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  1. None of the contestants spend long enough on screen at a time to annoy me, so I haven't taken a dislike to anyone. I still think it's a bit cruel to have them make something unnecessarily elaborate (the show stopper bit is my least favourite section) for the last challenge then have them carry the thing across 20 feet of tent space. Also malt loaf is crap.
  2. Do you not check that sort of thing when you’re buying a house?
  3. I found this in someone’s attic while I was house hunting and offered them 50 quid for it. Quite a nice condition outer box and it’s got 4 boxed games with manuals in there. Nothing rare but it’s nice to see one that isn’t held together with sellotape and crap.
  4. They sound rightly annoyed, it’s a huge anti climax. We know how invested and emotional people are over this game so it’s not a surprise that things got vocal. If leadership admitted a couple of weeks ago that things weren't going anywhere and to hold the line until we can withdraw I don't think we'd have had the same WTF reaction we're seeing now.
  5. Even The Initiative aren't afraid to employ some less than classy local smack from time to time.
  6. The battle report from our side wasn't as bad as you're making out, any sort of stronghold assault is going to cost the attacker more than the defender so the ships lost comparison isn't a good metric. We threw a lot of Battlecruisers in through the front door, which were obviously going to get shredded, but took out a fair few dreadnoughts in the process so that was fairly balanced. The 50bil difference was mainly down to a couple of failed T3 Cruiser assaults in one of the neighbouring systems which, as far as I can work out, at least one of was down to trying to use a fancy new tactic (sneak in with cloak fitted ships and then refit the same ship to full combat modules while out in space) for the first time during an actual operation with people who'd never done it before. It took too long to reconfigure the ships and the enemy had time to probe them down and catch them with their guns still in the packaging. The second T3 loss I'm not 100% sure what happened. I watched the whole thing from my cloaked stealth bomber and it looked like they were just not aligned out of the combat zone so weren't ready to get out of the way when the Initiative Ishtars landed on them, which is a very odd mistake for an experienced FC to make. It was a "well that's that then" moment since without those ships the stealth bombers couldn't focus on removing the cyno jammers. We twiddled our thumbs for a bit, blew up an Initiative Muninn then jumped back home to join the main fleet. The idea that this is a victory for the Imperium is pretty much down to the insane objective that PAPI set themselves of taking out every single piece of space they owned and "eradicating" them. So we're left in a situation where we pushed the enemy alliance back into a single constellation, glassed almost every structure they owned, made their home system difficult to live in with (incredibly fun) 23/7 black ops hit and run raids and apparently that's a loss. Presumably TEST was the mastermind behind the objective. Fucksakes, TEST. For the last few weeks we've been told to get everything together for one last make or break assault into 1DQ and the amount of effort on the part of the line members, particularly the industry guys, in doing so has been amazing. I'm especially proud of BRAVE, my lot, who weren't all that involved in the war for a long while but made a huge push into moving ships in and having a giggle camping the 1DQ gate. Then the day of the invasion we made one assault then half the coalition said "fuck it" and ran away. TEST aren't popular within the BRAVE ranks right now and their attempt to spin the withdrawal as a tax thing aren't being taken seriously. It's hard to believe that this plan wasn't already in the works a few days ago too so the last few days of moving in equipment just to be evacuated again were a bit of a waste. Still, BRAVE took the loss in the spirit I would expect of them and hopped into cheap Atron frigates, Cormorant destroyers and one carrier (since, to paraphrase, "I built it to explode in 1DQ so it's damn well going to explode in 1DQ") and stormed the gates one last time. We all died, obviously, but took out one last shiny Goon ship with us. https://zkillboard.com/kill/94271427/ It sounds like the plan for BRAVE is to back away from these massive alliance of alliances sort of games and get back to its medium scale roots which I'm all for. The Goons are obviously going to smug it up and are talking a big game about taking their revenge on BRAVE which, again, I'm all for since I play this game purely to make bad guys explode. And if nothing else the Goons play a great bad guy.
  7. As far as wars go this ones a bit darn boring. The goons stopped seriously defending their keepstars ages ago, choosing to turtle up in 1DQ after wasting the initiative they accidentally found themselves with in M2. I suppose being so vastly outnumbered doesn’t leave many options though. 1DQ isn’t going to be a lot of fun to attack. The Goons are essentially stuck unless they can increase their numbers but being compressed into a small area gives them some very thick walls to hide behind. There’s not much desire in Brave to defend our old stuff in Catch, after yet another move back to Querious, so these supposed citadels are getting quietly dismantled rather than torn apart in bloody conflict. While I’m whining the initial selling of Braves move back into querious being “we’ll hold Impass, Catch AND Querious” was insanely optimistic and worked out about as well as I expected. The most fun I’m having at the minute is waiting for INIT et al to show up and break some of the cockier pilots expensive ships while our standing fleet comms spend too long arguing about what ships to counter with. We lost a Rorqual earlier today to a Goon bomber fleet which reached their target by flying through our staging system unopposed, which was equally hilarious and depressing.
  8. INIT seem like decent folk who know what they’re doing but I don’t think I could ally with the Goons. Their toxicity got to the point where blocking them from local chat improved the game. It would be nice to get away from the constant pineapple on pizza chat in Legacy comms though, I’ll admit. That's also the second time I've had to deal with 10% tidi in the last couple of weeks, though it wasn't as bad as the first one which turned a relatively quick skirmish into a 6 hour slog.
  9. I saw this on a retro group and it was cheap enough to go in the collection. I’d have had one of these when I was about 6 and even though it was a bit pants, even back then, I still like the idea. It’d probably make a fun kids app. The story on the back is wonderfully grand for a purely stats based children’s game.
  10. I know Doctor Who has always been a bit pants, even when it’s good, but that was awful. John Barrowman seemed to be enjoying himself at least.
  11. Has the old BBC Bake Off been purged from the internet now? I'd have thought they'd have kept it on iPlayer but apparently not.
  12. That Game & Watch is going to be impossible to get isn't it.
  13. There are enough brilliant improvements in Eternal to make Doom 2016 feel out of date to the point I don’t want to play 2016 again. There are enough crap design choices and annoyances in Eternal to stop me wanting to play that again too. So Eternal is a really good game that paradoxically put me off modern Doom completely. Bah.
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