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  1. Did anyone else pick up on the fact that the memory-wiping device may not be 100% effective? When they're driving to the woods, she mentions that she remembers the guy and she thinks they're going to the woods and that they'll have lunch. Maybe the wiping device gets less and less effective after every use?
  2. I was at work and missed it. Does anybody know when its being repeated?
  3. I was just about to post the same thing. I missed the first bits. How blind is the "father"? I can't see how they can manage to sit outside having a beer while their kids are inside changing each others nappies. What gets me is not even the whole blindness thing. They clearly cannot take care of their children and the mother wants to have 8? I just can't understand some peoples mentalities. It dosen't seem sane, it probably isn't in which case, why isn't she sectioned?
  4. I was cringing watching the clips all the way thorough. Was quite strange seeing it. So happy that he's still doing the show and they haven't cancelled it in response to some twats who felt it was irresponsible.
  5. It was on More four first then Channel four. The Satire humour was quite good. A second part wouldn't go amiss.
  6. Was on TV (Channel four) a few days ago. Anybody watch it, what did you think?
  7. Seconded, awsome album. Also check out megadeth, if your looking for something to begin with get the rust in peace album
  8. lokas


    Does anybody know what difference there is between the US version and the UK version?
  9. I got the album last week on Friday. Bloody amazing. There isnt one track I don't like.
  10. Anyone? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Please
  11. Im thinking of a white centre frame with a light bluish frame (something like the forum colours around it). Id like it quite big so that i could scale it down if necessary something around 200-300 by 200-300 pixels.
  12. Im doing a bit of a project (website) and although im good on the scripting side of things, my design skills are pretty poor. I was wondering if somebody would be able to design a logo for the site for me. The company is called N4 Gas and is basically a gas repair, fitting service sort of thing. I should mention that I would like the companies name in the logo aswell. Any designs or ideas would be much appreciated.
  13. Yeh quite majorly. I cant believe that john (the "matermind") only got a supervision order. On another note, how would the police enforce their no going on the internet unsupervised bit of the sentence. I never understood how this could work.
  14. Dont think so, theres another one from the same series next week although from a preview, it dosent look like its going to be as good as this one.
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