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  1. @Kryptonian Just stumbled in here and noticed that Benq monitor you had. Any downsides to that for the money? I’m 1080p 24” at the moment and I’m thinking I might need an upgrade.
  2. Thanks guys. I will see how I get on out the box but the above gives me some reading till it gets here.
  3. I’m eagerly awaiting for my SD to arrive hopefully this week. I see a few of you talking about installing different versions of Proton etc. Is the one it comes with generally not the one to go for? Or can you install others and choose which one to use? Is there a good getting started guide anywhere I can read in preparation that doesn’t require trawling through a lot of posts on here?
  4. That sounds shit and fiddly? Why doesn't steam just force it to download the windows version when it detects its being downloaded to a deck?
  5. The tunes are great fun to play. They have worked in some quirky card mechanics into it as well. It’s well worth checking out the card system and clicking on things that look clickable.
  6. See people talking about a dock for the TV. Does it come with one or is this one you’ve fudged together?
  7. Mine has just shipped from Netherlands. What’s the usual time for it to arrive on doorsteps in the UK?
  8. Thanks. Don’t tell me it installs certain game bits in program files like it’s the 90’s. What a crock! Thinking of ordering one as the lead time does not seem too bad now.
  9. Forgive me but I’m not up to speed and have a question. Is the extra money for the higher speed storage worth it over the entry 64gb model with a 512gb SD card? Is the ‘high speed’ storage with £150? Is the difference notable?
  10. I hadn’t noticed this but listening to it now and it’s great so far. It’s a great story. Slight problem they’re gonna have moving forward. They have to do a lot of work encouraging developers to do games which I assume will include this getting a store on the system of some kind. That then knocks out the season 2 idea unless they want to charge a big chunk of money. Maybe they can do season packs. It’s exciting to be on board. With the hi score games I’m playing then until I up my score then I’m quitting and playing something else which works well from me. I’m up to 392,000 on whitewater now. 220 in the globals!
  11. Question for those who’ve played Bloom.
  12. Are there any good places to keep an eye on upcoming games? As in sideload games. Just Reddit?
  13. Must have played 10 hours or so over the weekend. Finished casual birder and putting some time into surfing and Bloom and a really nice high score super hexagon like called Circular. Generally I love it. On whitewater wipeout it is tricky to find a comfortable hold position because of the nature of the controls but it’s fine in short bursts. Other games have been fine. The screen does take a bit of getting used to but I’m enjoying it enough to make sure I have a light behind me when I play. As long as you have a light source it’s crystal clear. If you’re thinking of buying one I reckon you HAVE to be well up for quirky, cute experimental game experiences. It will be interesting to see how development progresses and if they can continue to mix in games with substance alongside the quirkier titles. I’m well up for whatever they want to throw at me and to help out some bedroom devs by buying their stuff. I’ll be taking it to work tomorrow to have a teeny picross machine in my pocket!
  14. My whole thing with a case delivery and import taxes was $263.
  15. Had it less than a day but I really like it as a wee pocket system to whip out. Whitewater is fun and the Birder game is neat. I was very impressed with the sound quality out the speaker and the overall build though I worry that crank isn’t gonna last. Fingers crossed they’ve (teenage) engineered it well. I got bloom (not yet played) and for some reason the form factor and the tactile nature of the buttons make it perfect for picross on the way to the football. I might even get my son having a go at designing a game for it as they seem to have made it so easy to code for and sideload.
  16. It’s arrived it’s lovely. Gonna get Bloom later to go with my first 2 games. What games are yours @matt!? Happy to support a forumite.
  17. Cheers @klargonis there a good list of the current 3rd party games available anywhere?
  18. Are there some good games in that bundle? Mines still in transit but I was curious about what other games are worth getting and may pick that up if it’s decent.
  19. Pre-order launch day. Not too early tho.
  20. Got a ship note on mine. Excited. Is there a good guide or list of good games (pay or free) to side load?
  21. Watched the lot including the new bonus episode which was a nice bonus. Not perfect but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. It packed a lot in to 10 episodes and I hope they continue to do the books justice.
  22. 4 eps in. Fan of the comics and I really like it. So much of it is about the characters and the dialogue and the moodiness which it does really well. I assume this is mimicking the original comic because the artists changed throughout its run giving a wide variety of different tones and styles. Makes it more whimsical or dreamlike in places.
  23. 100% behind this. Listening to the old fucks moaning today because we now have a sponsored stadium ‘sucking the identity’ out of Brentford makes me chuckle/despair. It’s not a gambling / booze / crypto It’s not a big faceless corporate Its a low profile UK based tech company. And apparently I might get a discount on a new hoover. Sweet.
  24. Ha that’s the way I always think it. Papers please is amazing. Though I’m not so sure how well it will translate to a small screen. Part of its brilliance is how you have to manage your desk space in order to manage migrants efficiently. It’s also needs IMO some dedicated sessions and may not be well suited to short burst play but I could be wrong. Irrespective though, it’s amazing. Play it.
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