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  1. Sort of but I think you might be mixing it up with the Reg Barclay episode Realm of Fear and one where a highly trained retired soldier pushes through the beam to break out in The Hunted.
  2. It doesn't have many of the Masters of the Universe in it either.. where's the rest of them?
  3. Fair enough that you don't want that kind of thing in programs you watch but you then can't run around slinging comments like that around without some sort of backing? You've had people on here agreeing with it as a valid point when its not the case but Isn't that just making situations like this worse and you are adding to it? I'm a massive He-Man fan, my parents have pictures of me running around the house with my top off at 5 years old with a cardboard sword shouting out I have the power but I'm also a leftie. I don't bring that up with people nor do I let it spill into every part of my life. What's it got to do with anything? You aren't being very objective yourself and just waving a political brush around branding people because of something you might have heard. As for Captain Marvel it was just a poor movie and I didn't vote for Brexit either. Are the two linked? I thought this new series was awful. I didn't want my expectations to be subverted I wanted a show about my hero and his arch nemesis to be more focused on them. I won't be voting Labour next election either so make of that what you will.
  4. This is such a strange thing to say, there's not been any talk of politics? Just watched a few of their videos and they never even mention them so.. what are you on about? I mean did you refuse to watch the Mandolorian because Gina Carino was a right wing Republican? So many things related to entertainment is linked to people who support different parties. Same with the Scots guy on the other page, after you trashed him I've spent a bit of time walking back through some of his vids today and he does some pretty deep and thoughtful break downs of stuff. I would call it close to film analysis and not a form of grifting? He explains quite well everytime he disagrees with something. Edit: I just did a search linking ClownFishTV to being rightwingers and they deny it right at the start of a video:
  5. But the problem is he did respond to them very publically and called them out for being liars about the script and has spent well over a year doing focused product runs for He-Man/Skeletor toys, food, packaging etc. etc. Making the characters the focus and this first half drops and its not what he said. It's a right mess of marketing. Interesting histoy on it all from Midnights Edge:
  6. A lot of the anger is about Kevin Smith telling everyone he was and that trailer showed that being the case.
  7. Are they still talking about it in emails or are you just picking this up from general web chatter? They seem to have gone a bit quiet from everything I've seen.
  8. This has been in production for a couple of years, Smith announced it in 2019 and even with all that time it still looks like stop frame animation. Nothing flows properly and there's plenty of US studios that have done better than this even in recent times. I just don't get where all the money/production time has gone. All that aside.. where's He-Man?
  9. So dull and I really didn't like the animation. It's like it was missing frames throughout, I watch so much anime each week produced by lots of different studios and they can produce so many better things than what was on screen with much smaller budgets. Netflix has produced a lot of its own anime over the years with much better animation than this so really no excuse. Teela's voice was just wrong, wish they'd got someone better. I was really excited by this from the trailer but seems like that was the best bits
  10. Steam Controller was released ages ago, its not going to be the same surely?
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