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  1. I'm in! Just ordered a 256GB model. Looked at loads of comparison vids for the two screen types and I just prefered the brighter look, never going to play it outside so should be fine. Need to sort a fast SD card and some games! Can anyone recommend a good Monster Hunter game to start out with?
  2. Almost bought it in the Steam sale, glad I held off!
  3. Doesn't your PC have Bluetooth? I use PS4 and Xbox Series X pad on mine and they just connect. Both work on Steam without issue.
  4. Sometimes it can really help to do a shutdown and actually unplug it from the wall. Leave for a minite and switch it back on as that often clears most problems.
  5. They don't deserve any trust as they will drop the lot before long, believe Wii U is getting the kick next year. Its incredible really that I've been on Steam since Half Life 2 came out and can still get the games I bought all those years ago.
  6. I finished on Friday night and now I've had a bit of time to mull it over think it was a proper Monkey Island ending.
  7. I used to do loads of loo gaming until I heard about poo particles. Now its a throw away mag and nothing more.
  8. Are you just selecting the lot and transfering in one go? On my PC with some kit I've had trouble with it cutting off after so long transfering masses of files. I tend to break it down into chunks.
  9. Vallhalla is nowhere near as good and I went pretty much straight onto it so best to give it a good long break before you do.
  10. The first cour/season is set to consist of 13 episodes so typical anime length.
  11. Have you tried Gamepass on SD? There's loads of them in that list for free on that for the moment!
  12. Black friday sales all over including Steam at the moment. I've picked up 6 games today to play over the holiday so def plenty out there! Best has to be that Turtles Cowabunga collection as it was only £15 from CD keys.
  13. No. I don't have anything like that and it times out on the 23rd August so need to use it. I just want to buy apps/games and not pay more in subs.
  14. Struggling to spend £50 Shame they got rid of Google Play Music, used to love getting my music on there.
  15. Bought a pair of Galaxy ear buds recently and they sent me a £50 voucher for the store.. thing is I don't really play mobile games. Anyone got any recommendations to waste my bonus on? Even some apps might do!
  16. They might do another run and if you need the money you might as well take it. Depends if you are struggling!
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