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  1. I thought it was essentially a rebranding of what would have been this generation's Titan anyway? Interesting to see that TFLOPs doesn't scale linearly with realworld practical performance either, neither does the 20% extra shader units the RTX 3090 has. Utilisation bottlenecks I assume.
  2. No commercially available or soon to be available GFX card can do Control, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus at True 4K with RTX On either, and MechWarrior 5 is sub-60 too. Nvidia's PR about their RT advancements is pure spin based on cherry picked applications. If by some miracle, CDPR's implementation of RT is both impressive and performant enough to actually let you play at a stable 60/4K, then I will be suitably impressed by their 'optimisation' skills.
  3. Min Spec is targeting 1080p/low preset Rec Spec is targeting 1080p/high preset No mention of whether that is at console target performance or something more tolerable to people who prefer to play their multiplats on PC for that reason. True 4K with RT at a mere 60Hz could be most difficult to achieve if they've cranked up the RT, even Fortnite can't manage it with RT at 4K with reconstruction enabled currently.
  4. All the reporting from Bloomberg over the months has been about how they can't really price it higher than $500. The PS4 had an estimated BOM of $381 at launch, they sold it for $400 and took a loss, why would they not choose to do the same this time? The BOM should be dropping below $450 now as a result of the NAND/DRAM glut and lack of demand so I think $450 is well within the realms of plausibility. At worst, they'll match Microsoft's pricing on the XSX. The pricing of the DE is the more interesting thing to watch, as they might choose to be aggressive with that model for strat
  5. I dunno, Sony's objectives this round are primarily userbase retention-related. Given their BOM is likely now below the $450 last mentioned by Bloomberg and how they priced the PS4 relative to estimated BOM, I could see them choosing to one upping Microsoft on price for the base PS5. They've got the cheque book open with their dev/publisher stimulus campaign, throwing the userbase a bone with a discount would be par for the course. An extra $50/user to lock in 100+ Million people would pay off long term.
  6. Yes. His claims on BOM fly in the face of what Bloomberg's reporter stated. Given the components listed as causing Sony headaches at the time, it sounds questionable how the cost has ballooned 33% since then when those parts are currently dropping in price. When it comes to sauce, Bloomberg's reporters (Takashi Mochizuki and Jason Schreier) definitely have bottles of it, anybody else is much less reliable.
  7. I see you have a different use case over the usual one then. Harder to say in that case, depends on your resolution/graphical bling tolerances I suppose and whether that is worth the extra. It sounds like you already have an X1X, so keeping that for the next year or two instead is certainly the cheapest option. I view the XSS as primarily for casuals and people who can't afford the XSX, dedicated gamers who want minimal compromises should get the XSX if they are going Xbox. The XSS advantages over the X1X are likely to revolve around the SSD and higher framerates in the
  8. Unless you don't care about the finer details, but you clearly do, hence wanting to await for comparisons, I'd be willing to bet money that the XSX is the better long term investment over the upfront saving of the XSS for anybody who cares about technicals.
  9. It does: There is a hard capacity limit on PSNow at present (5 Million according to the last presentation which mentioned it) so not much point really pushing it for mass market adoption. The deal with Microsoft Azure does not fix the problem as you still require actual PS hardware to be installed in data centres close to customers for it to be useful, the same problem xCloud has also.
  10. Yet it gets repeated before the start of every console generation as a reason why Microsoft can win. Microsoft keep on changing their game strategy with Xbox every gen, with only the X360 being the closest to the bigger,better,more strategy and it was also their most successful gen so far, both in absolute and relative terms. Now with their Cloud and service strategy, it'll be interesting to see if this is what the wider market responds to this generation. With them subsidising both hardware and GP aggressively, they are certainly going pretty deep on the ga
  11. The people I know who use those services do so via 'grey market' workarounds. If those weren't available, it would be interesting to see how many people are actually willing to pay the UK SRP for things, or maybe the sort of people I know are the exceptions, rather than the norm.
  12. There has been 2 successful back-to-back wins in home consoles over the years. Nintendo with the original Famicom/NES held on with a reduced margin of victory with the Super Famicom/SNES. Sony did it with the original PlayStation and increased their margin of victory with the PS2. Depending on how you classify the Nintendo Switch in terms of generations, we might get to see somebody repeat it this upcoming home console generation. Given how the previous 2 back-to-back wins were achieved, seems the route to victory is bigger,bette
  13. Microsoft have been giving UK gamers a reach-around for generations, so it's just a continuation of their existing pricing policies. As the UK remains their largest market outside of their homeland, it would certainly pay for them to keep this country sweet.
  14. I'd think a more pressing problem would be how Dell/HP/Lenovo, et al would feel about their so called partner selling loss making hardware in direct competition with them. Even crap office PCs cost at least £300 including a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows that didn't fall off the back of a virtual lorry.
  15. That quote is from Nvidia's blog post about DLSS 2.0, it's a general explanation of how they train the system. I suppose their AI is now proficient enough that it doesn't require specialised specific training on every game. https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/news/nvidia-dlss-2-0-a-big-leap-in-ai-rendering/
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