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    It took me a while to get going but I've just finished a silly little comic project with some mates from work. 40 full colour pages of vaguely video game related nonsense. It's neither high art or great literature but I enjoyed doing it. I'll be hawking physical copies at the British International Comics show in Birmingham this weekend but in the great spirit of the new internet business model of free you can look at it online for nowt at - http://issuu.com/smartbomb/docs/smartbomb01 Be kind
  2. I've got a soft spot for Space Firebird. It's really just a Galaxians-alike but very playable. We had one in a local record shop and we'd skip college to play it so I guess it's full of lovely nostalgic memories for me. Had a Gorf, too but that was a bit pap, really despite telling you to 'inserrrrtttt coinnn'.
  3. I'll take that and raise you Starship - We Built This City
  4. Philadelphia Freedom - no contest.
  5. Wil

    Jazz Fusion

    I'll drop my 5p worth into this, the most unfashionable end of the jazzy minstrel world. Bruford - One of a Kind Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior & Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy Al Di Meola - Casino, Elegant Gypsy, Splenidio Hotel and (if you like your guitars) the amazing Friday Night in San Francisco. Monty Skip - The Pellet Ok, so I lied about the last one.
  6. Does anyone know what he's doing now? I think we caught him in a grumpy mood when Tony (Mott) interviewed him for SP - what were his future plans? "who cares, I'll be dead soon" LED Storm rules for me
  7. Wil

    What do you do?

    I've worked in graphic design for advertising and games mags, as a freelance illustrator and now a games concept artist. I think I enjoyed my time most in mags because of the variety and quick turnaround. Games can wear you down if you're not totally into the project as they take so long now but the pay is better so I can't really go back without the family taking a big income hit. Freelance is hideous unless you have an agent doing the boring bits or are dead lucky. As is always the case with this sort of thing when you're doing it all day long it can quickly become the normal grind, no matter how 'glamorous' the job may seem (which is probably why most creative types all have their own pet projects on the go). I wish I was working on my dream game/comic/film etc. but the chances of that happening and having all the control is slim indeed. In many ways I wish I did have a standard 9-5 day job so I could actually enjoy the drawing and design stuff more. Blimey, I sound really depressed which isn't really the case. Just some days I agree with what the Chuntmeister said.
  8. Maybe it's to do with the age of the child. Like I said, Cam's only 4 1/2 and we tended to get involved in observations about the pics (why has he got a funny nose etc.) rather than reading the story. Although maybe that's a better use of the time than just me reading to him
  9. Wil

    Illustration Club

    Maybe the recent Offcom report will have some effect on that although I doubt it. There are still some blips of greatness in kids TV but it's a shame to think that everything has to be designed around marketing potential. Where's the 21st century's Smallfilms? You'd think that with the availability of Flash and After Effects there'd be a least some great homemade efforts coming out of left field. http://www.savekidstv.org.uk/
  10. I've always had a hankering to do a children's book but never really had enough confidence in my writing to do the whole thing. Now I've got a son (now 4 1/2) I get to buy and read a lot more and generally find the ones that win book prizes and are hailed as 'the new best thing ever' are the ones that kids aren't that keen on. Sometimes the illustrations are just just too stylistic and aren't clear enough or the stories don't flow very well. We've got two books by Oliver Jeffers (the Lost and Found one is in an above post) and although the illos are interesting I found myself having to explain a lot of what was going on. As old as the Very Hungry Caterpillar is the story is straightforward and easy to follow and the illos (although stylised) are easily recognisable. The best 'modern' kids book I've read (and that my son also loves) is Room On The Broom by Juila Donaldson and Alex Scheffler (who are also responsible for The Gruffalo). Great illos and a super story. I always saw the Stinky Cheese Man and Squids will be Squids as more for adults than kids. They don't really work for younger kids. Great illos, though.
  11. I've read some great fanzines over the years - Roll Call, Journey's End (and in the US, Shining Forth) were the best for RPGs and I've still got an issue of a great little A5 SFC/SNES zine called Famicom Go! In fact, I've still got them all, hoarder that I am. Yeah, the net's easier, flashier etc. but it's not quite the same... old sigh
  12. I still find Highway Encounter and its follow-up - Alien Highway great to play and I still love the Firebird giant rolling balls in a 3D maze 'em up - Gyron. It's quite serene (although for a lot of folk that means slow and boring) but a great challenge.
  13. Gilbert's Fridge was even better. Truely the strangest thing ever to appear on kids ITV.
  14. And will the selection of games be different across territories? Dull Turbo Graphx for the West vs wacky PC Engine for the East. Will you be able to fool the system and log onto Wii Japan from the UK?
  15. What about tongues? Greener likes the tongue So I've heard.
  16. They'd have to change it to 'Tate Mode'
  17. Oops, I wonder if they've seen that. I wanted to call it Hyper Play
  18. I always liked the GB camera 'freaks'. I remember, when we were first covering it, trying to persuade Paul to dive into the ladies loo and take a quick snap! Come to think of it, didn't Paul also get the mick extracted with that photo of him accepting loads of tapes (or something) at a front door. Some wag changed the titles to gems like 'Backdoor Ladyboys!' No wonder he dissapeared!
  19. This is all getting really self-indulgent. The only people on this thread now are old mag staffers
  20. My favourite to spine was Extreme 64. Especially the issue where they had the Mario look-a-likes. Topping the list was Tom Selleck who not only looked like Mazza but (as he had just been in Friends) had also serviced the back passage of many an old boiler
  21. I hope it'll be the glorious love child of a menage a trois between SP, N64 and NGC!
  22. So then Jes and Geraint - lean over and take a gander at what Mart's planning for the NGC farewell. Tell us all!
  23. I've never heard so many profanities in such short a time as when there was a lunchtime game of MK64 or GoldenEye. Hey, it's a N64/NGC love-in!
  24. It was especially funny firing elastic bands up into the ceiling fans and seeing them zip off at frightening speeds towards PC Gamer!
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