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  1. Ludachrist

    Burnout 3

    You know on that track on the USA thats called a "Preview Race" or something where you have to do a sports car round the track? Well it was quite hard for me to get gold on that. I've done it though, but it took me ages. And I got nothing for it.
  2. Road Avenger on the Mega CD. Oh wait that doesn't count, as it is actually OBVIOUSLY AMAZING.
  3. Yeah, didn't really bother reading much of the thread before posting that. But oh well. One last time only: OMFGWTF 13!?!?1/11111/?!/1//
  4. She is REALLY 13? WHAT THE FUCK? Must be all those scots porridge oats or some shit.
  5. She's not REALLY 13, is she? Just hand me a camcorder and call me R Kelly.
  6. Stop having the same avatar. It's really confusing!
  7. Yeah I already saw this before. I was just making fun of Meh. No doubt he'll react by wanking and crying at the same time, over pictures of Joy.
  8. I haven't read the whole thread but has it been mentioned that a torrent of the Outrun 2 demo is on http://bt.xbox-sky.com:8080 ?
  9. Ludachrist

    Burnout 3

    What the fuck do those technicalities add the argument? Shut up.
  10. Ludachrist

    Burnout 3

    Fuck me. Just started playing this for about 2 hours, and it absolutly blew me away. Its really really good isn't it? Such a massive thrill whilst playing it and the takedowns work amazingly. It makes you feel like you're the coolest best gamer in the world as you takeout your opponents whilst dodging traffic on boost.
  11. Wicked as usual. Thanks! Miss Louise (the woman at the end) is HOT. I wouldn't mind finding out what her best time in time attack mode was, if you know what I mean. (I don't.)
  12. Oh man, i've only seen the trailers. I wanted to see the movie on the basis of that line.
  13. Yes, it is very hard to put down but also short. Highly recommended to everyone! I know it just sounds like i'm advertising this game, but it's so good and I just know it's probably not really going to sell very well.
  14. She looks like she's done loads of shit voiceovers to me.
  15. Imagine its NOT your head, man. FREE YOUR MIND.
  16. Just completed this gem, took me just under 7 hours. It was pretty amazing though, definatly one of the best games this year. Highly recommended to everyone.
  17. Has anyone noticed that actual Sandbox's are a bit boring?
  18. I've been playing it all day. It's really good. I love possesing people, Abe style.
  19. I need some help... Anyway who is past asylum check out my thread in ATF. Thanks.
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