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  1. That Game & Watch is going to be impossible to get isn't it.
  2. There are enough brilliant improvements in Eternal to make Doom 2016 feel out of date to the point I don’t want to play 2016 again. There are enough crap design choices and annoyances in Eternal to stop me wanting to play that again too. So Eternal is a really good game that paradoxically put me off modern Doom completely. Bah.
  3. It's a secondary weapon you can equip without overkill though, which makes them a bit mad.
  4. Those didn’t last long.
  5. I’ve just finished this and realised I didn’t once throw a tv at a combines noggin. mini spoiler sort of
  6. It plays the personal radar voice whenever someone launches a recon drone (no matter how far away, supposedly), but it still seems to play far too much.
  7. I don't think they're necessarily trying to annoy people, more it's that "win at all costs" mindset. I tend to assume there's something a little bit wrong with them.
  8. I've only seen one I could say for certain was hacking. The killcam showed him looking at a crate, spinning 180, looking straight up and wiping me out before I'd deployed the parachute... There are other times when I've wondered, but that's just online gaming in general. On PC at least.
  9. 100 rounds down and 1 win. I was waaaay better at Apex. I wish they made top 10 placements a bit easier to see in the records so I'd feel a bit better about the whole thing.
  10. I'm getting a 600 minute queue to load it now. Hopefully they're rebooting everything. I managed to bump into someone who's even less on the ball than I am when I managed my one game of the evening though, which was nice.
  11. Is anyone else on PC finding this to be a bit of a laggy mess since the last patch?
  12. It's odd that the sound in the main MP game seems to be really good, with footsteps and that being quite easy to pick out directionally. It's all over the place in warzone though. Players above and below sound like they're on the same floor as you and parachutes are either really obviously loud or completely silent.
  13. I think this is a really fair look at it, pointing out some of the ehhhhhhhh Doomguy=God stuff involved. Spoilers if you care about the story, for some reason.
  14. PC: Stun Grenades are now less intense Hooray! I don't know what they're like on console but on PC they basically switch your mouse off.
  15. Finished on ultra violence (apart from the last boss, which I dropped down a level but don't tell anyone) and I thought it was great. There are some odd decisions in there which have already been mentioned but i'm not against repeating stuff. The marauder is no fun to fight since it just seems to force you to clear out the room and then stare at it for a bit until it decides to attack. I was hoping it would behave more like the player, swapping weapons often, jumping about the place, being super fast. I was expecting it to be a fully fledged character based on the trailers too.
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