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  1. I will say that FFVII Remake has offered me the most fun in years playing 'compare the translation', just for the sheer variation in interpretation of the text that the French vs. English opt for, and playing in French with English subs really lent the game an enjoyable dissonance as (whiny, dickhead) English Cloud was contrasted with (taciturn, serious) French Cloud.
  2. Can't believe Edge has opted to skip reviews the very month that the game of the year came out (Hitman 3, obvs.) But yeah, looking forward to this, it's a fun choice of theme! Plus, Kaizen Game Works? Yes please.
  3. Obviously there are far bigger issues with Spotify - particularly their rate of compensation to artists,* to the point that for any smaller bands piracy would be about as helpful to them as listening to them on Spotify alone - but it rubs me the wrong way when I see the suggestion that Spotify has 'everything', when it routinely misses even releases from relatively big artists if they're a bit old or foreign (e.g. no Night Time by Killing Joke, no War Head by Ryuichi Sakamoto), and becomes extremely scattershot if you're looking for any non-English music outside of the absolute mainstream.
  4. I was very surprised to see FF7R do so well,* but yeah, it's evidently got to be in the top 5 as there's no way it failed to make the top 20. And I won't spoil it, but the other game you're missing is Extremely Good. (though I'm sad to say it's not cyberpunk photo-em-up Umurangi Generation, which I'd hoped against all odds would squeak into the top 20, but no) *not meant as a criticism, I just didn't realise it had been so well received
  5. Yeah, I thought Dartmoor looked very good, nicely evocative of the British countryside, and of Agatha Christie murder mystery manors generally. Loved the whole setup, a fantastic level - the only thing that bothered me is the number of people comparing it to Knives Out, when it's very clearly a loving Poirot/Marple homage, down to the individual suspects, method of murder and motive. Whoever wrote it knows their murder mysteries! Yeah, I didn't actually realise that was a thing until Dartmoor, because I wanted to see the different ways the end of the mystery could play ou
  6. Snap, only swap the N64 for PC & DC with RE2, and drop RE7 from the list. It's funny how the series still feels distinctly 'Playstation' (with the exceptions of CV and RE4, which I strongly associate with the DC and GC)!
  7. It should look a bit nicer (Hitman 3 adds reflections, replaces some models etc compared to Hitman 2, and Hitman 2 added stuff to Hitman 1 in the first place, so you'll get a double stack of incremental upgrades), but the real benefit is progression - while progress can transfer from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 if you stay within the same family of hardware, Hitman 1 progress can't be migrated to either.
  8. I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to see this got to number 6. Well deserved, and I'm reasonably confident it's the highest placed game to be made by a 3-man team this year.
  9. 6. Paradise Killer The third best 3D adventure game of all time. That’s it, that’s the re- what do you mean, you’ve heard this one before? Okay, okay. Presumably you’ve heard this one as well; about the woman who fell to earth? It’s a story as old as time. Woman investigates crimes, is seduced by a god, endangers paradise, is locked up indefinitely as punishment, is finally released eight millennia later to solve a murder. Ah. So, how about the eternal romance? You know, the assassin who fell in love with his target, and become so consumed with h
  10. That's the plan! Hopefully tonight, once I've done my final GOTY write-up. Though I am sorely tempted to, instead of playing Hitman 3 proper, go back through and complete Hitman 1 & 2 in Hitman 3. I mean, seeing as I have no progress to carry over that would only make sense, right?
  11. Just a heads up that entry number 6 won't be up until this evening; I couldn't get my write-up how I wanted it overnight, and don't have enough of a break at work to redo it until then.
  12. I will say that this thread is making me feel a lot better about having had the game since yesterday, yet not been able to play it because I've had GOTY write-ups to do each evening. Hopefully by the time I'm done tomorrow the server will be all better!* *it will not be all better
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