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  1. Yiggy

    Xbox Game Pass

    We had to stop playing it as a family as I was worried the neighbours would call social services.
  2. Of course they will consider it but I am pretty sure the EFL have it tightly controlled in agreements as to when deductions need to apply based on when the infringements occur and loads of other factors. I doubt a legal challenge would get anywhere.
  3. As a Bees fan I am going into the final with a lot more hope following our 2nd leg performance against Swansea that I was following our preceding 3 games. We were back to our best in places. However, this is The Richest Game In World Football® so it's got to reset to a 50/50 really. It's the right final considering we finished in 3rd and 4th place. Having waited longer than any other team to return to the top tier (74 years) I of course want us to go up however given that we are in our new stadium next season, preparation time would be tight and I would likely be missing at least half the games due to Covid I would selfishly defer it a year if I could! Can't though and I know you have to grab the opportunity whilst you can so I'll cheer em on anyway! I can't quite get my head around the concept of us being on Match of the Day and I think most neutrals would be up for a new team in the prem rather than a yo-yo club. SO EXCITING.
  4. Been playing this a lot with a group of friends and it’s really really good now. I guess it’s still not for everyone but we’ve been having a great time working through the tall tales and doing emmisary sessions getting all the way to grade 5. It still feels we have sessions when there dont seem to be many people around or maybe we’re just getting lucky but there are enough skellie ships and crews about to make even those sessions interesting. A terrific set of improvements since launch. Have they said anything about it’s continuation onto next gen as far as gameplay development goes?
  5. Yiggy

    Xbox Series X

    Their model is based on them not caring if you stick with your old machine buy a mid range machine, buy a series X or play on Xcloud. It’s all about getting you to buy in to the ecosystem.
  6. Yiggy

    Xbox Series X

    Also, I think the console price range is going to be huge here. All these games available on a free trial of Gamepass with the following pricing structure... Series X £449 Series S £299 Xbox S £129 ...will really differentiate it from the Sony Camp with its more traditional console / game pricing.
  7. Yiggy

    Xbox Series X

    There seems to be a totally split opinion online about this. Polls seem to put it entirely 50/50 as to if it was really fucking good or if it was really fucking terrible. I think I fall into the it was good camp with the caveat that there were a few too many dark moody games but I know that’s what a lot of their core fanbase like. Also I don’t think it was like for like with Sony. The difference was that ALL these games are available on Gamepass which is frankly astonishing and they didn’t pad it out with the likes of RE8 which I guess they could have done.
  8. Yiggy

    Xbox Series X

    I mean what is? It’s like people just have to say words.
  9. Yiggy

    Xbox Series X

    I mean this looks really good and varied overall. And most uniquely every game on Gamepass? That’s quite a thing. I don’t understand the snarking.
  10. Yiggy

    Xbox Series X

    Switched to Twitch and it’s much better.
  11. Spurred on by @MagicalDrop in the wanted thread I dug out my old portable minidisc player/recorder and then realised I didn't want to sell it to him! I loved it back in the day. I was a very early adopter with one of the early longer silver portable machines and for about 10 years it was my portable machine of choice before I succumbed to an early iPod. However like a lot of people I like the physical aspect and the discs/machines are really quite sexy IMO. So I ordered a new battery and it all works perfectly. I must have gotten rid of all my blanks so ordered a few of those and amazingly I have one album (Billy Joel!) and slotting it in and hearing that familiar whirring really made me feel it! It still sounds really good too. I have a CD player so have an idea to LISTEN to an album all the way through and at the same time record it digitally onto MD. Then have it portable on my dog walk! On that point I always recorded via an optical out into the recorder as I think thats a better option rather than analogue? It does all the track markers as well. I've not misremembered that have I? I have ordered a digital cable for a fiver as I can't seem to find mine. So I might be in the market for a hi-fi recorder if anybody has one! Amazing to see there appears to be a collectable market for pre-recorded discs now. Fleecebay seems to be about £30-£50 for an album. Not sure if they actually change hands for that much very often but if I had loads of money (which I haven't) I might be tempted!
  12. Played a few sessions of this in the last few days and really like it with 2 other regular crew members. A few questions... Comms. We tend to use party chat. I know you can use the loudhailer you shout at people but is there a general etiquette for people to use in game chat rather than party chat? There are 3 of us so we’ve been choosing the middle ship. Is there a massive advantage to choosing a galleon and leaving a 4th spot open for a random? Both sessions we have had other, much more skilled / organised players attack us and smash our teeth in. Is there a good tactic to avoid this if we’re just trying to do quests for now or is it just ‘part of the fun’? Is it just a case of keeping a good look-out and trying to outrun them?
  13. All sorted now. It was a pretty stupid question. Played a cracking 3 player crew with mates tonight. Just dicked around. I take it the best way to ‘get back into it’ is just start the tall tales from a bar?
  14. Which one if the final episode? Edit: Scrap that. Seems thats only episode 8 so I haven't watched the finale eps yet.
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