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  1. Hmmm, interesting, looking that one up, Snow in the Desert was also done by the French company Unit Image, who did Beyond the Aquila Rift also so not surprising they could do another impressive render. I'll have a watch of that at some point. They've done some game hype trailer work in the past too, with some pretty big titles on that list: https://www.unit-image.fr/films?filter=game-trailer
  2. FromSoft's owner reduced their FY outlook based on an expected delay. It's a supposed big step up for them in terms of scope and ambition, so delays are pretty much SOP when you move out of your comfort zone.
  3. Are any of them a rendering showcase like Beyond the Aquila Rift was? the impressions on this are pretty mixed. The original series was all over the shop in terms of quality.
  4. I was reading some reviews for it and it reminded me of Killing Eve a bit, couldn't think of many other reasons Sky would take a punt on it, considering the person behind it is most famous for doing The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, though her last 2 TV series were about the wives of prisoners and the police so this could be viewed as a further extension of things she has done before, but with a futuristic setting. This comment was made about Killing Eve:
  5. I've known of this film's reputation for a long time but had not personally seen it until a few years ago. I can see why people who grew up with it might be nostalgic about it. It's not bad, probably a 3 to 3.5/5 for fun 80s factor but not quite up to the more well known 80s films revered as classics. They certainly don't make films like it anymore, violent fun comedic action films.
  6. That thumbnail certainly doesn't scream Must Watch television. Probably going to setback any further attempts at women-centred Sci-Fi from a UK source, given the poor reviews. I assume Sky took a chance on it due to Killing Eve being popular.
  7. Given the stance taken by the creator of the series, and the fact he's delivering on all the metrics that matter to his publisher, I'd give up on FromSoft and make peace with what it is. Not all games have to appeal or even attempt to appeal to all players, just like any other form of commercial entertainment doesn't have to attempt some form of universal appeal if they don't want to.
  8. They arguably are though, as is their reputation for being so. They don't offer any difficulty options AFAIK so you are only ever playing the game at the level of challenge conceived by the developer in that case, which just happens to be bastard hard. But as they have a large and growing audience for their games, they don't have to make their games accessible to all potential customers as the market has spoken, which is I suppose the underlying rationale for difficulty modes in the first place, allowing your entertainment product to be played and paid for by more people, hence the gameplay st
  9. This seems to have the same trajectory in terms of public interest as other famous long running TV series, starts off fairly small and then gathers pace until it becomes the in-thing to watch. At least it has finally overtaken The Bodyguard as Jed Mercurio's most popular work as it is the better of the two: The most watched TV drama programme in 13 years in the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56889021 This series has been very well done, they've managed to up the production on it, though it ain't quite ZeroZeroZero-tier in
  10. Considering they are still reworking GTA V for the 2nd generation in a row, would seem stupid to reveal GTA VI too close to that one. I'd expect them to be showing GTA V this year, finally running at 60fps on a console, TWIMTBP and maybe they can finally fix the godawful long loading times and the rest of the legacy limitations from being a 2 gen old console game that prevent it from being a truly scalable dense open-world.
  11. You are comparing Apples to Oranges though, F2P vs payware. Wow, something free has more people willing to give it a punt than payware does. The thing I've always wondered about F2P economics is how the distribution of customer payments is, I'm imagining it is like console/dedicated PC gaming, heavily skewed to a sub-section of the customer base with Cetaceans providing a disproportionate amount of the revenue. The fact there is also zero payment cap helps with making F2P more lucrative than the majority of payware titles can ever hope to be. Going by the logic used, al
  12. You're ignoring the fact that the appeal of most games, even the really popular ones isn't universal or at the same scale as film or music. If they dropped the price of CoD or FIFA, they wouldn't sell X times more copies of it. This would especially be the case for niche appeal titles. It's no different than asking why Disney don't lower the price of admission for the next Avengers climax film, they'd sell so many more tickets/downloads/subscriptions/discs, when in reality, they'd more likely be worse off doing so. GTA V was given away for free FFS, yet not everybody on
  13. Yes, but most sites don't use the same grading scale as Edge still do (I assume as I haven't read it in a number of years), the Americans especially don't use the full scale in the same way. Before Your Eyes - listened to some praise for this game and yet it gets this average rating, curious.
  14. The problem was known years ago, it's just gotten much worse over time: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/iwata-slams-unhealthy-software-price-reductions
  15. I thought S-E had actually thrown open their vault and were allowing pitches from interested developers who want to use their brands? Edit: looking into it, it's currently only some stuff very few people give a shit about. If Obsidian had promised to also pay to make and market it, I'm sure S-E would have been much more interested Other Japanese publishers seem to be going down this route now of licensing out brands they don't want to spend the money themselves on to indie developers, though for stuff like Deus Ex, only a major publisher can afford to make t
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