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  1. You're comparing street price with SRP though, give it some time and see how the street price for both variants is before complaining about pricing.
  2. mushashi

    Arcade racer chat

    The manual is actually correct, it just turned out that EA have been really, really generous with uptime for the servers for the game. It's finally going offline in August 2019.
  3. The reason Mark Cerny originally gave for not unlocking PS4 games on the PS4 Pro was because of potential compatibility problems, and that was on the same basic hardware set-up. Moving to a different CPU and GPU just increases those potential compatibility problems so the simplest thing to do is to recreate the exact same hardware environment for those games to operate in. As he did author an interesting patent on the matter of BC, he probably knows a thing or two about the practicalities of implementation. I'm sure Sony could do it from a technical POV, they've already emulated the PS2 and PSP on slow Jaguar cores, with enhancements. PS1 isn't a challenge and PSV would also be doable. If they chose to and could convince the license holders, they could practically implement The Matrix for pretty much every single previous console that was ever made, including the Xboxes and Nintendo consoles and even Microsoft Windows PC games. But it all comes down to Cost/Benefit. Microsoft leveraged their investment in Rare's retro collection to do their BC effort and have monetised it for use in XGP and GWG and previously as a bonus for pre-ordering the Xbox version of multiplatform games to help drive game sales. If Sony thought they could make some money off the effort of doing emulation of their older systems, they'd tick that box.
  4. Fixed that for you. A $50 saving is hardly peanuts. Microsoft aren't in the business of bending over backwards to gain customers at this stage of the game (with the exception maybe of their current largesse with XGP). As I said earlier, this particular iteration of the Xbox One S is aimed solely at the subscription generation, not at people still wedded to the idea that they must own things, physically or as a digital life sentence. They've taken the most literal route to making it too, with reusing the exact same hardware in a slightly modified shell. And as Microsoft just happen to be pushing hard on subscription services, this variant of the console might find some customers, at no real economic cost to Microsoft to find out how big that potential market can be. Not everybody wants a 2nd hand console to save a few $$, there are people who much prefer to buy new, as you get a pristine console with a guarantee so peace of mind, which people will pay for. They are taking a punt, but you have to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they must have done some projections on potential take-up as this has been in the works for a while.
  5. If you look at how much power you have to throw at the problem to make stuff run, it's nowhere near that simple. We still don't know fully how Microsoft have done their BC solution, but all the signs point to it not being a PC-style traditional emulator, as it seems to involve recompilation of code to allow it to run natively, at least in part. CELL is a much tougher nut to crack than the PowerPC of the X360, as it's that, plus conversion of the fiddly SPU code. Certainly doable, but more of a Cost/benefit calculation, and I'm thinking they'll go with investing in brand new shiny games over certifying and testing over a thousand PS3 games. Microsoft originally did the same calculation with the Xbox One and came to the exact same conclusion at the time.
  6. From a BOM costing, the Xbox One SoC actually costs slightly more than the one in the PS4 as it's actually larger. The key reasons the PS4 is more powerful was because they gambled on more expensive GDDR memory, while Microsoft went with cheaper, but slower DDR memory and had to use die space for the eDRAM cache to make up the bandwidth deficit that resulted in, which Sony didn't have to worry about. The X1X design is basically a clone of the PS4 design layout. Of course, if Sony hadn't at the last minute managed to shove in 8GB of the fast stuff, things might have turned out differently as it would have been 4GB versus 8GB and both would cost similar amounts to build (sans Kinect).
  7. It's a console designed for the subscription generation though, the sort of people who don't care about owning discs. Knocking $50 off the SRP is a fair compromise for losing the optical drive. XGP isn't a streaming service, it's a digital delivery subscription service, which still requires a powerful home box to make use of it, something which a streaming box cannot enable, that's more of a future xCloud business idea. For a more casual user, buying a cheaper box and just paying $10-$15 a month for a all-you-can-eat service with an ever changing menu could certainly be appealing, rather than paying $50 more for a box with an optical drive you'll never make use of. These sorts of conversations never work out well if people insist on approaching everything with a hardcore gamer mindset, where things like ownership of the product is important.
  8. This was an unexpected announcement, given the (always) likely 2020 release date. Quite an interesting bit of gamesmanship to basically stealth announce the PS5 without actually having to announce the PS5 so far before any official reveal. Doing it via the very old school method of giving an exclusive interview to a traditional mainstream print magazine is pretty novel, when people would expect at least a pre-recorded video. Sony have basically taken a lot of the impact out of Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox4, as they've introduced all the key marketing points to the average consumer of a Next Gen console, without actually giving away the actual performance characteristics of their console. The pastebin post from last year that was mentioned earlier is certainly turning out to be pretty accurate, given what Mark Cerny said. IIRC, a similar pastebin post revealed a fair bit about the PS4 ages before it finally launched too. The 3D audio and massive improvements to openworld streaming seem like the two biggest differentiators with previous console generations. 8K is just a tickbox exercise as the HDMI 2.1 spec covers both 4K and 8K resolutions and GFX cards have added support for both resolutions over the last few years. BC means they've probably ensured a fairly healthy userbase retention, as any alternative option has to be way more attractive to be worth the switching costs now.
  9. mushashi

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    It's absolutely nothing to do with racism. If they wanted to hire somebody Asian to play that character, there are plenty of Asian-Americans or other actors of Asian descent from elsewhere that would have loved a chance at the role but they chose a famous actor from China instead, why is that? The projection from some of the replies on here is (I'm not talking about you, you've been very polite, it's the other usual suspects) Hollywood is all about the bottom line. If they ever manage to break Bollywood's stranglehold on the Indian film market, don't be surprised to see them begin to cast Indians a lot more than they currently do. I'm sure somebody will call that racist when people comment on that hypothetical too. It's he got hired because he's a famous actor from China who is well known to Chinese audiences, not because he's Asian.
  10. If you've read the recent piece on Dragon Age 4, it'll probably not make much difference to the timeline we exist in. I do wonder if EA will bother re-upping payment to Disney when their current contract expires, could save the money and put it towards owned IP instead, assuming EA can manage to invent some new owned IP that is successful anyway.
  11. mushashi

    The first one is still the best one

    The existence of The Super Shinobi/Revenge of Shinobi would disagree with that viewpoint :P Best soundtrack tips it over the edge if nothing else.
  12. Respawn started work on the game way before EA bought them, when they were still an independent entity, so you are categorically wrong.
  13. mushashi

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Big budget games are generally still in the equivalent of the Golden Age Hollywood Studio System. The studio owns the commercial rights to the creative work, all the talent are just employees who might get lucky and get some bonuses if the game performs really well.
  14. mushashi

    Why are all adventure games now made by Germans?

    Which would probably be the same for P&C adventure games if the genre ever gets popular outside of Germany again. We, the British, are way over represented in terms of making driving games, which I suppose does mirror our representation in some motorsports TBF :)
  15. This has been a thing for ages, a bunch of people make some product people like, they now have a brand identity. You can then leverage that brand name recognition to hire new people and make other things which some people will become interested in solely because of the assumed brand name recognition and pedigree of the development house branding, it's nothing new. In this case, it is technically Respawn as they have grown their 2nd team organically, and not just slapped the name on another internal EA studio, it just isn't the people who made Medal of Honour/Call of Duty/Titanfall

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