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  1. How do you figure that? I've paid £1 for membership and its been around 6 months now with it finishing in May. I've played Halo Inifinite, Forza 5, Flight Sim and a host of other free games to completion that would have cost me a fortune (I'd have bought the lot too). All of them for free.
  2. I love Gamepass. I haven't bought a new game in so, so long
  3. Give us reports. Can't believe that actually exists
  4. Surprised you don't remembered, must have discussed it before but I switched career back in 2002... 20 years ago now!
  5. Another thing to remember that some of Microsofts revenue for last year was around 45 billion. They aren't struggling to make money before this and they won't be after.
  6. Well if you look at the Minidisc failure.. yes? They have tried so many times over the years to force different non gaming hardware and formats out that have failed even going back to the Betamax days.
  7. If you want to dabble but not sure, why not give the Series S a whirl? You can pick them up secondhand for around £180, granted its purely digital but for less than half the price of the Series X its an amazing bit of kit. I have one spare for taking out of the house when I'm on trips its just that cheap, copy my stuff over to a USB hard drive and I'm good to go. Been even more of an improvement since I picked up the external SSD as its basically an easy to swap memory card. Again just another option which is the great thing about Xbox this gen, there's just so many things it can do. Moving on from that I keep seeing comments about PSN but it doesn't even compare. Over Xmas I played Forza, Flight Sim and Halo 5 (all launch titles!) as well as complete a couple of Yakuza games and loads of indie titles. I didn't pay a penny for those as they were all free on Gamepass. Its been almost a year and I still haven't paid more than an initial £20 (messed up because I didn't realise it was pointless with being able to earn reward points so it would have cost me a £1). So rather than fork out over £200 this Xmas which I know I would have done for all those big games I spent... zero. That's all gone towards keeping me in retro games. MS even helping me build my collection, bonus I almost bought the Mass Effect rerelease last year but that's just hit GP and its sat there waiting to be completed. Its amazing value what they are offering and Sony is a joke. Glad I sold off my PS5 to fund it. I've also found I'm playing even more games because I just look at a trailer or screenshots then download on a whim, if its rubbish it gets deleted or I leave it to play later, add in the fact I can install them all remotely from my phone when I'm at work so never disrupts my gaming at home its all gold. Xbox Gold!
  8. Don't see a problem with it if its just for yourself. I have one for my Japanese version of Enduro Racer but will only ever be for me and its pretty special on the shelf.
  9. I remember the excitement for Perfect Dark Zero. Still on my desk all these years later It wasn't worth it.
  10. Why would it need a sequel when they are just developing the MMO as it goes?
  11. Its so strange as its by far one of the best games for the system, I've been trying to hunt down more info on it for years without much luck. Best I could gather is a number of Sega coders weren't treated very well, almost like sweat shop workers and might not be willing to talk about it. It has been included as one of the carts in Lost Judgment which is a blast to play on the Series X so it hasn't vanished completely.
  12. You do realise that a PC can run more than one? I mean I've got Steam, Xbox, Epic etc.
  13. Was in the early days of KS1 when the future of it all was being discussed. Here we go:
  14. They also did some resupplying of places right before Xmas. Good time to hit the stores and seem to be more on the way.
  15. Sony didn't create the studio behind Returnal did they? What about Starfield? Announced for Series X so far and all new IP that are on the way:. Memory Infinite (Playism), first person puzzle adventure Call of the Sea (Raw Fury), narrative-driven space combat shooter Chorus (Deep Silver), sci-fi combat game Scarlet Nexus (Bandai Namco), horror game Scorn (Ebb), co-operative shooter Second Extinction (Systemic Reaction), action RPG The Ascent (Neon Giant/Curve Digital) and psychological horror The Medium (Blooper Team).
  16. Me too but that was like 13 years ago.. its 2022 and COD is still there. Year after year after year.
  17. But none of those are as big a draw for customers as COD.
  18. I think they overpromised in a lot of ways as I remember all the push on the BBC and them talking about getting Amazon involved to sell as a big product which couldn't happen because they never got enough supply and the keyboard debacle. Could have been so much more sadly. I only dabble these days as I keep thinking I should get another but the prices are insane Think there's an image setup for the Rasp Pi400 but its still not 100% compatible with the games yet, much better on that for anyone looking to dabble. I love the Pi400 as I have so many different computer setups sat on piles of SD cards and can use my PS4 pad with it.
  19. On the other hand its been 6 years since the initial KS and it was heavily delayed then as well and its looking like at least another year with these issues. At least they are communicating about it but with prices for the original hitting £600/£700 on ebay the whole thing has just run out of steam at this point but good to see some people are still excited for it and we did get a new Dizzy so not all bad.
  20. Just needs one with a holster for a gun and I'm in
  21. That's making them 1.7billion a year at the moment. Lot of cash.
  22. Just hope they buy Sega and we can finally get Outrun 2 Coast to Coast back online.
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