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  1. How man Blue LEDs could the xbox power? Could you just fill it up totally so It was just like a big crazy glowing blue box?
  2. Those are the stats maybe, but that's probably cause the policeman does fuck all and therefore has no record of any crime.
  3. I was only kidding. She can shove her indie up her arse! It's proper bent music, like.
  4. I met a girl who likes indie, can you tell me some bands to name drop so she does naughty stuff with my spam-dagger?
  5. Due to my restrictive uni net connection, I can't use bittorrent or anything. I do however have a connection that goes at about 900kb/s. So will C5 be released on http quickly? I don't really want it compressed though, unless the compression is pretty unnoticeable image and sound wise.
  6. Pretty much. But its different too.
  7. Ludachrist

    Burnout 3

    I'm sure this forum didn't used to be full of pussies. And if there were some, at least they did they manly thing and didn't admit it. Rubbish.
  8. Ludachrist

    Burnout 3

    Its true. YOU ARE TEH SUXXORR!!! Finishing 3rd on the F1 championship is ok. As long as you get some 2nds and 1sts somewhere. I've been 4th and stuff in chamionships and still won gold on them in the end. So thats...
  9. Are there just Scud Race and Daytona tracks, or is there Sega Rally as well? Oh yeah and did you use the original graphics and code for the original tracks from Scud Race and Daytona? It looks like it, the graphics look quite different and worse than the main Outrun game. Also, the game is guiding you around corners when you're skidding, isn't it?
  10. Lying about battery life - 24 hours
  11. Yeah the review copy is most excellent.
  12. I'm going to uni this weekend, so probably won't be playing any games.
  13. It's pretty cool isn't it. I like the missions and stuff, thats a nice addition. And drifting is just wonderful!
  14. Ludachrist

    The Sims 2

    Can I build a massive Mansion like Tony Montana's, and be a crime overlord? If not I'm not buying it.
  15. Ludachrist

    The Sims 2

    Not "The Sims" then, which I used to own?
  16. Full game probably. Its already "available" on the internet.
  17. I don't agree. Invisible walls don't equal a bad game.
  18. "Theme Park is shit"? OMFGWTF!!!111 Theme Park is not shit. At all.
  19. I don't really care. But then i'm a bit drunk. HALO 2 IS GOING TO ROXXOR WHATEVER!!!111
  20. Me too. Being a little boy is rubbish though.
  21. Ludachrist

    Burnout 3

    You mean, it's got too hard for you? Wuss!
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