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  1. Create a fake account? Not difficult to do.
  2. Yeah, you usually have to do it before you run the cart.
  3. Has their been any footage of the device in action? Do we know how loud it runs when it's on?
  4. Yeah its a great game, made even better on the control stick.
  5. Firehawk is a tough one to hunt down especially when it's boxed. Not a bad game either!
  6. Just don't rely on them for quality. Number of things I've ordered that have been in a right state yet nothing mentioned on the site is quite common.
  7. Go for it, always good to see pics
  8. Great setup, this is how I use mine with Elite but yes always needed more buttons:
  9. I've done a few print mags before (pre Kickstarter) so know how tough it can be to do publish these things. Seems to be going really well
  10. Latest size reports are putting the new Spidey game at over 100GB. That's a fair chunk of space from the included drive.
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