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  1. When you say you cleaned them have you taken the carts apart. Opened them up and given a proper good scrub to all of the contacts? I've found on a fair few games with a drop of isopropryl that's done the trick.
  2. My stick is worthless, even the lightest tap off to the top corner of the button makes it jam. You can sort of wriggle free if you ram it hard enough several times and seems to be a pretty common issue. The mini was junk with that snappable stick, they even had the cheek to put a waggle game in that probably broke loads of models I could understand issues like that on the first but after all the complaints I'd have expected them to go out of their way to sort the follow up. Just shows they can't make decent hardware and has put me off ever buying from them again.
  3. I want more now, I'm bored of the lot we have already I've no urge to flog the lot on ebay I don't play so they must be doing something right!
  4. Probably a good thing, the joysticks on all of them are trash. Both models I picked up had sticky buttons and I just gave up playing it, been sat on the shelf in its box ever since. From all accounts they haven't done anything to remedy this and i'll never buy another one of their products again.
  5. I started playing the other day, not touched a Pokemon game since the GBA! I'm currently at a seaside port and won a water badge. I'm on Sword and started with a Scorby who is around level 28. Most of the battles have been very easy so far and seeing all of my pokemon gain experience at once is what's making it easy I think. Sure you used to have to build them individually. I'm enjoying the battles so far but hardly used that Dynamax thing but maybe that will change as it goes on. It's keeping me hooked for the moment but I do wish it was a bit more challenging. Still not been near the wilds as I've been getting close to my level control limits far too quickly just walking down the main path so I'll go back to them another time.
  6. Just got mine! They are available early.
  7. I was keeping quiet to make sure I got my preorder in first
  8. I always think its too risky on the more expensive stuff. I remember picking up a PSP Go a couple of years ago that had deep scratches in the screen, it's a gamble for sure.
  9. Looks like that's it, teaser for a follow up but if they don't do anymore that was quite a fun ending.
  10. I struggled to make it through the first hour and ditched. Such a wasted opportunity.
  11. Condition has always been a factor and always will. Its like buying toys from the 80's if they are unboxed most will be practically worthless but chuck some original packaging in there and watch the prices jump to crazy levels. None of it has ever been about the actual item, I mean I'm going after a couple of complete game sets and I'd rather not have to buy the likes of Summer Olympics on the Master System but have no choice
  12. It's great and really funny. Would have made for a much a better Suicide Squad movie, they should hand the film scripts over to the animation studios when they are doing stuff like this. Having said that I'd have loved to see Bruce Timm get a turn with one of those stories.
  13. Will they keep Miller after all the recent trouble?
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