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  1. So is the PS3>PS4 upgrade thing available right now? Or is it something that will come into effect once the game is out?
  2. Those DLC time saver packs and stuff aren't really the cynical type of IAP people are referring to. It's the multiplayer where Black flag has IAP in the form of one of those parallel currencies (you get "Animus" credits playing the game normally and "Erudito" credits which can be bought in packs of about £3.99, 7.99, etc). It's entirely optional (pointless even) as you could only really purchase emblems and that. However if you did want to legitimately unlock everything without paying any money it would take years (literally) as the price differences between the currencies was mental.
  3. I can confirm that the New Game+ "trick" works. I used it when running through on Grounded mode.
  4. Woah. Counter Spy looks great.
  5. It sounds dodgy and a bit of a faff. Edit - at Hmm's post, not Kryptonian's.
  6. Counter Spy looks like it might be good. And then there's Minecraft.
  7. Can you say what part you were at? I've played the game through about 5 times and I've never noticed this occurring for me. However, there are certain sections (the bookstore, financial district) where the game will spawn an extra "wave" of enemies after the initial batch have been despatched, but I don't think there are any infinitely respawning enemies. Incidentally, I finished Grounded mode for the first time last night. It was great, quite brutal in places (you can probably guess where). But it also made me approach some areas completely differently. As mentioned before, limiting the checkpoints really adds to the tension.
  8. Grounded mode is really good, and difficult. It's only the reduced number of checkpoints that has caused me trouble so far as it can can punt you back a bit further than on the other difficulty levels. Best game ever.
  9. I've played this game so much now. Platinum'd it on PS3, and I'm thinking of going for it again on PS4. I'm on my Grounded New Game Plus run (after playing it on easy and unlocking all the manuals and most of the upgrades). Can't wait to get back into the online mode again once that's done.
  10. Guys, don't worry, the other 90% is set on Uranus...... Yeah?
  11. Yeah, I've been part of the environment team on Killzone Shadow Fall and some of the technology is great. There are 2 new maps out this week which are excellent. Particularly the Stormgracht where you can activate a flood of the level. https://vine.co/v/MPVFgQgwn39
  12. So that's where all the knockout-stage goals went.
  13. Guys, it's not all bad news. If Italy and Costa Rica draw we'll have a stab at being Unofficial Football World Champions (www.ufwc.co.uk). There's still something to play for.
  14. I quite enjoyed it. Compared to 2010, where we stunk up the tournament, we were fun to watch. At least it wasn't 0-0.
  15. Has the Remote Play Second Screen feature been altered? I just tried it on Watch Dogs in case it had some features (it didn't) but it did allow me to control the PS4 menu. Never noticed that before.
  16. Got my copy this morning. Just watched the Giantbomb quick look. The massive police car made me laugh.
  17. A bit jokey, but I have pre-ordered it. It was a really cool moment, especially so because the guy was stealthing onto the train and then just started casually walking through the carriages as it pulled away. And yes, I love train interiors.
  18. Guys, hold on a minute. I was just watching a Twitch stream of this and the dude got on a train, and was walking through the carriages and all that. It looked cool, none of that fixed-camera bullshit from GTA. Actual train interiors. I pre-ordered it. Can't wait.
  19. All these "Trip" minigames look pretty poor. I'm still hopeful the main game will be good though.
  20. I'm in. I think it looks really interesting.
  21. Just updated for the photo mode and Time-of-day option. A great addition. I hope they do some DLC with some of those other powers they mention, that would be amazing.
  22. That was brilliant. Can't wait for the Liverpool-Chelsea game.
  23. Yeah, I'm at Guerrilla Cambridge. I'm ok, but it's been a pretty sad day.
  24. I used the "Smalls" to take it down (Cannon/Armour/Superboost), but I had a few good runs with the "Warturtle" (Cannon/Armour/Underwater).
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