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  1. Seen loads of reddit threads with people ordering on a Saturday then it just turning up on the doorstep the following Friday with no tracking updates until after it arrived. So still hopeful
  2. Police won't do a thing beyond provide crime numbers. Pretty useless.
  3. Just had a look on my Premium and the previous seasons seem to be on there. Bit annoying how the new ones are on Netflix but I just watch those on some dodgy sites.
  4. Try the stick in another USB port and reboot.
  5. Another day and no update. It's never going to turn up at this rate Any good places for buying Steam vouchers?
  6. Can't remember off hand but it throws up a message with it in when you finish watching the vid.
  7. Wouldn't have thought so just yet. They are 6 years into the Switch lifespan and 8 seems to be the norm for generations.
  8. That's not true at all. The system is reading/writing data off the card, speed counts just like it does with hard drives and SSDs. Have you not played any new consoles lately?
  9. This is what I bought. It's one of the better ones and think its half a second slower than the actual Decks drive.
  10. This seems to be a better tracking site, provides a lot more detail.
  11. See if there's a setting for Sprite Limit in the emulator and turn it off. If that doesn't help you could try romhacking.net for any slowdown removal patches.
  12. Think its getting worse.. everyone is off playing Dwarf Fortress and I'm just sat here staring at the screen. Lucky buggers
  13. I keep watching the order on the tracking site, mines still in the Netherlands I'm not fine with waiting, got an empty dock and SD card sat here waiting to be used!
  14. I think we just had so little interest for it back in the day as everyone was skint and cheap computers were king. The 2600 was my introduction to games as a thing and I can recall staring through a neighbours window at 3/4 years old watching him play Popeye before being dragged off by my parents for tea Never had any money as a kid and can often remember walking around the local neighbourhood in the evenings trying to find houses with people playing games in the living room all so I could watch from afar
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