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  1. That sounds like a lame ass fucking rip-off.
  2. He's too old now. Maybe he could get Mini-Hitch to play and just watch?
  3. Not really. It only respawns if you set off an alarm. And from what i'e played that's essential, otherwise it would be too easy considering the powers you have (unlimited healing etc.) I just don't like the way people automatically dismiss a game if they hear the word repawn, when they don't know how it is intergrated into the gameplay. If you do the game perfectly and stealthy (by no means very hard) then you will not encouter respawning enemies (from what I have seen).
  4. Reading this topic has made me a bit angry. People saying shit like "OMFG GOD RESPAWNING? I DON'T KNOW WHAT ITS ABOUT BUT IT SOUNDS SHIT!!11". How stupid. And Pow, do you have ADHD or something? I never once even thought of skipping a cutscene. And I dunno what you're on about with the second level??? Anyway. I like it so far.
  5. Ludachrist


    Well I did pay loads of money and send it off to get it done, I didn't just wait to get lucky with the console fairies.
  6. Ludachrist


    Is it all full speed and full screen do you know? Looks good if you don't already have a modded xbox.
  7. Ludachrist


    What's your connection with Datel? Out of interest.
  8. I copied your idea, but redid the lyrics. (and stole some of yours) Here is... ...the remix: Guns don’t kill people gamers do, Ask any politician and they tell you its true, It’s a fact games makes you violent, Like Starkweather telling Cash to be silent, You don’t believe me? Heres my hype, offer me the game and I’ll show you the type of criminal this shit game is breeding, It’s the fact that Lara Croft left me bleedin, Tommy Vercetti made my mother say fuck, If I'd stuck with Mario Party then I would have been in luck But I didn't, I got it wrong, Metal fuckin Solid told me to make a fucking bomb but I'd started, and I bought another game, State of Emergency made my cock and balls ache so remember kids, when kickin ass and takin names, guns don't kill people, it's just games. Guns don’t kill people, gamers do, I heard the counter-argument from reverand stu, Shot to death playin' fuckin driver, Never played Skool Daze 'cause i'm a skiver. Government statistics are sometimes misleading, The type of criminal games is breeding, Shot in the chest no wonder you're stopping breathing, 2-4 to base, over. Are you receiving? Remember games in 87. Mick and Mac up in N-E-S heaven, Sepiroth and Ganon RIP, even Ryo Dad's in the cemetery. Guns don’t kill people, gamers do. (calling the police woo woo woo) Guns don’t kill people, gamers do. (calling the police woo woo woo) Guns don’t kill people gamers do. I'm a fucking gamer and I might kill you. As a gamer i'm teaching you a lesson, AK-47, to Smith & Wesson, Just say no, to Postal and Co, Bullet proof vest, to guns an ammo. Gamer gangster trippin, Even Bub and Bob into pistol-whipping. S'like Cluedo Murder one, Jeff Minter in a nightclub with a gun. Played True Crime now i'm in the frame, Guns don’t kill people its just games! 1-2 yo' face my pad, My name was Dizogg and im really rad. Gun crime, stabbing and burgalarisation, It's on the rise all across the nation. The safety’s off and the pistols aimed, The Yardies and the Mafia, Always get blamed. Politicians are shamed, And they haven’t got a clue. Games are more deadly than fucking kung-fu. Guns don’t kill people, gamers do. (calling the police woo woo woo) Guns don’t kill people, gamers do. (calling the police woo woo woo) Guns don’t kill people gamers do, From Shenmue, to Halo 2. I'm wanna play, Until Bed Time, Seen it in a game now i'm into gun crime. It’s a sign of the times, Like Activision changing his name, Got to have a shooter to be a successful game. Like Super Mario puts bandicoots too shame, Guns don’t kill people its just games.
  9. Man that was pathetic! You could at least of made it sound good.
  10. Dunno, my mate said it was called Flybait 2. He's small and has bumfluff though, so who knows?
  11. What game are you talking about...?
  12. Talking of anal, why can't you do anal with people in Halo? Inconsistent if you ask me.
  13. So many great monents: - Kid throwing bricks and guys heads. - Clown in the shower scene. - Playing the movie "Flybait 2" to trick the hotel people. - When he gets the blueprints for the house and theres that cool music playing as he's planning stuff -When he's in the church with that old man it makes me want to cry. AMAZING! And many, many more!
  14. I was actually sick at Ground Zero. I puked up down a drain and this guy started filming it.
  15. I was serious man. Obviously you don't think there's a niche for gay rapping. (I don't want a copy anyway! )
  16. Well neither are loads of games. Sandbox games are alot of fun, and I love them, but there's plenty of other great games that aren't Sandbox games.
  17. Maybe the lack of melee is to add disadvantages to dual-wielding? Just helps to balance things out perhaps.
  18. People like being with their friends though. I think there should be at least an option of being with who you want. And if you're not bothered just get put in randomly. Or something.
  19. Do you think theres a niche for an openly gay rapper? Rapping about butt-fucking and shopping and stuff?
  20. Further to the JT recommendation: I need it cause you know that i'm a fiend, PEACHES AND CREAM! Know what I mean, Peaches and Cream!
  21. Trust me, you're not gonna get Deloreaned for that. As nice as it may be its not really Hip Hop is it?
  22. Ludachrist


    Just because it was 7 years since the last real prodigy album doesn't mean Howlett and the gang have been sitting in the studio for 7 years working on this album. And anyway, I think its pretty hot.
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