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  1. I assume the 'come back' mails for WoW are periodically sent out based on a malevolently calculated algorithm rather than a sabotage attempt for TOR - I took advantage of one close to Cata's release to see the revamped low level content. As someone who was feeling the itch at that point, it had the opposite effect to that intended; I figured pretty quickly there was nothing there for me any more. Every time someone raises the concern that it'll fail six months down the line, I just think yesssss. Get in, have fun, escape with my life. That's the plan, anyway.
  2. Isn't this how Dhalsim arms have always worked? Correct me if I'm wrong, like. I'm messing with Guile for the most part, although my play is kind of predictable and I should really go back to Chun-Li as she seems to have more options. They haven't been enormously successful against me, but the hyperdefensive Akumas I keep running into stress me out loads - his fireball options and teleport make it really hard for me to feel like I'm in control of any space.
  3. Ok, so we knew we were getting something new today but The man is completely insane. Whoop!
  4. It's also the map with the most prodigious arsenal (2 of pretty much every weapon save for the limited rocket launcher and easily countered sword), which makes sense that you like it given your problems with being forced down a particular route. I tend to find the only map that really seems to play the same way every time is Epitaph. I can understand why someone would be played out on it after all the time you've put into the series, but for someone like me it's still really great the way that you can duel someone from one side of the map to the other.
  5. The furthest I've got so far is autumn of the second year - all my dwarves were starving, all my dwarves were on top of a mountain and the outdoor farms (which are rubbish anyway) were being so harassed by batman (the bastard!) that I couldn't grow anything, but the caravan had just arrived and was trundling over to the depot so all I had to do was hold out until then and trade for all the meat it could possibly give me. Then I found out that every time a dwarf starved to death the game locked up for about 15 minutes. After the third time this happened I decided to call that one a loss. I had a really good thing going on the next fortress - sand for farming, lots of elephant meat*, plenty of migrants to do my dirty work and nuggets by the truckload. It crashed just I was irrigating a new underground farm, and I couldn't bring myself to go back to that one either . Now I'm on a map with an aquifer that blocks my every move a level or so down, the migrants are nowhere to be seen, my underground farms seem to count as overground and therefore can only grow rubbish crops (not very well) and my hunter's been eaten by a cougar. It says a lot that I'm still completely bloody hooked. * - Although the bit where my hunter ran out of bolts and then tried to murder the bleeding and barely conscious elephant with his bare hands - I think he fainted of exhaustion in the process - is going to stick with me for a while.
  6. Niggy Tardust is quite possibly the best album name ever conceived. It's a good album too! Nice and crunchy. Well worth the asking price, whichever one you picked.
  7. On the other hand, it's a criticism that people were making of even the first Halo when that came out - comparing the vehicle combat to Tribes, for example. So it's a criticism that's as valid as it ever was. (It's not something I agree with myself - the only game that Halo has ever reminded me of is Doom, which is basically inevitable in most FPS games and Halo manages to capture more of Doom's appeal than virtually anything else. Bioshock, on the other hand, the game Yahtzee favourably compares Halo 3 to, tends to remind me more of Doom 3. Which isn't a diss - I liked Doom 3, in spite of everything - but this sort of thing makes criticising Halo for being done better before a little incomprehensible to me.) I like riding shotgun and waving to passing chicks!
  8. Mmm, you have to be pretty forgiving with new Who, especially for the Davies episodes. That said, I really, really enjoyed this one, much more than last week's. The only thing I didn't like about it was the invasion being so similar to last year's, but the feel up to that point was so good that I don't really care.
  9. It was rubbish. Except for the brilliant bits.
  10. I actually really miss Rose, which I didn't expect at all. I can't help but think Martha's being a little bit underused. She's just kind of there at the moment.
  11. Why would you get rid of a console that's just getting into its stride for a console that's going through birthing pains? Scratch that, why the hell would you want to wait over 2 years for a version of Halo 3 that won't have co-op mode?
  12. All right, server name rllmuk password forum. I've never had trouble finding it on the server list. If anyone does, post here and I'll sort it out. Assuming not so many people up for it tonight. I'll hang around for a bit though.
  13. I'm happy to play, but my connection can be a little shaky so I'll wait a bit to see if someone starts one up.
  14. You actually reconnected with the game I'm watching... I'm guessing it was taking you a while to synchronise, given that the game insists on replaying the whole game up to the point you got to when you reconnect. You were doing pretty well up to that point. Really wish I'd joined in now Great scenes, looking forward to playing with you guys soon.
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