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  1. Personally I'd play 1 and 2 but skip 3. Wish I'd done that when I played through the remasters last year - I had a blast finishing 1, enjoyed my time in 2, but completely ran out of steam in 3 which ended up sapping my enjoyment of the whole trilogy. 2 is probably the most widely liked of the trilogy; 1 is far more trad-RPG, and is my favourite by a country mile. 3 is a weirdly bloated third-person shooter with the occasional branching conversation. Even ignoring qualitative differences, 1 is about 2/3rds the length of 2, which is 1/2 the length of 3, so you can blast through the first two games a lot faster!
  2. I mean, it did host the game of the year (Shin Megami Tensei V, obviously), but yeah, the Switch offered me a pretty lean year otherwise.
  3. Yeah, I couldn't include Townscaper as it released in 2020, but it's a true nothing game — more toy than game, truth be told — and absolutely wonderful. I'd forgotten it had come to Gamepass, absolutely worth trying if you haven't!
  4. Ah, the study of the study of history, aka. historiography, a great subject. Formed only a small part of my degree — ancient, not modern; I didn't study post-600CE history beyond Year 8 — and most students didn't seem to enjoy it, but I found it fascinating.
  5. You people just don't know how to have a good (quiet) time! This is why I still prefer the Shenmue games to the Yakuza series; though they share a lot of DNA, and inarguably Things Happen in both, Shenmue spends a lot of time having you noodle around, just existing in its space. Yakuza never really does that; it's always pulling you into fights, bringing on the next major plot beat/side story/weird skit. I want some time to reflect, damn you! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and pootle around Sable's world a little, and then maybe rewatch Tokyo Story.
  6. Just gonna say, that's a pretty damning indictment of history teaching in this country. There were a lot of countries I wasn't sure of, but Ireland being neutral is pretty famous - having a lot to do with how England had treated Ireland prior to and following its secession. Indeed, it's a pretty key insight into the relationship between our countries and the situation in Northern Ireland. It's something I just assumed everyone in the UK would know! (I hope everyone at least got Switzerland and Sweden, as they were also pretty [in]famously neutral countries)
  7. Having access to all the major controllers, I'm going to be boring and opt for the Series controller here. Mostly because it's the most comfortable with the best d-pad, but also because it's the only controller I have that looks like this.
  8. On the plus side, this ruling means that Elden Ring should only reasonably be allowed as a Category B entry next year, what with its network test* having been this year. Lucky for Halo Infinite that its early access public beta came in the same year as its ultimate release. Lucky for Inscryption too that its pre-release version is a discrete release with a different name and so the game wasn't technically in early access from 2019 onwards. What a brave new future the Hades-dislikers have voted for! * which is, after all, simply Big Budget language for 'early access'
  9. It has a very boring opening starring an unlikeable main character (who won't stop talking to himself) and hamfisted storytelling (not helped by said unshutupable main character), making for a wearying few hours of gameplay. Per the thread, it apparently improves dramatically, but I never made it past the ten hour mark to experience this for myself.
  10. And quite right too! I for one haven't touched a video game since that neophyte Will Crowther sullied the medium with the introduction of 'prose' in 1976. Disgusting really; the only ludonarrative dissonance I care about is the dissonance of putting narrative in my ludo. And don't get me started on judging the quality of games' visuals, or audio! What is this, an art gallery/mix-tape club? Ridiculous.
  11. I actually got strong System Shock vibes from the machine enemies, being as they too are largely repurposed from benign robots and so look distinctly unthreatening; e.g the original's Serv-Bots: Which continue to look suitably dorky in the remake, like aggressive waste bins: Agreed generally that the enemies are a bit of a weak point in the game, though; in early stages when you're very weak then the simple threat of them is effective (and the mimic's, well, mimic ability is an effective tension builder), but it never goes in for the full horror vibes of SS1 and 2, and the enemies never become truly memorable. Though the shying away from true horror is just as well for me, really, seeing as I can no longer play SS2 due to sheer terror. (don't tell my avatar I said that)
  12. I would imagine it's somewhat tricky to guess how any game might be a top ten contender after two minutes of play, yes. (alas, no easy achievement there for me, as I already 100%ed the game. I started making my way through Sable instead; not the most generous with achievements at the outset, but free with them once you pass the 30 minute mark. Also, as it turns out, brilliant, but for the serious performance issues on Series X)
  13. Ta, though it's not a 3DS XL! That's a standard sized New 3DS and official dock;. I did have a 3DS XL and official dock (both blue) before that, but sold them when I upgraded to the N3DS.
  14. Apologies in advance for the lack of cable management or regularity to the layout (the off-centre N64 in particular is upsetting me) — this was a quick dry run, as I should be imminently moving house, but wanted to get some idea of how I'd want to arrange things in advance; new tv stand and recent switch from hifi speakers to a chunky soundbar meant a bit of rearranging was in order. Except for the Series X, which continues to sit in the corner and think about what it's done, of course. I may invest in an LED strip to attach below the top shelf, as except for the Xbox the lower devices don't exactly 'pop' (alas that I have few large light-shaded consoles). The poor old PS3 more or less melts entirely into shadow!
  15. I'm sure it'd be heavily skewed, but then so is console gaming (albeit in the opposite direction) and we have the breakdown there; I'd like to see just how much/little the outright sale market makes up. I know I'm an outlier in that all of my mobile gaming is purchase-only (e.g. Inkle's output), but I'm curious to know how much of an outlier! And as you flag up, if 'pay to play' is subs, it seems weird that it exists only for PC; even ignoring the fact there are actual major subs-based console games (e.g. server-busting Final Fantasy XIV), surely that'd be the appropriate place to track Gamepass and PS Now. In summary, it's my professional opinion* that this is a flawed chart, and I'd like to see its underlying data. *in the truly literal sense
  16. I'm just glad to know we've finally identified the person responsible for the horror of combined sci-fi/fantasy bookstore sections.
  17. I'd like to see that chart re-rendered into something better categorised (i.e. having mobile split out into equivalent subgroups as console and PC) and I'd also like to see a key covering what exactly 'pay-to-play' is, and whether Premium simply means 'purchase to play' or if it's excluding e.g. indie games; but yes, the mobile market is huge.
  18. Personally, I'm assuming that people want them to add the obscure/ambient creeping horror of a Souls game; the player heroically fighting to save the world with their mech[a], only to gradually realise the monstrosity that inhabits them and their cause, that they are actually bringing about a great cataclysm to an already benighted world. So what I'm saying is that they just need to bolt on the Evangelion license and they're pretty much there.
  19. After Ace Combat's return to form, I'm looking forward to the other good AC series having a moment in the limelight.
  20. Hitman 1 & 2 are arguable as they are newly available in the Hitman 3 engine; presumably you'd need to pick only one of them. Hitman 3 is very clearly a category A entry only, though!
  21. Switch vs Playdate and Steam Deck, obviously.
  22. I think, to be more precise, the NVIDIA fulfillment partners it tracks (i.e. Scan in the UK) get stock approximately once per month. So it's a realtime, maximum frequency stock tracker, just with very infrequent stock to track.
  23. Yeah, I'm happy to wait (his birthday's not for a few months), I'm just surprised at how fast they disappeared! Made the getting a PS5 seem easy by comparison
  24. Alas, the ones I was after are already gone. I was on my phone when the notifications came through, so able to hop right in, but in the three minutes it took me to get through the captcha and have the site stable enough to load, the 3070's 'add to basket' was no longer functioning, and the 3060ti and 3070ti weren't showing buttons at all. I love my brother, but not enough to spring him a 3080+!
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