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  1. Which is why some games have to get pushed out of the door when they run out of money, but this has had an extra ~2 years of full development that has been paid for by somebody and now has had another time extension too, paid for by somebody, maybe the Epic reach-around for the latest extension they got.
  2. Apparently nobody actually reads stuff unless you shove it directly in their face and (probably) bold and change the font colour too Apparently you can build games with fancy new solid state storage that still works fine on infinitely slower laptop HDDs aswell.
  3. Well it's had its development time extended multiple times now, so hardly out of the realms of possibility. Developers can't work for free and office rent, etc has to be paid for all that extra time too. The original estimated delivery date was Dec 2017, and they will finally get it out of the door by Nov 2019, so who funded the extra nearly 2 years of fulltime development?
  4. The PS4 Pro and X1X are both customised hardware, based on AMD technology, they aren't off-the-shelf designs, same for the PS4 and X1 so it's highly likely the Next-Gen PlayStation console and Scarlett will add their own secret sauce to the basic building blocks offered by AMD. Whether the secret sauce they add to their dish does a whole lot is a different question, but they will both have secret sauce of their own choosing. And it seems both will have secret sauce solid state storage too, not just bog standard off the shelf PC parts, which might mean they are a PITA to upgrade/fix. Todd Howard knows something about Sony's implementation but he didn't let it slip :)
  5. Both Matt Booty and Phil Spencer talked about that in E3 interviews, and what they said lends credence to the report by Jez Corden, that XBGS games would scale from last gen hardware, and the Scarlett version would be the equivalent of Ultra PC settings, but the same game as the Low setting X1 version: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-10-the-big-xbox-interview-scarlett-cross-gen-halo-infinite-and-the-lack-of-fable https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/11/18661247/phil-spencer-interview-xbox-project-scarlett-xcloud-e3-2019
  6. He does indeed, updated graphics with the vibe of the old games, so pretty much what anybody who backed the Kickstarter and wanted a sequel wants. If you wanted a radical departure that slavishly copied other post-Shenmue takes on the open world game, your probably not going to be impressed. Here's the interview Yu Suzuki did with Gamespot at E3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKv68_YTqOM
  7. His argument essentially boils down to his belief that Sony are making a $399 box while Microsoft are making a $499 box, which is a fairly big assumption to make. Having clicked through to see what other content the guy makes, saying he's unbiased sounds like a questionable assertion His previous video a few days previously was this one: And his entire focus seems to be Xbox related content, so he probably isn't exactly the person you'd go to for a neutral opinion. I said it ages ago, if you both have the exact same cocaine supplier and you have the same retail price, you're going to get a pretty similar level of power as a result. The only way you build a more noticeably powerful box than the competition is to either bend over or get your customer to bend over. The wildcard 3rd option is if you somehow use hardware from a different part of your suppliers development roadmap, which if you both have the same knowledge and are launching at the same time seems improbable.
  8. Ironically, the Xbox One Soc is actually bigger and therefore more costly to make than the PS4 one. After nearly 5 years, the myth of 'it's all Kinects fault' apparently still isn't debunked, despite it being explained multiple times over the years. Some people don't believe Elvis is dead or we actually landed on the moon either, so :shrug: https://www.techinsights.com/blog/playstation-4-vs-xbox-one-teardown-comparison
  9. On the basis that lowered prices drives much greater volume to make up for the lower per unit profit. They could use the same reasoning as CDP do for why you should buy games from the EGS, it rewards devs better than Valve. AutoChess coming to EGS rather than the platform where it was born was slightly surprising (though in hindsight, it did explain why the developers declined to work with Valve on a standalone version of their mod). Their game uses UE so the cut is 12% versus 35% on competing platforms. It should be a good killer app to push EGS adoption in China too, so no wonder the developers took that exclusivity deal and why Epic were willing to offer one.
  10. Compared to the disparity in compute and everything else their decision to make a all-in-one centre of the living room box, Kinect using resources isn't even a rounding error, just a convenient scapegoat.
  11. You're probably equally annoyed that CD Projekt RED aren't passing on the 'savings' from selling their upcoming game on the digital delivery platform they also own so the cost to them there is about as low as you can get. Actually tell a lie, having checked how much they are having to charge for it on Valve's platform, they've passed on a saving of 9p to you
  12. That had absolutely nothing to do with the performance gap between the X1 and PS4. The actual culprit was Input One or TV, TV, TV, TV as it's probably more well known. They even went as far as to name the console after the use case they designed it for.
  13. Yes, that is why they hired Jade Raymond, to build up their internal development, it is called Stadia Games and Entertainment. Surprised nobody has mentioned id's Orion project, their own patented secret sauce software bundle which they claim will reduce latency by 20% and bandwidth requirements by 40% and is available to be implemented in all game engines: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-06-09-bethesda-unveils-orion-game-streaming-tech
  14. Somebody clearly not keeping up with the news https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/342721/The_Epic_Games_Store_quietly_launches_in_China.php No idea if they are operating in the same unsanctioned manner as Valve's service currently is.
  15. Interestingly, the exclusivity war has primarily moved to the indie scene as plenty of indie games don't exist on certain console platforms on all sides now: https://gematsu.com/exclusives/ps4 https://gematsu.com/exclusives/xbox-one https://gematsu.com/exclusives/switch The above lists only include full console family exclusivity, but there are some games being released which skip the Xbox, but are coming to all the other viable dedicated gaming platforms, and they aren't just from Japanese developers. Slay the Spire is one such Western developed game and it isn't even niche.
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