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  1. It's relevant for me because I've got some mad belief that when FO3's game details became clear, the FC2 team shat themselves and went into mad product differentiation mode, which would explain why the game seems so confused. It's like they stripped out an RPG component and crowbarred more trad FPS content into the open world maps. The respawning checkpoints suggest that to me. What's more, a nice little RPG system, deeper combat mechanics and more in-world persistence would have made it a blatant 10/10.
  2. Well the thing is I did have a sweet 10-12 hours with it, but then I couldn't handle the grind. It did all get old.
  3. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU'RE SAYING KERRAIG. THREE DIAMONDS! OMFG! That really is an incredible reward, isn't it? Especially considering that in Fallout 3, the average FC2-sized trek would get you a bunch of guns to do maintence with, costume items, various health/drug pickups, maybe a level up if you haven't reached the cap, discover a side mission, meet a trader, see some crazy shit and so on. So yeah, Far Cry 2 really delivers with its open-word content. But then it feels like it's running screaming from Fallout 3, shouting "I can just be a 2001/2002 shooter and still justify being an open world. I really can!"
  4. I'd be totally down for that justification if the trips were actually worthwhile. Getting zero rewards for doing journeys on the game's terms pretty much shoots down any 'it's about the journey' win for me. In fact, it costs you in weapon wear-and-tear and the only benefit is replenshing ammo and upping your kills stat. In terms of game design, it's painfully, painfully thin considering how much play time is taken up with such bare-bones travelling and skirmishing. The bottom line for me, having done 95% of the game, is that FC2 appears to be hugely confused about what it wants to be. It's about five steps from being the greatest FPS of all time, which is HUGELY UPSETTING. It should have read a lot more from STALKER's book instead of its predecessor.
  5. Not quite in the same way, though. The original Mercenary delivers a sense of space and Damocles etc added flat-poly shading for more solidity but they're still very much gamey environments. Simulations, rather than actual spaces. It was Doom's extended architecture of cavenrs, staircases and corridors and, of course, the quality of the texturing, that made it really stand out as a huge achievement in creating a real, tangible place.
  6. If Doom's impact was about anything, it was about a sense of PLACE. Even Mario 64, for all its awesome 3Dness, still felt like a videogame world in 3D. Doom was about having the game taking place in an actual *somewhere*. I remember finding the secret door to get outside on level 1 and it frying my brain that I could turn around and look back at the building and it *was* an actual building. Before then, only Ultima Underworld had come close, but that just felt like a free-roam around Dungeon Master's quite artificial, grid-based environments. Even Wolfenstein had that game-world vibe. Doom was a proper step up in that regard.
  7. It NEEDS to be in Russia. Real life is pretty much like the average GTA session there anyway.
  8. I use exactly that original 45w Maplin adaptor to power my PCE and it works just fine in my house, but when I took it round to a mate's (who does overload his sockets like FUCK), it wouldn't work at all. :S
  9. SEAN. THE KISSING OF THE PINK ALIEN. THE FUCKING KISSING. KISSING AN ALIEN. KISSING SEAN. A PINK FUCKING BABY ALIEN. FUCKING KISSING. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. BRAD DOURIF. KISSING A PINK ALIEN. A PINK ONE. GAAAAGGGG FHAKJFHKhsgoierhgo;3w Me and Gorf should be in charge of Aliens for the rest of time. Oh and I forgot to trumpet my outright support for Predator 2 as well. It's fucking brilliant.
  10. SPACE IS NO PLACE FOR LITTLE GIRLS, despite their uncanny ability to survive the kind of alien infestation that'll wipe out entire army units in a matter of hours.
  11. Yeah, the kind of total shlock super-mum bullshit that Cameron's can't help but spray over everything. See: miserable failure to match Close Encounters with The Abyss, Arnie's previously awesome killing machine becoming a clowny, comical Dad in T2 (complete with 'you did good kid!' thumbs-up at the end). God I hate him *SO* much.
  12. Yeah I did. It was sad, K. Taking the Aliens anywhere NEAR Earth is a colossal fucking mistake. I really don't think Cameron got the proper weirdness of the original's sexuality. It's all about the visceral horror and motherhood for him.
