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  1. I was half expecting some sort of fan hack to add it but no one seems to be touching it. Guess it's too small of an audience to put the work into. In other news... Batman has dropped through the mail. This was quite expensive at £15 (I remember when carts were all £8 a pop, no question) and seemed really difficult to get a copy with a decent label. Most were priced around £20 so quite pleased with this. Could argue that I don't need anymore NES carts after this because it's THE game to have! I love it to bits and have a lot of fond memories, sneaking round a friends house after being banned to watch him play it through the window Dripping in atmosphere and awesome gameplay the only problem was just how difficult it was. There's a much better hack out there that strips back the difficulty a bit which I've managed to play a good way through but I'm in the mood for some hardcore gaming again.
  2. Lorfarius


    Seems Log Horizon is getting a new season to start in October! 5 years since the last but the manga author is out of jail after tax evasion and getting back on track with it.
  3. Dunno if it helps but I have a 24" Dell monitor that I use for all my retro stuff. Packed to the gills with DVI, VGA, composite and even a HDMI port on the back but it won't run anything past 720. The TV is a bit borked as it won't always recognise stuff plugged into the HDMI slot so I ended up buying a chap HDMI to DVI converter. The digital signal is identical so there's no data loss or difference beyond having to use an extra 3.5 lead for audio.
  4. One of these Really good quality and feels like a proper modern pad. It's okay if you like the N64 controller but I've always struggled with it and the build quality for these is really good.
  5. I couldn't even go back to it until I bought one of those Brawler64's. Proper pad makes it so much easier to control!
  6. Urgh. It's going to be a biggun.. that's a lot of games
  7. Don't forget customs charges! No idea what that's going to be, dreading it arriving for that
  8. Yep, full set of GBR and PAL A's with rough mixes of US games depending on what I like best.
  9. Clearing up eBay for cheap carts and managed to pick this up for a fiver: The top of the label was peeling back but thanks to some Elmer's glue I was able to stick it back down and you can't tell. Can't say much for it as a game, most of the bad reviews are pretty well deserved with fights taking ages to get through. Found the best way was to jump or drop from a height on enemies as that seems to give more hits at once, at least it did for me. The rest is your typical license cart with nice graphics but boring gameplay. I've heard the stories about Journey to Silus being a Terminator game and I just wish they'd have managed to keep the license because it would made a much better T2 game than what this is.
  10. If anyone is looking for one of these I have a spare! Just bought an an AVS so not much use anymore, looking for £8.50 including P+P. Comes with USB charger and no NES pad. Does work with all NES controllers though. There's a switch on the base to choose between PAL and US. Will stick a thread up in trading later:
  11. Picked up a bundle of cheap GB games the other day, had a pile of manuals inside including this: This is for the rarest GBC game there is and I'm 100% sure it's an original. Anyone missing a copy?
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