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    Xbox Game Pass

    I mean, you're being a tiny bit selective with my quote there, given the full one is ! (which is really ugly copy and I'm distressed to have to bring attention to it. Using 'outlay' at all, never mind twice in one sentence - yuck!)
  2. Yeah, I've got to say that, as much as ME3 is my least favourite by a large margin, I'm looking forward to the whole playthrough - not just the first's brilliant evocation of pulp-SF and the second's victory lap of melodrama, but coming to the final furlong without the risk of it disappointing me, and with the citadel DLC that I never played to look forward to! Actually, that's a question: has there been word on whether they a) got rid of the grotesque linking of 3's war readiness* mechanic to the multiplayer, and b) whether the multiplayer exists at all in this version?
  3. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, I'm with Kevvy on this one. I have Gamepass, really like it, recommend it to others - but it's still not for everyone. It's a reasonable outlay at base cost, the discounted approach is incredible value but requires a big initial outlay, and it isn't going to be all that great for people with specific tastes or who only ever want to play the latest games. And that's fine! Nothing is for everyone, and it seems odd to want to jump to the defence of Gamepass as though it should be treated as the perfect solution for everyone.
  4. Don't be silly! Resi 4 is rubbish from start to finish
  5. The rewards app appears to be trolling me, as I'm down to a whole 3 punchcards now, with the (thankfully already filled and earned) May Bonus Round gone from my page, and still no achievements-driven one. Rewards become less fun when you know you can't access them
  6. It'll be the bad latest version, rather than the bad original version.* *of Mass Effect 3 generally, not just its ending; all DLC etc. So at least you'll have the apparently-very-good Citadel pre-ending content, which you presumably missed out on with your original playthrough.
  7. To be fair, if that's enough to get to the character creator the rest of the download would likely be finished by the time I'm ready to start playing
  8. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    That's true enough - I just like the minor discount, and can be relied upon to buy /something/ every few months. For anyone who'd rather save up for a big purchase/doesn't make regular small impulse purchases, it's better to hold onto the points and face the slight markup rather than having auto-redeem on!
  9. Nope, it's not on EA Play at launch; EA aren't even offering the usual 10 hour trial that most new games get for EA Play members.
  10. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    Personally, I tend to pay attention to the the Game Pass quests and the rewards app on console, because as with Garwoofoo I actually find it quite fun* - it gets me to try games I otherwise wouldn't, and has made me give things more of a go than I otherwise might. I won't go out of my way to play things I will dislike (the zombie-theme this month is a bit of a downer for me, as anything actually scary is basically unplayable for me), but for the most part I find it a fun excuse to try new games. Other than that I get passive Bing searches (as I try to avoid using Google anyway wher
  11. Ultra-ultra-ultrawide, my favourite! And this whole next-gen console thing is easy: you just reject the idea of putting them on a TV stand at all (and keep them separated so that they don't fight)
  12. Update: it's definitely a user-level thing, as signing in with my housemate's account brings up the option. A shame it's completely worthless to her! Clearly my account is somewhere near the bottom of the list
  13. *shakes fist at Microsoft* I can't really complain, as my plans for this evening were to continue playing Monster Train, in which I was unlikely to, and indeed didn't, get any new achievements, so I've not missed out on anything. But I'll be a bit miffed if it never shows up! I may look and see if it'll come up on the Xbox One app instead of the Series, when the console is free. Or, indeed, if it's appeared on my housemate's (Gamerscore: 0 — she uses it as a media centre only) account.
  14. That's a fair suggestion, but I've done that to no avail - even a nice uninstall and reinstall of the app in case that would help. Microsoft just wish to upset me, clearly!
  15. Sadly no, just the same four activities but In Big. Ah, rewards app, you work so well...
  16. Still no achievement-chasing punchcard for me I don't suppose anyone can screenshot where it is in the app, in case I'm being exceedingly unobservant? Mine looks like this:
  17. Sad to discover the punchcard isn't in my app yet. Along with the regular "will the punchcard/search/reward action register" issues I do wish the rewards program system was a little more robust, even as I generally enjoy it. Hopefully it'll be live for me after dinner.
  18. It's the perfect storm of the new generation not having quite got into gear yet,* the old generation petering out a little, and the standard seasonal drought: they've all combined to make everyone particularly keen for any major releases that don't cost £70. * and/or, in the case of Sony, stalled due to excessive pricing on the gearbox
  19. Yeah, it's a game I keep meaning to return to - really janky, but very compelling, and definitely worth a second playthrough. A real shame it isn't forward compatible, though hardly surprising given its obscurity
  20. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    There definitely wasn't one in mine (and thanks to the frankly wonderful packaging I can say that with certainty, rather than wondering if there might have been one hidden in a cardboard/polystyrene nook under three stacks of warranty documents and pamphlets).
  21. I did! A brilliant end to a series of brilliant films (and Thunderdome). (the game just lost me a bit because the quest/levelling structure didn't feel... Right, to me, somehow, in a Mad Max game. The actual open world and the crafting to make your car viable, absolutely, but the other bits just felt wrong!)
  22. I thought Mad Max was alright, but didn't really feel like it captured the spirit of any of the films which was a big turn-off for me. However, just driving around was satisfying, and a lot of people really loved it, and for the price I'd say it's worth trying! Edit: welp, that's me and Mr. Gerbik with opposing takes! Either way, try it, then decide which of us was most wrong
  23. Look, it's simple: PlayStation gamers only play sad dad action adventures (and Resident Evil), Xbox gamers only play space marine shooters (and Forza), and Nintendo gamers only play platformers for children (and Mario Kart). Oh, and PC gamers only play grand strategy games (and Football Manager).
  24. You'd think they'd at least have it as 10k during the month, rather than from the point of activation (not that I'm bitter about having merrily hoovered up 1000 points in the last week through hammering Monster Train, Doom (classic) and a few others, that'll not contribute to anything)
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