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  1. I’m back into this. What in finding is that I’m not sure what I should be doing next. I started a new character and I have a dozen or so quests in my log for different things. I can see that one seems to be the beyond light line on Europa but the others are for various different things and I’m not sure where I should be going to get the most done. Is it best just main-line the Europa stuff?
  2. Creepy. They probably want to switch it off by default don’t they?
  3. Theyre not that common if they exist. I’ve not seen any. I guess it’s seen as an expensive extra that most people won’t need in a game space but I get your situation. If you can’t find one what you could do is buy a pair of regular noise isolating cans and then plug a modus mic into them.
  4. Only if you shut your eyes at the last few seconds of the loading screen and listen for the title music.
  5. Thats a shame. Not tried anything other than games on mine yet. I wonder if a firmware update could fix it? is there an app or anything that you can use to change settings on them? I thought there was but I couldn’t find it.
  6. They are not deafening but I have found them plenty loud enough. One thing to check is that your chat wheel on the right can is not dialled towards the chat as that lowers the volume.
  7. Fair. Hopefully as they start doing game properly it will stick to 1080 at least. I think the answer in that example is surely to switch off RT. I don’t think RT should ever be used in action games if it drops the FR to 30.
  8. Why? What’s the real world difference to most people if it uses dynamic res and scales down a bit? Same with people demanding native 4K with a side order of shinies and getting upset when it drops to 1440.
  9. I caved and got it. Could manage without but I’ve realised how many games I pretty much keep installed... Forza 4 Halo MCC Sea of Thieves Destiny 2 Fifa 21 Rainbow 6 Fortnite It wasn’t giving me enough to play around with. Only annoying thing about it is that if there is not enough room on the internal it asks you if you want to install on the expansion card. I guess I could just force all installs to that card now my internal is full but I just thought it would do it automatically. It’s possible that’s how it worked previously with an exte
  10. Not a dig at yo but I don’t really understand this statement which you hear quite a bit. In a way it’s repeating MS’s pre release marketing with all the ‘were a platform’ stuff. The reality is that a one x to a series x gives you... Better Framerates Better Graphical Effects Better Resolutions Better QOL Better Silence In fact about the only thing it doesn’t improve as much is the UI snappiness and even that’s a little bit better. Sure, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t upgrade but it’s hard to say it’s not a considerably better e
  11. The 70% number is good but it’s hard to say how good without knowing how that trend continues over time and also what the number was before the launch. Certainly though if they can maintain anywhere near that number and keep selling lots of consoles it will be seen as a success. Assuming they end up with say 30m subs at an average cost (adjusted generously for deals etc) at £10 a month that’s nearly £4bn a year? Obviously that means nothing really without knowing profits and setups etc but it’s a lot of moohlah.
  12. For 1080p gaming I would say it’s pretty much perfect. There will be some small graphical reductions and some high end features like ray tracing may not be available on all titles. Also in a early releases like Valhalla it’s running in 30 rather than 60fps. However as games like Gears 5, COD and Dirt 5 are all running at 60fps on the S I think given a bit of proper dev time it will be fine. 1080p and not ultra bothered about having the very highest quality - S is perfect 4K or want the best - X is for you. Don’t forget it’s a lot smaller phys
  13. That’s what I do. It works for me as there are times when I want it coming LOUD in my ears and at an audible volume from the TV so my wife / kids can still hear what in doing in things like sea of thieves. Some people are just plugging headset mics in as well.
  14. I think it was a bit like the Dual Sense on some ways. The press needed something to latch onto and they were both easy to write about as ‘game changers’. Whether these claims prove to be true and both features become an industry standard will be seen over time. When it was in limited press preview mode with a small number of consoles out there the problems were harder to spot. With Dual Sense the euphoria is in the initial wow factor. Only now and after continued use are you starting to get some people talking about it being annoying, tiring, obtrusive, detrim
  15. Seems pretty universal and only since the patch. Have Activision said anything?
  16. I find it is too but that it does switch off entirely after a period of time with nothing happening. I’ve shined a torch in there and can see the static blades. I have put mine in energy save mode for now anyway as I don’t use the app much and will wait the see how it looks after a few firmware updates.
  17. Just a router manufacturer. A decent effort. Came free with my Zen internet. Seemingly the one router in the world that periodically won’t connect to my series X.
  18. Yay! I have this! (I mean not yay that I have it but yay that they know about it at least) I think that’s my main bug at the moment apart from a few infrequent random game crashes.
  19. I think it has the power to keep up moving forward though. More so that the One X by far. As it’s targeting a lower res and has the hard drive and cpu to the job. It clearly isn’t delivering what people were initially expecting (identical except for frame rate) however looking at side by side comparisons between the X and the S for £250 it’s impressive what that box is pumping out. Almost exactly as much difference as I would expect a PC game to be between High and Medium settings. It’s just that MS set the bar too high. I think their marketing department just got carried away.
  20. Concensus was that all systems did very well. S has a cap of 1440 but is dynamically dropping to 1200p all at a very steady 60fps. Some detail reduction, but honestly, at the pace COD moves at, especially at 60, you’re not really going to notice. I am not 100% but I don’t think the S had 120. I could be wrong. The X and PS5 is downscaling as low as 1200p in 120fps mode but Lineman (sp?) reckoned if the display can cope with it then it was worth it. Also mentioned that if your display does VRR on Xbox of course, it gets rid of any drops.
  21. How do you get the free money? I spent £60 in one go in the sale but it didn’t say anything about free money.
  22. Bear in mind that it’s quite mixed. Gears 5 and Destiny 2 for example are targeting 60fps on the S. Valhalla is 30 but that is a 3rd party game and an early one at that. The fact that you’ve got pretty beefy games like the above still looking good and hitting 60 is a good sign for the future i reckon. The 1440 thing does seem to have been a stretch especially if 60fps does remain the focus for devs and as I’ve said before I’m not sure why they went that high in the marketing because most people would be using it on a 1080 tv. That was an odd one.
  23. As a total noob to Yak I am loving this. About 10 hours in and I’ve not gotten annoyed at encounters yet. They’re not random as you can see them and avoid them most of the time but as has been mentioned the street battles are over pretty quickly and are pretty satisfying. I adore the main character already and some of the early story themes are really good and quite deep in places as well.
  24. Pretty sure they said they were done but maybe they’ll get the work experience kid on it.
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