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  1. Had a bit of a "How the hell did I miss that?" moment yesterday. I've got the platinum, and put in over 100 hours, yet it was only last night that I discovered the step-back-counter-move attack (Press O then hit R1 or R2). Seems useful.
  2. If I buy the PS4 standard edition from Amazon will I get the physical map and extras packed in, or was that just for the day-one edition?
  3. Yeah, I don't understand all the hate the Chalice dungeons get. They're a great feature for extending the life of the game. I just like loading a fresh one up every now and again to have a bash at another boss. If you think the look a bit boring and samey there are variations later on which look fantastic (particularly the Loran dungeons).
  4. For those playing in offline mode by choice - you'll miss out on an interesting game mechanic late on. Just saying.
  5. I've been on a couple of the UK betas over the last few months and it's been surprisingly great. One of the coolest things is the way you can sync old cloud saves using the cut-down XMB interface. I was able to play some old late-game Last of Us and Uncharted thanks to that. However, as good as it is, I doubt it'll of be of much use until they expand it onto other formats like the Vita, or even PC/tablet.
  6. I just got the platinum trophy. It's a brilliant game, but fuck, those last couple of chalice dungeon bosses were insanely hard.
  7. The way to the boss in NF probably has the best shortcut in the game. It's right near the boss door entrance too.
  8. I finished this last night. I'd easily rank as one of the best games I've ever played, it's brilliant. One thing I will say though is that it doesn't let you go back and look for extra stuff after you do the ending, and instead rolls straight into an NG mode. That pissed me off a bit as I wanted to investigate as much as possible and level up all my weapons. So I rolled back my save (using the cloud thing) and have redone a few bits to get back to where I was.
  9. Ah, I think I've just realised why I sometimes have blood vials replenish when I die. It turns out that if you keep picking up blood vials once you're holding 20 they'll go into your storage. And if you die it will bring those vials in storage back into your current inventory when you respawn. You guys probably already knew that, but I just figured it out (after 20-odd hours) This game is fucking brilliant by the way.
  10. Just bringing this back up to say that it's really good. It's sort of clicked for me this week, and I've put about 5 hours into it. It's really difficult, maybe a little too difficult, but it's still fun. I've only made it to the second area (there are 4 by the looks of things, each with 4 levels). I think I might wait until the PS4 version comes out before putting much more time into it. There's also a PC version coming too.
  11. Yeah. This looks really good. Been on my radar for a while. I agree about the release timing issue. Sod it, I'll just buy both.
  12. Just finished this. I thought it was amazing. I played it briefly a few years ago on the Gamecube collection but never got beyond the first hour or so. So glad they made this with the updates and tweaks. I think Ocaina will always remain my favourite but this might just beat Wind Waker into second place (I need to play HD). It's just such an unusual and brilliant game. I finished it with all the masks too. I managed to get most of them without realizing, but had to use a guide to get some of the really obscure ones (All-night mask for instance). The ending has some really poignant stuff, and you realize just how darl/sad some of the themes are. It's a shame they'll probably never make anything like this again. So my reward for finishing Majora's Mask is...... I'm gonna play Link Between Worlds for the first time.
  13. What was the shitstorm? I thought they were universally loved (with the exception of Dan's constant wrestling references). What I want to know is - what's going on with GB East? They seem to be constantly having technical issues and moving offices. They need to use Vinny more (I'm not a fan of Alex).
  14. This is the first time I've properly played it (I tried the Gamecube version years ago but gave up after about an hour). It's really grabbed me. The work they've done to the graphics, and the fact that the 3DS facilitates the item/mask switching gameplay so well makes this fantastic. I've just finished the second temple (which I didn't like as much as the first as I was getting horribly lost) and it's right up there with Ocarina so far. Also, it feels really weird and dark at times, mainly down to the music and the weird looking characters. Loving it.
  15. I went Premium at some point last year and it's great. I'd happily just donate based on the free stuff, but the extra content is really entertaining. I do miss Vinny on the podcasts though. Dan is alright I suppose. it could just be the constant wrestling references, but Jason (the other new guy) seems way more likeable and funny. The tension Dan seems to have added is pretty funny to watch though(see the Mario Party video)
  16. Anyone watching the Fifa World Club Cup final? It's ridiculous that no one in the UK is covering this, it's an interesting tournament. Anyway, Sergio Ramos have just given Real Madrid the lead against San Lorenzo (of Argentina). Seems a good game so far. Madrid are really going for it.
  17. I've got an upgrade question. I have 2 Icebreakers. One fully levelled, the other untouched. Am I right in thinking it doesn't matter which one I choose, they'll both be the same if I upgrade them?
  18. This Square-enix guy is amazing. The best moment of the thing so far.
  19. For what it's worth. I haven't managed to complete a raid yet (only getting as far as Atheon) yet the Gatekeeper dropped a lvl 30 chest piece which goes with my exotic helm and Iron Banner gauntlet and boots. I hope that makes you feel better. Level 30 here I come. Keep up the good work yeah.
  20. Is anyone else playing the alpha? It seems really good You play in a co-operative group and you build and defend a town. It's really abstract and unsettling, but quite charming and beautiful to look at. The gameplay is part-minecraft, part lemmings with a bit of third-person combat thrown in. There's also jet-packs and skis and stuff. It's pretty cool. There are streams on Twitch that are worth checking out http://www.twitch.tv/shuyoshida/b/587867708
  21. Another good thing about Bladedancer on the Raid is that not only can you stealth the Gorgon maze, but you can also "fly" across the entire floating platform gap using the special. One question though, and this might make me look stupid. What is the equivalent of the throwing knife for the Bladedancer (pressing R1)? It doesn't do anything for me.
  22. Got a nice/funny Postmortem kill earlier. Popped the bounty as well which makes it extra special. Some advanced, highly skilled shooting/knife throwing in the following video.
  23. I just went to the cave. Found an exotic and a bunch of lengendaries. It is a bit ridiculous. Having said that, it is great fun when the "war" kicks off. Basically, loads and loads of enemies spawn in all around you (literally just popping in out of thin air) and all hell breaks loose.
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