  13. I actually really like Alien 3. It's brave and suitably distanced from the dumb-headed destruction of *any fucking mystery whatsoever* that Cameron managed with Aliens. It's fucked, obviously, but the little snatches of genius in it are worth it for me. If you look at the original Ridley Scott film, there's some brilliantly unanswered questions. The alien remains mysterious and, as a result, totally alien, right to the end. Then Cameron comes along, decides to turn the whole predatory sexuality, feminine force subtext of the original into a ham-fisted 'Nam story and reduces the Aliens to nothing more than mere, totally familiar, earthbound ants. As for the complex subtley of sexuality and femininity, James obviously didn't quite get it, so fuck it - let's make Ripley a 'sisters are doing it for themselves' ultra-mum, who somehow has the newfound, untrained ability to go right into a FUCKING NEST with just a rifle and flamethrower, on her FUCKING OWN, to save a FUCKING ANNOYING LITTLE GIRL. But, yknow, ultra-mums are cool and women can do anything as long as they behave EXACTLY LIKE MEN and have to save a kid. They always have to save a kid. A fucking disgrace, I reckon. Even though the tech, the characters and the action are all pretty awesome, Aliens effectively fucked the series in a mystery/creativity sense. It turned one of the best horror films of the '70s into a painfully shallow bug-hunt actioner and made Ripley a now-crucial character (and thereby necessitated Signourney Weaver being EVERY FUCKING SEQUEL, with the creative control that comes with it). So yes, Aliens, as fun as it is, is shit. What we absolutely need now is Aliens vs Predator vs The Thing set on an interstellar luxury cruise ship, directed by David Cronenberg and John Carpenter.
  14. Well, I've always thought his books were basically about him. He's always the 'lead' character in one way or another. There's also the dream-like quality of his worlds, so the characters in his stories are as detached and weird as other people are in actual dreams (or at least they are in mine). Love his stuff. My fave writer, hands-down.
  15. Awww I knew i should have deployed a winky as well! But please please please do more about ordinary people's experience of games. I think that's the untapped part of Retrogaming that no-one really covers.
  16. Also, I don't think there's that much value in having a dude praise you for being the best magazine in a market of one, even if it is Trip.
  17. Nah. Taos was a cross-platform unified OS/API written by the dude who did Everyone's A Wally.
  18. Personally, I think writing about specific hardware platforms is such a cul-de-sac of diminishing returns I'd rather RG stopped covering them and focussed a LOT more on games and, more importantly, people's experiences with them. I'd happily keep reading RG if it was a split between making-ofs and some kind of 'how did you play...?' feature format. The way individual games are coverered now - a column of one writer's experience, squeezed down the side of a stretched screenshot, isn't really doing them justice. Like the list articles, there's little interest in covering off so many titles in such a surface way, especially when the other option is just a making-of that relies on getting dev people to talk about them. So yeah, fuck all that and just get a shitload of opinion from people who, you know, just care about that shit. The readers, the forum crews etc. I'd rather read five people's first encounters with The Sentinel, no matter who they are than have another overview of a console with a little bit more juice this time round.
  19. Or rather, linear FPS sensibilities in an open world simply don't work.
  20. ZXDS runs 128k games and has AY support, as well as a decent interface with very little fucking around. I just use .z80 files with it, though. Haven't tried .sna or .tzx files. Edit: It loves .sna files, but is only "reasonable" with .tzx ones. http://zxds.raxoft.cz/
  21. I know exactly what you mean, but I thought Progear nailed it really well. It certainly had an influence on Gradius V, I think. The arcing of some bullet patterns thanks to adding gravity was a proper nasty thing to do on Cave's behalf, but I think it taught a few lessons that the likes of R-Type Final didn't really pick up on when they could have taken the horizontal stuff a lot further. I could diss Border Down as well, but I won't.
  22. I'd guess the uproar is that the scores for the 360 version can't be included with PCB/PS2 DOJs, as there are too many differences. I'm also surprised at the dismissal of Progear here. It's a beautiful little thing and the most interesting horizontal shooter since Blazing Star, and was only really superceded by Gradius V. It was definitely a case of Cave going "we can do horizontals as well" and just doing it, along with wonderful presentation, artwork and everything. In the horizontal lineage, it's definitely a classic and totally worthy of the usual Cave hyperbole.
  23. Shend, if you start out with a base of fighters learning swords, it's all so much easier and quicker. Mages you can transmigrate into, like all the other classes. I'd say having winged slayer is the most important key to power levelling, especially with stages Valgipus. Also, create all other chars through Laharl for the combo bonuses and so Laharl can learn every skill in the game. When transmigrating, I always spend on starting SP so you can use winged slayer from lvl 1, though I also boost that with equipment.
  24. I always thought Edge was supposed to rock out on the prospect of new technology, the pushing foward of game-related concepts and striving for the future. I'd say that out of all three platform holders, Sony is the one that still seems committed to that - Home being an example, along with both the PSP and PS3's raw technology. Microsoft are traditionally a reactive company rather than a trailblazing one and pretty much everything about 360 is a reaction, especially in the light of NXE. Nintendo, whilst making great strides into new markets, haven't really pushed any tech angle for a good few years. The Wii controller did catch some attention but when it was revealed as being a bit shit rather than a new paradigm in control methods, it only really left Sony as a company with a clear march and a clear interest in advancing stuff, however misguided and commercially-compromised that might be. Might that explain Edge's relationship with Sony?
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