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  1. This looks like what this should have been:
  2. Wonder if that means they will be forced to actually fix bugs for once.
  3. Sure they will be adding Facebook to it soon.
  4. 6 years later and I'm in my 40's! They were right young man, no Star Citizen for you and at least you have Game Pass on the far off horizon.
  5. Yeah it's a great show, currently up to TNG series 5 with them and it just gets better each show. They've already finished DS9 and well into Voyager season 3 now.
  6. Lower Decks has become what this should have been. You really need to watch that as the latest series has really rejigged the lot and its some of the best Trek in years.
  7. And Jailbreak is usually day one as well.
  8. Be careful with those glasses, the plastic is so crappy and breaks very easily.
  9. For those that have finished Yakuza 0, just how far am I off the end? I've done 25 hours play and a fair few side quests as I go. I've just finished Chapter 8,
  10. For me it has to be the relaunch of Retro Gamer issue 19. I'm sure we all thought this was dead after the publishing collapsed but Strider and co swooped in to relaunch and bring it back not too long after. There was nothing quite like it and there still isn't to this day, I've been subscribed to this for that long it's practically an institution now, think I was 22 when I started reading and I'm 41 now. There's also a picture of Strider on a mobility scooter over on Facebook so I think we are all growing up with it now
  11. I remember the first being an amazing read at the start then sort of petered out. I know its famous for being very off with the facts but it's good enough that I'll give the second a try.
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