies which might not have their best interests in mind, which is the mark of truly open computing. Hell, they might even go the extra mile and release some official tuning tools for the hardware, which is more than AMD have bothered doing so far.
  4. The specificity of the figures got me curious as NPD don't usually give those out so I had a Google. The original source article is from Thurrott.com and written by the man himself, Paul Thurrott. I have a feeling Paul Thurrott didn't engage some basic Sanity checking... https://www.thurrott.com/games/xbox/253401/xbox-just-had-a-record-month-in-the-u-s The maths is a little wonky there The Nintendo Switch is selling well, but $4.3 Billion of sales in a single quiet month in a single market should have sounded the alarm bells for him. Probably explains why TechPowerUp decided to omit that particular line in their copy of his report. The figure he uses for the Xbox is actually the total revenue for all consoles sold in the US market for June 2021:
  5. That is the $1.3 Billion question isn't it? The valuation is the same as what Gearbox got bought for and they have a highly successful series of co-op games. It's also a bit less than what Tencent paid to take full control of their last major purchase, Leyou, which went for $1.5 Billion, and that had Warframe plus a bunch of work-for-hire developers who were doing products for Microsoft and Amazon at the time. If you look at Sumo Digitals most recent financial release, they made a profit of less than £2 Million on revenues of ~£70 Million so the valuation is going to take forever to payback unless they are expected to grow very rapidly over the next few years. If they are being bought for the manpower, then Tencent have valued each employee at ~$1 Million as Sumo say they have over 1000 people. It does seem like Tencent just have too much spare cash earning fuckall interest that they want to deploy. They have earmarked $70 Billion for Cloud and AI projects (which seems related to some CCP dictat) over the next few years so they might run out of play money at some point, unless all these investments pay off and throw off even more spare cash :P
  6. Except for the small problem of Intel gonna Intel and pricing it at their usual expected profit margin. The Intel NUCs are the equivalent of the small Chinese manufacturer portable PCs that Valve have just rendered obsolete with this announcement. As Valve are for whatever reason way more idealistic, they might be willing to bend over once again for the greater good of PC gaming if they made their own Steam Machine Redux. They now actually have the software support in place to potentially make it much more viable than the initial pitch.
  7. But that was the entire USP of Line of Duty! Without the metastory which tied all the series together, it would just have been a bunch of random seemingly bent coppers being investigated every year (which would have been fine but I doubt that would have catapulted the series to such popularity), Jed Mercurio always tied it back to the illuminati, until he decided he couldn't actually tie it back to the illuminati and fucked up the landing instead. The advertising for the final episode even ran with the big reveal as the reason to tune in live.
  8. Depends if you stick to the Valve critical path, or you decide to DIY and go unsupported. But at least you have the option to do so, unlike alternatives. It's a fixed hardware spec so devs can tailor performance profiles for it in theory. People seem to already use presets as-is on PC.
  9. I've never really got on with Gareth Evans stuff for some reason, it's well done but I've never loved either of The Raid films. This was a surprise as I wasn't expecting much but it's easily the most enjoyable of the stuff of his that I've seen. The action scenes are beyond what you would expect from a mere TV show, especially one commissioned by Sky on UK TV. The Wales shootout was superb, even though you might question how a hardened Spec Ops team could lose quite so many people assaulting a building where they had originally had the upper hand against a few mere criminals. I was wondering why SCEE was credited and then found out it was originally supposed to be an adaption of a shit PSP game until they changed it. The storyline has Line of Duty vibes, with the OCG being replaced by some posh people fronting some mysterious international organisation with people apparently everywhere. Interested to see how batshit they decide to go with the illuminati angle going forward.
  10. The spec for that indicates it is below the WD SN530 used in the consoles, which is the only one which seems to currently be available that hits 2.4GB/s, all the other ones I looked at are rated for 1.7GB/s in lower capacities. This is assuming it is capable of running Windows 11 and DirectStorage's performance target is the Xboxes for future games. If that isn't the case, then it's not a big roadblock. It's also not really a problem if you treat it as a portable PS4, rather than a portable Xbox Series S-class device.
  11. The problem with the M.2 slot is the fact it only supports the absolute smallest physical size of NVMe drives, which are both capacity limited and more expensive per GB and aren't currently sold at retail so you have to resort to some dodgy reseller out of Asia who lifted them from OEM machines if you want one which can match minimum console spec. I'm curious as to how Valve are going to handle the UEFI BIOS on this. If they truly support open computing then it shouldn't have most of the usual lockouts that most big manufacturers put in place against customisation.
  12. The original game just about manages 30fps, unless Nintendo have performed the impossible, then the sequel will also be '30fps' Input latency is roughly halfway between the 60 and 30Hz modes so it's a decent bump to gamefeel. Moving to 120Hz refresh would have helped with that. Some measurements at 6min20s into this video:
  13. Last Gen game engine with a game designed to run on a PS4, easily. The AYA NEO, which only has relatively old Vega-based graphics can run Cyberpunk 2077, and this is RDNA2-based so is even faster.
  14. The specs for this match up to the long rumoured Van Gogh APU that AMD had on their roadmap last year. If it has the potential memory bandwidth possible, then it's going to be pretty impressive for a mobile device. A PS4 in your hands, but with the full DX12U featureset meaning it can technically 'run' true Next Gen games aswell. The biggest weakness for longevity is the 4C/8T CPU, which is the only part where it's not matched against the Xboxes. https://www.techpowerup.com/271303/amd-warhol-van-gogh-and-cezanne-to-make-up-companys-5th-gen-ryzen I think I want one, but I've got a load of other mobile gaming devices currently gathering dust, so I'll wait for the final unit to see how it performs in practice.
  15. According to The GabeN, they expect/hope to sell Millions of these, hence why they are willing to bend over on pricing it. It's expected to create a new market for PC gaming, with other manufacturers entering if it is as successful as they hope. Dell/Alienware had a prototype shown at CES a few years ago, and Razer had another one years ago, so other companies have dabbled with the idea, with only unknown Chinese manufacturers with zero clout actually releasing products in the segment over the last few years. With Valve willing to kickstart it properly with what is hopefully some actual sustained effort, it could finally be the time for truly mobile PC gaming to become a viable business.
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