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  1. Very interesting, busy was it? Just realised this looks like i started the topic, i didn't, it was blank!!
  2. Very impressive 213 you certainly know your stuff.
  3. This is the ebay seller you need to keep an eye on, Sean Kelly, he's the man who actually makes the multicarts. I got mine last year for $70 plus shipping, a lot cheaper than resellers sell them for. Every once in a while he'll make another batch and flog them. Well worth getting unless you want the whole packaging as well in which case i'd say get Scramble.
  4. Couple of things.. Boxed Sony MSX compter £1, seems to be some kind of promo computer, yellow label on the bottom says "NOT FOR SALE" and the box has a Sony loan label on it. 2 X ps1 GAMES £1 Pokemon Snap 50p 3 x N64 guides £1.50
  5. Very poor weather so had to be quick but not too bad, total spent £20. Boxed SNES plus 6 games £10 Scramble 50p Point Blank 1 & 2, FFVII £3 Snes controller & boxed Street Fighter2 £3.50 3 other SNES games £3. Hardly saw any PS1 or PS2 games or consoles, all older stuff including an Atari plus a load of common games. Nothing to add to my collection but some interesting stuff nonetheless.
  6. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4247854969941907776 I imagine it'll be shown on this video, good luck. EDIT, doesn't look like much actually... http://members.tripod.com/ssh_web/endings.htm
  7. My stuff..... Snes plus games £6 4 x Megacd games £4 Nes stick £3 Speccy games £3 5 x Megadrive games £2 the lot.
  8. Buy any of the point and click adventures, i.e. Lucasarts, Lucas Films games especially Monkey Island you see. always sell well. Sorry, can't think of any trades i'm after at the moment.
  9. It get's better, just had a proper look at it and found the foldout inside bit and keyboard overlay under the cardboard, RESULT!! It never ceases to amaze me how much old PC games sell for, i sold a Monkey Island for £40+ a while back and a sealed Carriers at War for a similar price.
  10. Cool, it's in a fancy triangular box which i haven't seen before until now although he seems a little ambitious.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FINAL-FANTASY-VII-7-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. Like this........ only kidding, here's what i really got... Bongos £3 SNES +Speccy games £10 Lightpen £2 Looping for Colecovision (my first ever Colecovision find at a booty!!) 20p FF VII 50p
  12. Defintely two waves of buyers at my local ones, you see the same faces every week when i get there around 06:30 and they are all gone before 07:30 when it starts to get busy, i do the same mind you but you only realise what you can get when you start really early believe me although having said that i got my Vectrex very late at my biggest local booty (Taplow if you're wondering) but it is a whole different place at 06:30. The second wave start arriving as the first are leaving and i doubt it's like that just round here.
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