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  1. I half-agree with this — I actually thought the 3DS was the perfect vehicle for this in terms of being handheld (my absolute preference for this genre), comfortable (specifically the New 3DS, which is just right for my little hands compared to the beast that is the Switch), and actually benefitting from the second screen as a dedicated menu/team status tracking tool. However, I think in terms of audience it was the wrong device - as you intimate, it was marketed more as a toy/'adolescent' product in the West at least, and so despite getting an absolute deluge of incredible dungeon crawlers (aside from this you have stuff like Soul Hackers, Persona Q, Etrian Odyssey etc.), I feel like it missed a good chunk of people. I do wonder if, like other SMT titles, it might get a port to other machines now that Persona (and hopefully SMT V) has raised the profile of the series in the West. Sadly I imagine a port to the Vita (the actual perfect portable RPG/dungeon crawler machine) is pretty unlikely, but I'd merrily replay it on Switch. Ironically for the inverse reasons that Sabreman (justifiably) flags up about the Switch: for this game it would actually be suitably powerful to really make it sing, where it was very much pushing the limits of the 3DS. But I suppose that's what SMT V is for!
  2. This is belated, probably too mainstream to be worth mentioning, and possibly already brought up here in one of them uncommented removed videos, but nonetheless: as someone who generally hates the genre of acoustic covers of electronic music (particularly of songs I like), loves the original song, and is generally ambivalent towards country music, I think Orville Peck's cover of Smalltown Boy is magnificent:
  3. That is indeed the major flaw in using it as a GBA emulator. Not really an issue for its actual primary use (translated Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade), but does rather make certain action games unfun.
  4. Tch, playing the original, or buying the rerelease? Why do that, when you could spend far too much on a phone largely because it reminds of you of your old GBA SP and so you can do this:
  5. Pretty sure that wasn't an emulation problem, it was a lack-of-adaptation problem. As in, Parappa was designed for CRTs, when lag wasn't an issue. The PSP version works perfectly either because the PSP is similarly lag-free, or because, being a closed platform, the emulated version was patched to match its lag (see e.g. the way all modern rhythm-action games come with calibration methods to allow the user to tweak the game to their TV and sound systems' latency). Parappa on PS4, however, has no way to account for that, and no calibration option, and so you end up with something with mismatched visual, audio and input latencies, which will therefore never feel right.
  6. As a narrative genre, horror is actually pretty well-served - it's just that it's primarily delivered via adventure games and visual novels, i.e. low-budget, usually indie releases. So, much like horror movies! And just like horror in narrative media, there's a wide range of approaches used: psychological, paranormal, metaphysical, surreal, fantastical, undead, anthology horror all have their representatives. As someone with a limited taste for horror I actually find it a slightly over-prevalent narrative genre within what are amongst my favourite game genres! (see e.g. Yume Nikki; Stories Untold; Paratopic; Observer; Doki Doki Literature Club; and series like The Coma and Little Nightmares) Straight up comedy is the thing that I feel the lack of. Control (or lack thereof) of timing is given as the primary difficulty of bringing effective comedy to games; but even with that, I'm sad that what was a primary expression of adventure games in the 90s is now barely existent, even in narrative-led game genres. And I can't think of a single romantic comedy (no, Leisure Suit Larry doesn't count), which is astonishing.
  7. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    Their, not his And I... actually don't mind Skate Bird? I went in expecting something completely broken — glitchy controls, non-functioning physics or similar — and it's none of the above. I definitely don't rate it as a brilliant example of its genre, and the fact that THPS and Skate are finally getting attention again does render it a lot less relevant, but it's a perfectly acceptable skatearound with a lot of character. (it probably helps that I'm a sucker for miniaturised perspectives in games — they just take me back to that happy place of Dreamcast-era games like ReVolt and Toy Commander)
  8. I'm definitely interested in this, though with much the same caveats as Mr. Gerbik. The original was incredible, but I've found it hard to go back to (even compared to far rougher, far more mechanically-compromised games like Little Big Adventure[ 2]); likely because so much of what was engaging and exciting about the original has been taken up and iterated on massively in the decades since. However, the one thing I will say is that I don't understand why they felt a sequel should once again star the incredibly generic, hilariously named Cutter Slade once more. I can't see any way that's going to help the sequel stand out — does anyone have fond memories of the original game that are in any way tied to Cutter?
  9. Well, that'd be funny* if it weren't so grim. An extra chilling effect on non-heteronormative characters and non-traditonal gender performativity in video games, just what we need! Well, I guess after the US spent so much time inflicting its moral values on the world via the Hays and Comics Codes, it's only fair that another state gets a go of the direct-intervention anti-progression machine. * the idea of games, an industry whose big budget games are still massively skewed towards American mainstream culture needing restrictions on its representations of gender and sexuality is genuinely quite funny. In reality, this will be driven more by adventure games (like dontnod's, as mentioned above) and visual novels and the like, but the idea of, say, Gears of War being too effeminate tickles me.
  10. Just to be Captain Derail for a moment, the luddites really did have good reason for their rebellion and the fact they're painted as foolish progress-haters is slightly gross historical revisionism fully in keeping with the way history is taught in this country to paint the nations' progress as naturally leading towards an ideal state. You may all now return to (correctly) dunking on the awful Escapist article and the attitude it espouses.
