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  1. I just watched it. It's awesome. I was surprised at how funny, silly and weird it was. It did get sad and a bit uncomfortable at times, but overall it was great. I've maybe said it before, but over the past few years Korean filmmakers have been amazing.
  2. It's ok. I played 45 minutes with the motion controls and had fun but didn't really win much. Switched to more conventional controls and it felt much better simply because I could move around the arena properly. The throws feel a bit overpowered. At £20-30 I may go for it.
  3. Yeah, it'll be awesome but I'm getting a "Playstation-Home" vibe from those characters. That cat thing near the end looks fucking terrifying.
  4. That's a great post. Thanks for taking the time to write all that. These games are weird for me. I'm constantly worried I'm messing up the social links, and missing them, but I don't want to look at guides and spoil the (really mental and bizarre) ways some of them can form. I remember in Persona 4 Golden finding my 2 last social links in the last month of the game (the old lady and the schoolkid you teach) and being really annoyed that I'd missed them.
  5. That Shiren game was £11.99 in the sale last month. So it maybe worth waiting until it goes on sale again.
  6. I'm getting near the end now and the story is fantastic. It keeps getting better and better.
  7. Loving this. Obviously, working at the Cambridge studio I got to see quite a lot of this game over the years (I remember seeing some artwork for it on my first day in 2012, before Shadowfall was even announced and thinking "holy crap, that looks cool"). I'm currently around level 21 or so. I'd recommend everyone get the extra weapon types as soon as possible, particularly the Ropecaster. I'd also recommend getting used to using traps on the big enemies. As others have said, the only disappointment so far is the over-powered lure and stealth mechanics. I kinda like my games to be easier, but it feels a bit broken. However, I try not to rely on it so I've been having some proper tear-ups with the machines.
  8. Uh-oh. Looks like I've hit a problem. My wife just saw me browsing this thread with all the "orders dispatched" screenshots and said in a very angry voice "You're not getting a Nintendo!". Err, if you never hear from me again just go on without me.....
  9. Pupponvesh 2

    For Honor

    I'm playing it. It's cool. I've had it pre-ordered for months now (got some crazy low price for the Deluxe edition with the OST and some tat). I'm really liking it though. The look and feel of the game is awesome, and I love how they've thrown the factions together in a serious-but-silly story mode. The online is a bit weird at the moment as I find I get whomped by gank-squads in the Domination mode, but I'm getting better (settled on the Viking Valkyrie). Adding prates would be an amazing idea.
  10. I haven't got that far into it yet. I've only done the one case from where the demo leaves off. It's cool though. A really neat little game that seems to be expanding in a nice way. I can already see hints of things not be as they seem to be (the facebook/identity stuff). Also, it seems crazy cheap at £6.99. I feel I've already got a lot of value from it.
  11. Just read your post and downloaded the demo. Played it and loved it. Just bought the full game. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Pupponvesh 2

    For Honor

    I switched the arrow thing off straight away. It is really distracting. I haven't managed an online game yet, but I actually found reading the character animations to be good enough against the bots. The game itself is ok, and I'll keep my pre-order, but I can understand why people aren't so hyped about it.
  13. Yeah I work/worked there. A bit gutted.
  14. So I've gone back to the game to play the Survival DLC and it's fantastic. It kinda feels weird that it's confined to just DLC, I wouldn't be surprised if they break it out as some sort of standalone thing in the future, it's that good. I love the way it's totally changed how all the in-game systems work. Stalking your way through ransacked restaurants to get some Canned Food, or scavenging for medicine by rumaging through abandoned Ambulances feels awesome. I had a moment the other night where my character was thirsty and I was starting to panic as I couldn't find any water, but then as I was passing through an office building I caught a glimpse of a vending machine in the reflection of some glass on a stairwell which thankfully it had some Soda in it. I still haven't managed a successful extraction yet (been killed by the hunter twice), but I just love how tense and lonely it gets. I've played PVP all the way so far and there have been a few annoying deaths in the first few minutes because of arseholes, but I have grouped up a couple of times. It's super-cool, everyone should check it out.
  15. Woah. So I bought this today and started playing the campaign at around 10pm. Just finished it one sitting (it's 3:30am now). Awesome, ridiculous fun. One of the best first-person shooter single player games around. Now to try the multiplayer.
  16. Just finished this. Holy crap! It's really good, why aren't more people talking about it (I know, I know, too many other games). Completing this and The Last Guardian has been an amazing few days. Now onto Titanfall 2.
  17. Yeah, I've been working on RIGS for the past couple of years. It's exciting that things are starting to fall into place with the upcoming launch and pre-order stuff. I'm still hoping to snag one of the headsets at launch and get Rez, Battlezone and Driveclub (I played Driveclub VR, it's amazing).
  18. Just finished it in one sitting. It's fantastic. A great game. The visuals are simply stunning and looking at all the fish and sea creatures is awesome. It reminded me more of Flower than Journey.
  19. I played the demo for quite a while. It's a big demo, and I think your save carries over. It seemed really good and a perfect fit for the Vita.
  20. Open Source Transport Tycoon is great fun. I love the weird, shitty Seinfeld-esque music that drives you a bit mad after a while. Another shout-out for the A-Train game on 3DS, although it's really bloody complex. Anno 1404 is also great. I binged on that for a while, I can't really remember too much, but it's got boats and that.
  21. The Vita seems to have a good few releases coming out this month. I just bought Steamworld Heist and downloaded the demo of Grand Kingdom. Steamworld Heist seems really cool from the first couple of missions I've played. Grand Kingdom seems really neat as well. It looks nice being all 2D and that and It's got a cool turn-based side-scrolling battle system with archers, mages and swords and stuff. It looks deep as well with different classes (I saw sniper rifles and spear types in the in-game shop). Worth a download. There's also the Odin Sphere re-release coming in the next week or so.
  22. Steamworld Heist is out on the PS4/Vita on May 31st, crossbuy for £13.59. I'm gonna wait for the Playstation versions to come out. I want to see if the second screen features on 3DS really make a difference. At the moment the crossbuy thing is winning me over.
  23. They're not that bad really. In fact they're quite easy, to the point of being almost broken. A combination of using explorer difficulty and the end-game unlocks not affecting trophies kinda takes the edge off the trickier ones. Having said that, if you plan to do a legitimate run on crushing, then good luck as it gets stupidly hard near the end.
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