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  1. It's finally here! Now I can stare at the box for hours on end... bloody job
  2. Hoping there's some decent racing games in there for my steering wheel, Forza aside.
  3. Think I'm going to start with that Falconeer, looks interesting.
  4. I just grabbed the Game Pass and Xbox app, think that's everything.
  5. This is an ebay purchase for me. Still nothing
  6. Just sat here at work pressing F5 on the UPS tracking page. This is doing my head in, its sssoooo close!
  7. I'd stick that on eBay with a starting price of 379.99 with offers on and see what happens. There's an 80% reduced fees due in the next week.
  8. Mine arrives tomorrow, so excited with this gamepass and all those games! Shame I have to go to bloody work
  9. Just stumbled across the PC games list.. wtf is going on? How are they making money off it, incredible amount of stuff to just give away. Bit annoyed as I bought the Forza 4 Ultimate edition a few weeks back but its got half my wish list on there.
  10. Just been going through this games list.. man there's so much stuff I'll be able to finish pretty quickly and not have to pay a fortune for. Almost bought that Falconeer game earlier but its already in there
  11. I haven't bought any games for mine, just going to jump straight on with the GP trial Squigs gave me and take it from there. Doesn't seem that many worth playing on disc
  12. Nah, bugger that. If you really want one and want to play the games then just jump in.
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