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  1. This is out today in US/EU online stores, looks like the physical version has had a silent delay?
  2. How can this be out already? I just got my sub copy of the previous issue in the mail. Damn slow postage overseas. (And probably Brexit as well)
  3. What is planned for DLC except for some characters? I'm holding out for a "definitive" edition with all the DLC depending on what it is.
  4. It's on the Japanese PS Store for 4180yen (roughly £26)
  5. My hopes in order: 1) That they are all safe and 2) that the GBA everdrive will be back in stock and I manage to react to it in time.
  6. Only Krikzz himself is in Spain, the «warehouse» has been moved to west Ukraine.
  7. Didn’t see this posted, the speedrun from AGDQ:
  8. Is there a list of (best) eShop exclusive games? Meaning not available on other platforms or in physical format?
  9. Just ordered a Super Everdrive X6. Wanted to go for a NES flash cart too, but the only option was the Pro at $120+ I think.
  10. A game you don't like getting 6% more than a game you like is one of the stupidest reviews you can remember reading?
  11. MoFo2


    What is the best shmup on Switch?
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