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  1. Nothing to stop it happening in future under different people. Best leaving it a few years I think
  2. Lorfarius

    Dave Perry is back...

    Exactly. It's so strange he's done this huge press push with next to nothing to show about it, almost 2 months later and still zero content. I remember several years ago when Kotaku included a Brutal Sports Football video I'd done in an article, felt a bit like winning the lottery at the time as 8000 people came to watch it in full in just a single day! Most of my vids are lucky to get 200 views in a month so its a huge difference But I spent ages rejigging my most popular vids to appear as suggested, reposting on social media etc. Trying to build something off it and producing loads of videos in following few weeks. I'd take any boost I could get, he's had a massive boost and just whittled it all away.
  3. Lorfarius


    Any goblins?
  4. Lorfarius

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 64: Robocop

    Even the GameBoy port is better
  5. Lorfarius

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 64: Robocop

    Thought it was about time I dug into a movie license. Batman seemed to be incredibly popular so... https://amigarama.com/episodes/amigarama-podcast-episode-64-robocop/
  6. Lorfarius

    Arcade Club (Bury, near Manchester)

    They've just opened a new gift shop:
  7. Lorfarius

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 64: Robocop

    It was def a nice surprise compared to all of the other arcade ports I've played. It feels like they really wanted to make a good game and had a really good crack at it!
  8. Lorfarius

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    A2000's are quite expensive and that card will be worth a fair few bob, that monitor is for sure! I'd drop AmigaPassion a line about getting it done as he seems to do them all but should be able to offer some advice if you feel up to tackling it yourself. I've had him recap an A1200 and CD32 in the last year and is generally a pretty good guy on the FB groups.
  9. Lorfarius

    Why do we separate "retro" from general gaming?

    All of the retro content would vanish, you'd kill that section of the forum for no good reason. Some of the people in there (me included) rarely dip into Discussion because there's too many fast moving topics and we don't bother with newer stuff.
  10. Lorfarius


    New Isekai show out today called Rising of the Shield Hero. Has an early preview on CR and... it's actually pretty good. Really dark with a good twist compared to the usual stuff and I'm really looking forward to this one. With stuff like the Slime just as well just goes to show this genre has so much more to offer

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