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  1. Strider, apologies if I'm being blind but what cabinet did you buy and where from?
  2. I plumped for R1 + X + L1 last night and am currently going through the pain of trying to unlearn the old controls.
  3. I have to say I'm concerned about R2 travel once it gets a little more intense. I seem to remember someone else in the thread saying they replace that with a face button and it's something I'm considering doing (assuming you can). Something else that came flooding back is when you're forced to switch from using one finger to move up and down pressing R1 and R2 to actively having two fingers on R1 and R2 the whole time so you can perform the faster actions as the difficulty goes up.
  4. I found it to be quite the nostalgic experience actually, I played a load of Frequency but barely touched Amplitude for some reason. I was a bit worried about the tracklist but the small amount I've played so far I've found the tracks pretty replayable. You get a real feeling of progression as you play it more, more tracks and power ups are unlocked and those sections that seem totally daunting at the start which gradually get easier as your coordination improves. It's lovely and smooth too with some nice effects when you finish a course or the whole track. The online leaderboards (which Frequency didn't have) are a real incentive for just one more go to beat your rival's score.
  5. I'll add you Qazi, I'm on as Rinterlace sending a request so I'll have some kind of benchmark when I start posting scores!
  6. Mike, I'll take it PM incoming.
  7. Aha, finally got Shazam to recognise it! The Yabba by Battles: https://play.spotify.com/album/5EKVDFC9xHXLrT90ym194g
  8. Back from the dead, does anyone know the name of the track played behind this BBC3 trailer? [/media ]
  9. A last ditch double save I made in the dying seconds of the game to finish 1-0 (I'm on the left).
  10. Just got onto the beta and decided to use Mika. I got my arse handed to me a few times but my first ever win was worth the wait. Playing against Vega I got panned in the first round, then a truly amazing comeback in the second round and then gave out my own panning the third round. Such a good feeling!
  11. This came out yesterday and is available on the PS4 Store: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/volume/cid=EP1161-CUSA02851_00-VOLUMEPS4GAME001 Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/365770/ It's £14.99 or £13.49 for PS Plus members/Discounted price on Steam. I'm pretty tempted to take a look actually.
  12. Goldbricker

    PES 2016

    Click the "Try Free Demo" link from here: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/pes-2016-pro-evolution-soccer-digital-pre-order/cid=EP0101-CUSA02640_00-PREORDERBUNDLE01
  13. Goldbricker

    Her Story

    I played it to completion on iPhone 5 with no issues it's a little tricky to click certain bits of the UI but nothing major.
  14. I read this just after ordering the game, and I bet you're right! I guess it's good to be supporting DoubleFine though.
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