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  1. I quite liked 1, with all the different places you went too it felt like the start of a grand adventure with lots of promise. The rest were just pants, the worst part is the third reuses so many of the same areas. Quite why they couldn't have expanded parts of it is beyond me, by the end its just a walk and talk a thon with little to do. They sell it as being able to lead an army but you wave your arm around a bit and get told to move on for someone else to do it. Grr it's making me so mad just thinking about it
  2. Just finished it and... I was minutes away from completing it after I stopped earlier. My advice would be not to bother, the fight with Vader which the whole trilogy has been pointing towards last for a minute or two. There's no challenge beyond a few swings and it's a massive disappointment, building towards that for months and it rushes through it in no time. At one point you enter a hanger with Storm troopers in and I was practically drooling through the window of what was coming next and then... it forces you to walk a big corridor along the top and miss out on all the fighting below. Honestly this is a rip off, think I'm going to ask for my money back.
  3. What are you talking about? Have you even played any recent VR games?
  4. Just spent a good 40 minutes on part 3. Very good beginning and don't want to rush through the rest! Really don't like the way the force powers are controlled, just isn't very natural and doesn't seem to respond well.
  5. If you use SideQuest I'm pretty sure you can backup the save games.
  6. It said in the update notes for 11 that you could change the home envirnoment in Settings. But I've been over that with a fine toothcomb and it isn't there as an option.
  7. Sounds like the official cable is pointless. I'm going for the one you bought!
  8. I've had mine for several months and still have around 75GB free, most games are only a couple of GB in size so you will be really hard pushed to fill the 128GB even if you wanted to! I'd say save some money if you can and buy some more games with the change.
  9. They should all be on the same page with the backers code at the bottom.
  10. Don't forget the DLC and Backer code.
  11. Just stuck some cash down on the Square Off Neo Chess board on Kickstarter. Been looking for a decent chess computer for ages and then this popped up on Facebook, they've a history of doing a much more expensive unit before but this is more on the low end of the market. At £100 seemed worth a punt and they have form so not going to get ripped off! Link Being able to use it with Chess.com means you won't ever go short for players and the app for improving your game sounds amazing. I don't have anyone to play board games with so stuff like this is the next best thing!
  12. Have you tried any of the newer devices with much higher refresh rates? I've heard the later ones can be better with problems like that.
  13. It's right at the bottom of the backer survey. Scroll down on the codes page.
  14. What's the address for that? I checked previous messages on KS and I don't see anything, not kept any older emails either. Edit. Ignore! Found it. Can resend it here if you've lost it. The email will take you straight to the site where all the codes should appear at 1pm.
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