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  1. I bought the game digitally, should unlock in 12 minutes or so (CET), but I have the physical JP version on its way as well, for the collection. And also because of the name, Super Mario 3D Collection. Silly reason, I know.
  2. MoFo2

    Nintendo Switch

    Pocky & Rocky 3 coming to Switch apparently: https://www.gematsu.com/2020/09/kiki-kaikai-nazo-no-kuro-mantle-sequel-kiki-kaikai-kuro-mantle-no-nazo-announced-for-switch
  3. And now November 10 is confirmed as launch date as well. €299 in euro-countries.
  4. Will overseas subs receive their copies?
  5. Yes, it played SNES-games (or SFC?), the owner toured the world to various games conventions where people could try it.
  6. https://kotaku.com/nintendo-play-station-sells-at-auction-for-360-000-1842154345 $300,000 if you don't count the buyer's premium that goes to the auction house.
  7. I saw now Kaico has released a GC hdmi-thingie (~£60) so now I’m not sure what to choose: GCHD, Carby or Kaico. Hopefully someone will review the the latter to see how it compares, but afaik they all use the same source «code»?
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