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  1. Considering this. Is the Switch port decent? Or am I better off going for Xbox?
  2. I beat water boy tonight. Doable in no more than 2 minutes when you figure it out.
  3. Yokus Island Express. 0% moodiness. 100% charm.
  4. I just don’t understand what you’re doing there. I always aim for a single free alley and drop I blocks in. I’ve never been able to get past that tactic. I’m pretty good at it. Gah. Need to watch some vids.
  5. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Cant believe I just unhid posts from you to read this.
  6. From what I’ve read on here people talk about hoovering up all items before the end so hopefully that’s a thing. You would have to be able to 100% it or people would go postal.
  7. 2 for me. It’s just about learning his patterns though at first I thought he was really tough. Took me about 10 attempts. Tip…
  8. Loving this on Switch OLED and headphones. Even though I have a 55inch OLED TV I’m enjoying playing on the switch as I kind of feel more connected to it.
  9. Those with new purchases don’t forget to turn auto brightness off as it makes a huge difference. It may burn out your retinas but totes worth it.
  10. I’m not that good at games and I would say I’m finding it ‘challenging’. Took me about 10 goes to defeat Kraid but once I figured out patterns I was getting further every time. This always happens because even those who aren’t used to tough(ish) games get on the (most excellent) hype train and find it a bit tricky. It’s all good though.
  11. Im getting strong Alan Silvestri Predator vibes in places.
  12. If he has a Nintendo online sub then just transfer the user account over from one and just download the saves off the cloud. Using the dedicated app for animal crossing. Or just set the OLED up as a new switch, login as the account and do the same.
  13. The only counter I would make to that is that it checkpoints you prior to your entry into the EMMI door and so far at least the restarts are very quick. I’ve just been pegging it through but I think you have to use the abilities and environs to their full capacity as well which, so far, I’ve not really been doing. I quite enjoy the change in pace those areas bring. Tension. A SENSE OF DREAD.
  14. Pretty sure most people have always said it sucked especially as the vita had it years earlier. In the end people assumed that it was not possible with the hardware. Turns out it was. However based on it being a bit flaky I guess I can see why they didn’t have it as a huge feature. Yes the vita had it but the vita had nowhere near as much wireless stuff going on as the switch had, and, well, Nintendo.
  15. The limit only if you’re using it at the time. Also lag seems very dependent on headphones. In fact whether it works at all seems to depends on the type of headphones tbh. Based on posts above. It’s worked flawlessly for me (no notable lag and I’ve tried Lumines) on Apple headphones.
  16. I totally missed this at the time. If I’m interested in dipping in… a) Play seas first? I’ve read that although skies is bigger it’s also a bit more accessible and there’s no huge story reasons? b) Are either held back on Switch at all? Are they better on Steam or Big console?
  17. They are apparently. Not got the link now but I posted it a few days ago confirming old can be used in new and vice versa. (May need a firmware update)
  18. No probs with AirPods or AirPod Pros. I love this new feature that’s taken them 4 years to implement.
  19. It really is a lovely machine and so much nicer than the OG console. Think DS to DS lite quality levels. Or the 2nd 3DS model. It’s just a more solid unit. And the screen makes it a ruddy joy. Im firmly feeling the Switch love again. Plus I’m pretending the Bluetooth headphones are a new feature of it and having Metroids synths firing in my lobes is a spiritual experience.
  20. Just started it. Looks and sounds incredible. So these bastard robots.
  21. Heard somebody talking about it saying it was a good port but don’t know any details.
  22. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Just copy the users you want over to the OLED from the old switch using user transfer. You have the option to leave or delete them from the old one. Then just go to the Eshop and redownload what you want. As long as you have an active online sub it will ask you if you want to download cloud saves. First time you run a redownloaded game You have to download it manually but after that it will all sync up. Bear in mind that on your new switch it will require an online check when you first start an Eshop game. All users on the primary will be able to play anything you own without a check. You can switch this over at any time.
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