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  1. Thought I would start reviewing some crap on here as all the films you lot keep talking about have had more than $100 spent on them. Therefore I shall only be reviewing DVD's that cost less than a fiver. Last Nights Offering was Vengeance of the Dead. (2001 US) Brief Plot Summary - A young (slighlty homosexual) chap turns up to stay with his Grandpa out in a small town called Harvest. He finds a possesed spoon and soon starts having visions of a ghost in his room. The ghost falls in love with him and tells him the story of how she and her family were brutally murdered by a gang of hooded men. She then makes the young man seek revenge upon their killers by all sorts of gruesmome means most of which involve burning stuff. This film is an absolute work of genius. Filmed entirely on location on what I believe to be a DV camera the cheapness of the props and the cheesiness of the acting never get in the way of a pleasently surprising ending. There's twists a plenty in the one. Combine this with a bar called 'Sneaky Petes' and lead characters played by Dick Furness and June Gracious and they're onto a solid winner. Theres a slighlty disturbing scene where a dirty old grandpa spies on his grandaughter through a 'Glory Hole' in the shower whilst fantasising about a hot stripper and planning a piece of wood but, hell it passes the time. Conclusion - This cost me £3.33 and you get animated menus. What in the Lords name are you waiting for?
  2. After being reminded after watching Pirates of the Carribean that some of the bits stuck after the credits can be quite good fun I thought it would be a good idea to make a list as there are bound to be loads people havn't seen. So... Pirates of the Carribean - Demon Monkey Finding Nemo - Angler Fish Revenge Lethal Weapon 3 - Get the Cat Ferris Beullers Day Off - Films Over What others are there?
  3. Watched it last night. A good film proving that the Coen brothers can turn their hand to just about anything. Not brilliant and a league behind Fargo and The Big Lebowski but a dozen leagues ahead of most Hollywood Pap. I did find parts of the script cringeworthy particuarly some of Jones's lines but it's well worth watching and possibly adding to the collection. The Yig gives it 4 out of 5 Dread Cthulhus.
  4. I pretty much concur with its shiteness. It could have been so good as well.
  5. Yiggy

    bond games

    I LOVED the spy who loved me on the C64. It was a Christmas release and had the underwater sequences and everything. Fantastic.
  6. Shamalananlanananmalanan clearly has the skills to pay the bills. Shame he pays them so slowly though.
  7. Yiggy

    A game I made

    I like it. Simple addictive fun. And quite a good concept as well. I heap praise upon you sir.
  8. No the deadlines Saturday so I will forfeit. Boutros - Whoever lost just needs to log onto the tournament home page go to 'My Schedule' and click on Forfeit next to the game. I will leave it till tomorrow night as maybe there is just a delay.
  9. Just checked and it doesnt seem to have updated as you say. Strange. I see Spacedogs and Boutross game hasnt updated either so perhaps theres just a delay. If it doesnt update and you want to play again then obviously I am happy to. I am about all day today till Sunday night pretty much. However as you did win the game and you mentioned that you were not around much after today then I will simply forfeit it to you. Just let me know. Yigs
  10. Good to see all the games being played chaps. Lets make this the first tournament ever with no coin tosses!
  11. El Geet just gave me a pasting. It started out quite well with the games going to serve but in the end you were too good for me sir. I just played 3 more games and lost all those as well. Well played mate. Now go on to win the whole thing. At least that will make me feel better. I'll be back. After more practice.
  12. Yigs, I'm away from Wednesday to Sunday. I could do tomorrow night though at 20.00 if you're around? That Should not be a problem my man. I will be on at 8 or thereabouts. See you then. Will log on at about 8:15 if thats okay. Looking forward to it.
  13. Yigs, I'm away from Wednesday to Sunday. I could do tomorrow night though at 20.00 if you're around? That Should not be a problem my man. I will be on at 8 or thereabouts. See you then.
  14. El Geet - I am away tonight but can be on any evening from tomorrow. How about Wednesday night at 20:00? I'm also around during the days as Im off work this week. Let me know. Yigs
  15. I'm in chaps. I hope this is the first tournament that everyone plays in with no coin tosses whatsoever. Good luck to you all.
  16. I'm in too if anyone drops out. I long for a well played tourney. The last 2 I have been in I have been constatntly checking and people were not even okaying my friend requests. Bastards. Anyway I want in to the next one if no one drops out. If anyone whos in this one and hasnt registered yet wants to drop out then I'm in.
  17. I tried it first with the 360 Modena aginst the top ghost, it took a few seconds off me just on a long straight. As hard as the Delfino is to control (well, for me anyway), I took 2 seconds off my best lap in the Modena even crunching into the wall a few times.. and 2 seconds = about 100 places in this. If you don't know already you can get the Delfino by, and I've put this in a small font in yellow just in case it's veiwed as a spoiler (which I don't think it is) completing all the Kudos series races with at least a steel medal No thats actually really helpful. My pitiful times are in the Modena so I will get cracking on the Kudos races then. Ta.
  18. How the hell are you lot getting such good times. I guess I really am bad at this game.
  19. Looking forward to it my friend. And I agree on the county thing too. UK tournaments would definiatly be prefrable for both speed and time issues. Good luck chaps.
  20. You dont need a Download Content option for the game to be patchable online. When you go online and it tells you that the game needs to download an update is all it needs to facilitate a gameplay patch. Top Spin did this the first time I played it. There are certainly a few faults with the game in general but nothing to tarnish it completely. Played with the right people in tournaments it seems increadibly satisfying and whilst VT2 is more immediatly accesible the satisfaction of countering a strong opponent by using specific shot techniques is really quite special.
  21. Well thats great. Despite being online for the whole 3 hours Optimus didnt play and I lost. Tis good this.
  22. Yiggy

    Links 2004.

    The only good thing would be if you could play a friend who you dont often see or live a long way from. And the online scoreboards are fun. Thats about it. Tw 2004 is better.
  23. Had a quick bash last night and only got to 300th or something with the 360. Must. Try. Harder.
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