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  1. As mentioned, Dune and Lost Eden are classics (and by far Cryo's best games), as is Under a Killing Moon. For a bit of first-person adventure you might also want to give the Journeyman Project games a try, pretty sure they're all on GOG. All that said, none are quite the same as 7th Guest/11th Hour - as in, they all involve puzzles tied to the story and inventory-based puzzle-solving rather than arbitrary brain-teasers, but they at least share the same perspective. If anything even further from the design thanks to its reliance on time-based puzzles, but potentially worth a look, is the brilliant The Last Express - challenging but gorgeous, it's well worth a look. Alternatively, hewing more towards the visual novel and reducing the puzzling significantly there is of course Snatcher (though you'll need to emulate it), and I've heard good things about Rise of the Dragon, but I've not played it so can't really comment on how relevant it is.
  2. Absolutely, yes. (Now you have a real dilemma - which of the two uniformly wrong forumites do you want to listen to?)
  3. As someone who very much enjoyed the early Resident Evils (well, 1, 2 and CV) as delightfully hammy horror games, but can't stand Resi 4, you should probably give it a try. It's very different to the games that came before it; third-person shooter first, horror game second. The reasons that other people love it continue to elude me, but given the sheer proportion of people who do enjoy it you should probably give it a go.
  4. It's been a long time since I played MD, but isn't that literally the plot - the entire place is on lockdown following riots, so the normal route (as guarded by the cop) is blocked, hence needing to use a workaround?
  5. Ah, Jane is fine (particularly when you're playing as, er, Jane); BM, on the other hand, can do one! Also all of my Fighters Megamix muscle memory is lost, I've discovered I'm mostly hoping that they continue to plumb the Model 2 fighting catalogue; I'd very much enjoy playing that most middle-of-the-road of fighting games - Last Bronx - once again. And I imagine I'd get some entertainment from completely ignoring Sonic the Fighters.
  6. I'm liking this a lot - more, dare I say it, than the Yakuzas. It has a bit of a different feel to it - the different protagonist and framing go a long way to feeling like a fresh experience rather than "just another Yakuza game", even as it shares most of the series' traditional mechanics. It turns out the Ace Attorney x Ryu ga Gotoku is the game I've secretly always wanted to play! (plus, of course, it as ever benefits from the timeless pleasure of Sega's arcade games, allowing the whole thing to feel like a superior retro collection with a free adventure game on top, should you so desire)
  7. Easy ones for me are: Starting Little Big Adventure 2, opening comfortably in Twinsen's house with the original's art style of 3d models over isometric pre-rendered backdrop, only to exit the house and find myself in a fully 3D, polygonal world that seemed to stretch on forever. Mindblowing. Playing Thief, and confronting NPCs who reacted believably to hearing things, who could be tricked and distracted by using noise. Such a simple thing, but until then the closest to 'believable' behaviour that I'd seen in games had been characters who were reliant on line of sight - moving to characters that not only had hearing but could be fooled into going the wrong way by making noises at a distance? Brilliant. Playing Deus Ex, getting the end of the very first level (having already been astonished by the scope and freedom of approach), and being confronted with an 'enemy' who made it apparent that maybe I couldn't just take everything my ostensible allies were telling me at face value. Still, I don't want to just wax nostalgic about the things that astonished me as a youth, so some more recent examples: Total War: Three Kingdoms squaring the circle of wanting to use the whole 'Three Kingdoms' concept while not wanting to restrict you to just said three states to play. Instead the game starts before the kingdoms have formed, and has a 'Three Kingdoms' event trigger once any one state (player-controlled or otherwise) crosses a certain threshold of prestige, at which point the three most powerful states automatically declare themselves emperor and become the Three Kingdoms (with immediate, dramatic effects on any shared coalitions or alliances). This amazing piece of branching dialogue in Pathologic 2:
  8. I mean, there's a lot of amazing films in their selection, so it's hard to go wrong,* but in the end none of the sections were difficult for me to answer: Nausicaä, Only Yesterday and Whisper of the Heart are all perfect films. Now, ask me to pick between those and I'd struggle. Admittedly Castle in the Sky, Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, When Marnie Was There and The Wind Rises are all perfect too, but not quite as perfect. *Earthsea excluded, of course. Made all the more distressing by the brilliance of the source novels
  9. Yeah, I played it courtesy of Gamepass and found it disappointingly soulless. Which I suppose is at least thematically appropriate.
  10. I'm also waiting for the physical edition, though that's more because I'm a cheapskate. Really looking forward to it, though - it'll be nice to explore Kamurocho from a different perspective!
  11. It can work, but it seems hit and miss - my post didn't embed on first attempt, so I posted, edited it, cut out the link and put it back in... and it somehow worked. No idea why. Nice track though, not one I'd heard before, and made me look up the game's soundtrack; certainly one of the best I've heard to come out of the Famicom.
  12. You appear to get it! All of your moves have to be in time with the beat, and all enemies move in time with the beat. If you move into an enemy you deal damage to them; if they move into you they deal damage to you. So you need to follow their movement patterns to identify the safe way to approach and move into enemies, all while moving in time with the beat. You can also play as the bard instead and drop the whole rhythm-action bit of the game, so you just have to focus on following enemy movement patterns, rather than doing so while under the constraints of the music.
  13. Any particular retailer(s) you'd recommend?
  14. I had been thinking of just getting a second 128gb to double up, but £25 for 256gb sounds good* - is that this one, or are there more reliable to be had? *and distresses me very slightly when I remember how much my first ever, 128MB flash memory card cost, or indeed how much our 600MB hard drive did way back when...
  15. As I'm also at a point where I could do with a new card, I wanted to check - beyond inconvenience, is there any downside to having a couple of SD cards on the go to swap between, rather than using a single, larger card? I know with the Vita that was a no-go due to the OS doing a full reset whenever you swapped card (even more annoying given the cost and upper size limit of Sony's proprietary cards), so I'm a little wary of assuming it's a safe choice with the Switch...
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