  11. Yeah, it feels like they couldn't/didn't have time to implement decent shaders for volumetric clouds (and non-awful water). I'd like to hope it's development footage, but given it looks identical in the Nintendo Life video, albeit entirely minus the clouds,* I'm not too hopeful: (from 3:56, if it doesn't automatically put you there) The lighting, the sea, it's all just worlds apart from the lovely-looking original. And that's without worrying about the physics tweaks they talk about * which might well end up being a 'fix' that will be applied to the release version: remove any volumetric clouds
  12. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    For what it's worth, it's not for the game proper, it's for the soundtrack - it includes songs with 12-worthy lyrics rather than random swearing birds. Something I imagine the other skating games also fall afoul of (possibly compounded by injury detail and/or character speech in those, of course).
  13. At the risk of 'moaning' and upsetting Strafe, I'm going to say that this remake looks Not Great. And I mean looks not great; the remake footage in that Nintendo Life video looked pretty rough, and initially I thought maybe it was just rose-tinted specs making me misremember how nice the original looked, but no: I mean, I wasn't expecting something up to the standard of the Virtua Fighter 5 remake, but it's pretty offensive that they've made the game regress visually.
  14. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yep, very much looking forward to Aragami 2, and I liked what I played of Phoenix Point at release, despite it being a bit buggy at that point, and am definitely going to give it another go now that it's a bit more mature and accessible to me while sat on a couch! Well, once I've finished Psychonauts 2, at least. And finished a campaign of Humankind. And played The Artful Escape.* Oh, the calamity of having too many games to play. *and, on other systems, finished the new-old Ace Attorney games
  15. While the armies aren't as immediately exciting for me as Best Boys the lizardmen were, I'm still looking forward to them. Cathay's an interesting one, as (to my knowledge) they're a faction that's only ever existed as flavour-text (or 'lore', if you prefer); CA may well have had a fair bit of freedom in designing them here, both aesthetically and mechanically speaking. Really not sure what to expect of them, because of that. Meanwhile, having the discrete Chaos Daemon armies to play as should be fun; Khorne's always a bit boring, but I love the other three visually, and there's a lot you could do with them mechanically. (Kislev I have no interest in whatsoever, so naturally they're who the campaign/advertising seem to be focussed on) As for the game proper, I'm not sure I want the campaign to be super-long, but I'm interested to see what core mechanic(s) they centre this one around. Unless they completely balls the whole thing up I'll be three for three on Total Warhammer games!
  16. Shin Megami Tensei 5 is the big one for me. I'm looking forward to other things too, but that's the one I'm most excited for (and, by the same stroke, am most worried won't live up to its potential).
  17. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, on my experience there it's somewhere between 15 and 100 fps depending on the situation, ideal
  18. Yeah, mine was in fact 'free', courtesy of rewards points; absolutely worth it for a second controller, never mind a second controller whose design I love. I'll be tempted to do it again in half a year, this time as a PC controller; my old Xbox One controller serving that purpose is starting to show its age.
  19. I am delighted: (forgive the poor lighting)
  20. Watched the trailer, and I'm pleasantly surprised that they didn't slap on the Iconic Green Filter. No expectations either way, beyond that, but a good sign that is it's not going to be 100% homage-to-self, at least!
  21. Wiper

    Edge #363

    I feel for the poor designer given the most bland-looking Marvel game as their cover assignment. No way to make anything visually interesting with that one. (I got The Boringest Iron Man, whoopee!) Feel a bit sorry for Humankind, though I'm glad to see the best time-looping game of the month scoring above Twelve Minutes, at least!
  22. Heaven's Vault is brilliant, I heartily recommend it. By far the highlight of the bundle. So good it got an Edge magazine Making Of back in July!
  23. https://twitter.com/2point21/status/1435578917058801666 Not much to add to this, really. I mean, will it really happen? If it does, will it be anything but terrible? Probably not. But still, I can dream. LBA 1 & (particularly) 2 were incredible, trailblazing things; and follow-up studio No Cliché developed Toy Commander, an unsung classic on Dreamcast.* If Raynal and Chanfray's team can channel that end-of-millennium spirit we could have something special. Or we could have yet another disappointing throwback trying to sell itself using a cult classic name. I guess we'll find out! *also, I suppose their earlier title Alone in the Dark was pretty important in the development of some minor genre. We dont talk about Time Commando.
  24. And that's my rewards points converted into gift cards, and thus my subtle, beautiful custom controller: Here's hoping it doesn't get stuck for too long on the other side of the Channel!
  25. This and Starship Troopers are both brilliant film adaptations, but that's specifically because they've been adapted by people of far greater wit than the original authors, who use their lens to critique and utterly change the nature of the work. If you're after 'straight' adaptations then they, well, they ain't great. (but then, the vast majority of book to film adaptations benefit from heavy adaptation. The strengths of the two media are so different that unless a book has been written almost as screenplay in the first place, then it will suffer if it's simply 'transferred to the screen'. Which is why I find complaints about films not being true to their source material to be generally wanting, as the most slavishly faithful films will tend to be a complete waste of the medium. If you want a 'true' version of a book, read the book!) Of course, I unironically love Lynch's Dune (and also love the novel), so what do I know!
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