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  1. Party chat; i can hear everything, but can't be heard, Never mind, I'm getting a fancy new headset for my birthday at the beginning of June. I've updated my sig with my PSN ID, but you can see me listed under the Platoon. Anyone on this evening/tonight?
  2. Good games last night; I'm not sure if my head set is broken or if i need to change some settings. I've only got the standard thing that came with the PS4?
  3. I've just applied for the platoon; I'm a great bullet sponge, just ask Mook
  4. lol. August bank holiday, we'll fill the car or get badly sunburnt trying.
  5. Man I would love that with a Star Trek skin, in fact it reminds me a little of Star Trek Armada
  6. That CTF game looks like it's in a really open enviroment; he died a lot, that does not bode well for me. On the plus side i did like it when he was vaporised, although the opporunity for a good tea bagging disappears if there is no body.
  7. I'm not sure if it counts now as it's all been sold, but it was my set up... You can see a full list of everything here if you're interested - Link
  8. I always go for the medium cannon, does anyone have some AC-130 tips?
  9. I only just realised you can speed up the missile by using the right trigger, if you get a group together that is trying to split you can usually get a couple of them rather than just one if you speed the missile up.
  10. I'd like to sell it all together, but I've been around the scene long enough to know that may not be possible. I'm thinking about heading to ebay, but the idea makes me feel a little dirty
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