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  1. If I didn't know Ramone pretty well, I'd be stabbing his face in for the libel he dropped on PEOPLE I KNOW AND LOVE.
  2. Even though it's a bit old news, I've been loving Skism's The Blank recently. Can't decide if the original or the 16bit remix is my fave. Go on, you lot decide: 16bit: Original:
  3. I was lucky enough to have a personal chat with David Braben a few years back (at Game On at the Science Museum). He said that Elite 4 work won't really start properly until after The Outsider was finished, as it's going to use some of the same tech - and not just the graphics engine. I asked him about MMO stuff and he kept tight-lipped completely, only giving the teeniest smile.
  4. I really liked the group play feature. I only wish there were more games covered with one!
  5. They have such amazing eyes themselves, though. In pitch darkness, in camo, ducked in full undergrowth and they can still put a motar on my head. UNBELIEVABLE REALISM.
  6. I think the crucial point MK's missing is that the abstract game lineage that Doom set in motion (killing waves of motherfuckers is better than clambering around a mish-mash of film-inspired environment) was dropped in Doom 3 when SS and Painkiller pointed it in exactly the right direction. FPSes still haven't reached the Bullet Hell Shmup / Dynasty Warriors level of rapeage that they really should have, mostly because they took the retarded I WANT TO BE IN A FILM route that Doom 3 totally championed - and then failed spectacularly to convincingly deliver.
  7. Well, Painkiller wasn't much cop until you'd been through it, unlocked a load of the spell cards and then re-played on the hardest setting. Then it trounced Serious Sam good and proper. Serious Sam was awesome, but a bit ragged compared to Painkiller. Painkiller also had the havoc physics, explodable shit everywhere, a sweet stake gun and the special spastic demon mode.
  8. Doom 3 was shit. Knee-deep in the dead? They barely reached my ankles. Fucking BS. Painkiller was the REAL Doom sequel, not the shoddy Resi-knockoff PoS that Carmack and pals spat out. No wonder they didn't have the balls to do Quake 4.
  9. Nah, the whole malaria thing is just awful - it's supposed to immerse you in the world by giving you a disease to fight which is absolutely nothing like the real disease and boils down to a forced animation and a bunch of forced quests. It's pretty insulting when you consider how fucking harsh malaria actually is, in fact. Lots of other aspects of it are dumb solutions to hard problems within making a game in an open-world setting or stuff that that could have been done with A LOT more finesse (like the inventory, the weapon set, the bullshit weapon aging with no abilty to service or repair, utter lack of player impact persistence in the world-at-large and so on). Dead Rising was a similar problem child in design terms. Some bits of it are just plain flakey or dumb (but I fucking loved it - loads more than FC2).
  10. Well the thing is that it's normally *exactly* my thing and I'm normally fastidious as fuck. It was never a problem in Fallout 3, even out of VATS range, so why do I find it a problem in FC2? Would a leetul scannar really hurt *that* much? They're forcing me to have occasional forced hand-waving and ludicrous fast-acting malaria drug injections at random fucking intervals, after all. Even a scanner you can manually ping no more than five times an hour would have at least been something, you know? What the fuck is so good about having an AI run off into the bushes and creep back 5 mins later? You only gun him down out of outrage thinking "shitty fucking BS AI" rather than "this is EXACTLY what mercenaries must do!". That said, ZOK, your maniacal defense of Far Cry 2's numerous and stunningly epic design blunders is totally admirable. OH AND, supporting FC2's way generating tension by restricting the player's knowledge of his environment is terribly apologetic. You can totally implement a scanner AND maintain tension if you design for it properly. By having a decently realistic damage model, perhaps? So that even though you know where everyone is, if you get shot you're fucked and so on...
  11. Well, it is hard to see all the dudes in any given location because the game does so very little to help you tactically. A simple scanner would have made all the difference. There's been quite a few times I've been sure I've cleared out a location, scoping and poring over every last nook and cranny, only to have some dude appear apparently from nowhere and start shooting.
  12. It would be nice to see, though. It is a reboot after all, so why not do it properly instead of just updating everything to suit modern media conventions? That would be boring as hell. What we need is an Alien/(John Carpenter's) Thing mashup where the humans are all aliens.
  13. It's people like you that supported Ripley being in every single film.
  14. Isn't the problem over the last year being large corporations *in general* with huge revenues trying to make more money by playing with high finance and getting fucked in the arse by it?
  15. There's some amazing stuff in his short stories. Seriously amazing.
  16. It is a Musou title though, not Virtual Fighter. I'm all up for anything that improves my own sense of being badass or, perhaps more importantly, lets me tear through the stages quicker. That represents depth to me. It lets me put on a bigger, more ridiculous performance for myself, whilst letting me level up quicker, and I'm overjoyed that Koei seemed to recognise that with Orochi. Efficiency and expediency are the key gameplay skills to refine across just about every title the series (though there's not any overt reward for it, but it's the obvious high-level play mechanic to be chasing) - and that's something that's nearly always ignored in the series' various reviews. People take the Musou games at a totally surface level, as if they're expecting some fundamental leap each time, instead of seeing how the basic game mechanics are being refined with each iteration. Orochi, to me, represents the pinnacle in the core shit. I seriously hope the next one picks up Mission Mode, basically. But yeah, people are generally ignorant to the hardcore centre of the series and the joy that comes from maximising your performance. I guess that's why you get such amazing examples of videogame criticism as this: http://crystalgamer.com/dynsaty-warriors-gundam-2/ And yes, the typo in the URL is 'model's own'.
  17. Oh it does in personal performance terms. You can get some amazing combos out of it, especially going from musou to musou to musou. Mincing four officers in a row in one big combo is satisfaction squared, especially if you take each one down with a different char's musou. The sense of power is colossal. As for voices, Gundam generally uses the actual voice actors from the US dubs, which is fair enough. Why the hell you'd want real Japanese voices is beyond me. It's not as if they're delivering virtuoso performances or anything. It's all about the cheese, so why you'd want them in a language you don't understand is just baffling.
  18. Vanilla because the Orochi char-switching thing makes for some deep combo shit if you're badass. Orochi is the fan service version, really, so the dialogue is even shitter/funnier and some of the Samurai Warriors characters are properly brilliant. I can't go back, basically. I have to have Ranmaru Mori on my team.
  19. That's some seriously confused second-hand word-of-mouth shit right there.
  20. That's because you're SCUM, Taurus. A team of Lu-Bu, Keiji Maeda and Ranmaru Mori tearing through thousands of bastards on extra-hard is the best thing in the world. EVER.
  21. I wouldn't touch a vanilla Dynasty Warriors now there's Warriors Orochi. It's loads more fun, the battles are mental and the character roster is genuinely VAST. Orochi 2 must be pretty cheap these days.
  22. Yeah there is, but deep in the libraries. Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Brian and others all did synthy stuff in the late '70s and early '80s. I can't remember the album numbers and titles off hand, sadly. This is amazing chill-out shit from Alan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmK1S3Y8aCY And the related vids fuck my mind up - some dude's uploaded all the incidental music used in Prisoner Cell Block H. Some of it is badass.
  23. Nah just Audacity and sampling from the wave out mix. Here's Name Of The Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtvAHk4rdZk Can't beat Hawkshaw's Moog bassline!
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