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  1. This reminds me of those boxed Zool games where they were stuffed with lollipops. Someone cracked a new one open and it had all turned into a gooey mess, destroying the insides. 25 years can do that to sweets apparantly.
  2. Unless.. do you have a sealed Enduro Racer on Master System?
  3. Just a bit of universe building to keep him in peoples mind, will be in more movies so no surprise really.
  4. I'm guilty of this. I believe games are meant to be played not stuck on a shelf and have often ripped open sealed games to at least play once. I only do it with stuff I'm keeping so its not like I'm passing it off to others. Recently picked up a copy of Super Battletank on the GG that was like this and ended up being opened, didn't cost much though.
  5. Oooh is the Japanese voice included? I never thought to check!
  6. Man this game.. I only finished it a week ago after waiting ages for a PS5 update I was just going to flog it but going straight back on the pile for another playthrough.
  7. I think the problem with this RG350 models is there's always a new one just around the corner the 52 will be out soon I'm sure! And its bound to be even better.
  8. Moved this just because there's a lot of discussion going on about it here so probably best to keep it all together.
  9. I've bought loads of their stuff over the years too and all they've had money from me for was a few adaptors ($70!). I've spent well over a grand on different bits of kit too, wanted to give them money but never in stock! So another happy customer
  10. Oops I thought it was back in stock! Can still get them for a couple of hundred on eBay and its the bees knees of retro Sega stuff. I tried every going before this and will never let it go. I sell consoles on like every 5 minutes but this things a keeper.
  11. Thought I'd found my retirement fund for a minute
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