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  1. YES! The classic idiots description of wrestling, as featured in every conversation about wrestling ever!
  2. I love wrestling games. One of the reasons is I love pretending to be a wrestler. In my head. My fave wrestling game is probably Gizod Mi 1999, that or Fire Pro D.
  3. What is squint easteye? Whats wrong with him? Can he still see perfect?
  4. Yeah, he always rocks those big glasses. My mate said he took em off once and his eyes looked dead fucked up. TRUFAX.
  5. Chingy, Dunno, Cassidy, Dunno, Lil' John. And yeah, they're all a bit gay.
  6. "Some people are in for a shock when they realise that underneath it all you can see the skeleton of Vice City" Whats that all about?
  7. Hey, you know this guy Twista? Apparently the "fastest rapper in the world" or something? Well I've just been listening to "Gimme some More" by Busta, and that sounds just as fast or faster than the stuff on Kamikaze, and with better rhymes. So is Twista holding back? Is it all marketing bullshit? Can I not tell how fast rappers are? A combination of the lot? Thanks.
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