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  1. I suppose it does at least answer the old question of who was the more important partner in the original L4D games, Valve or Turtle Rock. If Valve ever deem L4D3 worthy of going into full production, then I suspect they could do something special with it, or maybe they realised even they couldn't add anything more so have decided to do whatever else it is that the people at Valve spend their days busy with.
  2. Rockstar have fairly good launch QC and these have been in development since at least ~2019. But to the general sentiment, that's what you get with hardware with writable storage and online connectivity, the ability to keep on working on it upto and past the official launch period. Old read-only games just had silent bug fixes in later manufacturing runs instead if they were buggy or you bought the later export market version. The simple fix these days to it is to just never play anything at launch and wait a few months for the semi-polished version to have been completed or the GOTY content complete version a year later.
  3. If other big multinational companies can sell even less effort collections of their greatest hits for fullprice, why wouldn't Rockstar think their iconic ultra popular classics are also worth ~$20-23 a pop? shame about the forced bundling. If the leaks are true about the control changes, I might finally go back and attempt to complete at least one of these ancient games at some point as they'll at least finally play better.
  4. The benefit of a system not locked down to fuck and back, you can ignore the legal requirements of the music copyright holders and mod back in the original soundtracks on the games: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto_IV#Restore_removed_music https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto:_San_Andreas https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Grand_Theft_Auto:_Vice_City
  5. You don't need the IMHO, a basic look at the calibre of games Microsoft think is acceptable to give away on GwG compared to what Sony have secured for PS+ isn't even a contest objectively. Not even the most diehard I bleed green true believer can argue with that factual statement. Well if they want to incentivise all the holdouts with XBLG-only subscriptions to move to XGPU, putting good games on GwG would be entirely counter-productive.
  6. There's a quite fascinating presentation in Russian from when I assume 110 Industries were going around to various potential investors in 2020 with game ideas showing the potential lucrative profitability from punting some money, including slides for a potential Alien licensed game which may or may not have been greenlit yet. The other 2 have subsequently entered production, and according to the presentation, they had 8 potential projects in development. https://app2top.ru/our_research/ne-obman-no-poverhnostnaya-e-kspertiza-profil-ny-j-investor-o-rabote-110-industries-158315.html Apart from Wanted: Dead, they have Vengeance is Mine and Red Goes Faster announced. Vengeance is Mine is some sort of mech game: Red Goes Faster is a story-based Sci-Fi racing game: They've also hired Stefanie Joosten to work on the first two games.
  7. For fans of retro games, Ubisoft are giving away the original Ghost Recon on PC, also some DLC for other games in the series: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/ghost-recon/breakpoint/news-updates/4P4NwbBFUUFvk1IeorXExL/ghost-recon-20th-anniversary-giveaways-october-2021
  8. If you've never played any before, I'd suggest that you are better off going with GTA V. The entire 3D series has been mechanically woeful since inception, but at least the most recent one is finally semi-competent. The actual content appeal of each major entry depends on personal taste.
  9. Denzel's son certainly got his father's teeth genes, but not quite his level of charisma. Nolan apparently hired him because of how good he was in BlacKkKlansman too. Not seen that film, but he was merely ok in this film I'd agree.
  10. This is the first effort out of some game investment company founded by some Russians, backed by Russian oligarch money. It seems they originally pitched this idea to Remedy: https://gameworldobserver.com/2020/08/14/roman-abramovich-invests-20-million-video-games
  11. The official explanation about why they felt they had no choice but to kill their forums: I didn't realise Eurogamer even had a forum TBH, thought it was just a comment section.
  12. I was curious about this too and dug up seemingly the only attempt(s) by anybody since 1997 at the concept, and one of them remains unfinished, despite claiming it is directly a spiritual sequel to it! https://store.steampowered.com/app/98600/ http://www.crashcogame.com/
  13. It sort of already has had a remake which changed things up a bit, you may have played it. The PC Engine CD console port:
  14. Rare's most memorable non-FPS game, Blastdozer/Blast Corps. A remake or sequel which fixes the finnicky controls of some of the vehicles in the original and expands the scope a bit, would be amazing on modern powerful hardware. The physics and destruction potential would be insane now!
  15. There is apparently a working PC (likely emulated) port of the game in existence somewhere as somebody who worked at Gametap mentioned they had seen it during the late 2000s. Apparently Jeremy Parish did the manual for that version. It's not impossible to reverse engineer games even without the actual source code, see Grand Theft Auto III or Kingdom Hearts for successful examples of ports done without source code access. $$$ is the only thing preventing anybody bothering to attempt the task.
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