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  1. Pretty poor game overall, but the penalties were funny. I went into the game wanting Peru to win, but their shithousery was pretty bad (the goalie taking ages on goal kicks and the constant ankle clipping whenever a break was on). They would have stunk up the World Cup if they'd play like that. Australia weren't that great either, and I reckon Peru will regret not properly going for it as when they started to push near the end they looked better.
  2. Yeah, this Liverpool team are amazing. I really hope they win the quadruple, would be amazing to have them be the first to do it. There's something about them that's just so exciting, and they don't possess that suffocating quality that a lot of older dominating teams had (they leave loads of gaps and at times look quite vulnerable) which makes them really fun to watch.
  3. I think the Ayew one yesterday was fair as his miss-hit shot could have gone in (thus the handball was potentially stopping a goal). However the Southampton one just now was just a random ricochet. They were saying in the commentary that it was wrong as well, so I think the ref just fucked up.
  4. Yeah, it's really good. The opening two tracks (Lost Power & Big Climb) in particular are excellent. I've been a fan since the first album. The last 3 have been really strong records. I went to the VR gig last week which was weird and pretty neat, but I can't wait to see them next year if the COVID thing calms down.
  5. Just finished it too. Absolutely superb. The way they realized the Half Life universe is VR is incredible. I've been working in VR for about 6 years now (my most recent game was Blood & Truth) and it's great to see this sort of progress within the medium. I just loved being there, slowly moving through taking in all the details. The combat has a nice amount of restraint to it. It has that typical perfect Half Life pacing as well, they know when to ramp things up and then ease off. I think one of my favourite aspects was scavenging from the downed soldiers and taking the ammo off the belts and stuff. Felt badass (in a dark sort of way). Easily one of the best games experiences ever for me.
  6. What's the deal with the ticketing situation at Arsenal? I was thinking of going to tonight's match as I don't live too far away, but the official website said it was sold-out. However, when I was watching it I noticed loads of empty seats. Why?
  7. Pikuniku is on sale for £5.84. I got it yesterday and it's awesome. Finished the story in one epic sitting. It's a really happy and silly game. Like a Mr Men game or something. Get it.
  8. Holy shit. What is going on? Amazing from Spurs.
  9. Wow. Simply amazing. Liverpool have been spectacular this season, but that was astonishing. The Champions league has really delivered this year. First that epic Man City-Spurs and now this. Great stuff.
  10. Why did the referee just give an indirect free-kick in the penalty area to the attacking team? I didn't see any pass-back.
  11. Holy crap. Switzerland have been deadly in front of goal. Amazing game.
  12. Ah, the good ol' Mexican Wave of Doom.
  13. I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I'll be cheering them on. They've been the most exciting team for me this season. I think they deserve something. As for the 1999 and 2005 finals, they were both bloody incredible. If Gillingham ever did anything like that I'd be banging on about it for years.
  14. Just ended a session by trying the Far Cry Arcade multiplayer. The first map was a 12-man deathmatch (everyone armed with only a pipe or a smoke grenade) in a small room with a giant monkey. The next was a "farm" map with everyone just spamming grenades and rocket launchers. It's totally crap, but funny. They've created the Trackmania of first-person-shooters.
  15. The thing is Ubisoft sort of did the PUBG thing before PUBG came out with that excellent Division Survival expansion. Granted, it was only 24 players, and was a bit more complicated (enemy npc's, a virus thing, hypothermia, etc) but it was awesome. As for Far Cry 5, I got the mondo edition (a very nice steelbook and vinyl soundtrack). Game seems good so far, although I think I saw a turkey have a fight with a shotgun guy and win, which looked odd.
  16. Has anybody tried out the drumming game that just came out in Japan. It's called Gal Metal. It looks cool. Whenever I hold the Joycons separately I always start air-drumming. This might be the drum game I need.
  17. Finished the story today, I'll probably end up going for the platinum now as it's so close. I'd rate it as a good Assassin's Creed game that sits just above Syndicate for me, but well below Brotherhood and Black Flag. The world is amazing but the story is uneven, the combat is limited and it's really janky, more so than Unity for me (that just had a rough frame-rate). The loot and crafting system is kinda pointless, it never felt like there was any real progression as all the pick-ups were tied to your level. The skills added a bit of variation along the way, but nothing that hasn't been done before. The funny hippos are what saved this game for me.
  18. It's probably a dev-kit Vita as that used the old PSP-style power cable.
  19. I went to the Chelsea-Roma game and I've gotta say it was great fun. The football was so-so, but the goals were great and there was a really good energy in the stadium. Roma should have won it easily but their goalie didn't save anything. I don't how Chelsea didn't lose, they seemed so slow, however Hazard was great. Dzeko's goal was awesome and the Roma fans were noisy and went bonkers when they went 3-2 up. I also had a chicken curry pie, it was tasty.
  20. Oh my god, the Wrestling Revolution 3D quick look had me in tears it was so funny. "Hank Slogan" stacking it on a metal chair and the 20-man janky royal-rumble were incredible. I may buy a wrestling game for the first time ever. I hope they do more with that.
  21. I'm having a great time with this, but one thing to be aware of. When playing in handheld mode be careful not to let your Switch go into sleep mode as you're waiting to join a game. It happened to me just as the "Battle Time" came up and disconnected me. It then gave me the Disconnect message. This also explains why sometimes I often start a game with only 3 people as something similar could be happening to them. I've switched the sleep mode timer to 3mins (from 1min) because of this.
  22. Yeah I was at the U2 show as well (on the pitch, to the right of the B-stage). It was great. It was nice to hear all of the Joshua Tree. I think Bullet the Blue Sky, Exit and the one new song they played were the highlights. Bono sung the extra lyrics at the end of New Years Day as well which was cool. The Noel Gallagher stuff was a bonus, even better was that I went with my sister and she's a massive Oasis/Noel fan.
  23. Not really, at least not young kids. It gets a bit dark at times and there's a fair bit of blood and swearing.
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