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  1. In the unboxing vid the other day they said they couldn't talk about it but there would be 'surprises' once the embargos lift. TBF I think it could have been a throw away comment and could mean very little but its intriguing. Would be nice if there was at least 1 surprise left. @FiveFootNinjasaid it best.
  2. On a serious note it does feel like a notable key point in 'the war' these past 48 hours, especially from a propaganda perspective. If there were a book being written about this I reckon we would have ourselves a whole chapter on it. Sony must be really pleased. The MS hype machine slowed massively a few days after the retail unboxings and the fridges. They were doing really well. Then the embargo has lifted on the PS pads and suddenly Sony have a big win. This has been compounded by Bugsnax going free (doesn't matter if its going to be any good or not) and p
  3. I mean, it’s been exclusive to another format since launch. Sometimes the industry works like that. Chill out. It’s all gone a bit weird in here. I know there is a mix of sarcasm, realism and genuine disappointment in places but we have to remember it’s a long game. Stay strong people!
  4. Pretty sure that’s what most people were expecting. A pretty assassins creed game running at a better res and frame rate than previous. Ray tracing is gonna take a while to get going properly.
  5. Sonic and Atmos are both good. I think Atmos is technically better but you have to pay £15 for it. If you want the full movie experience you probably want Atmos but both are good for games. I use Atmos and very happy with it. Been playing Witcher 3 this week on a pair of stereo headphones and it sounds incredible.
  6. Tell you what. The glowing reports of the DualSense controller are the first thing I've seen from 'the other side' that has made me a little bit jealous. Don't get me wrong I will get a PS5 eventually but I can't afford both for now. The microphone and the trigger haptics do sound really good and hopefully at least the first party stuff will support it well. Still, I'm surprised nobody has really said anything about the battery life yet. I love my elite xbox pad (and in turn the new ones) but they do feel a tiny bit lacking in comparison.
  7. Nothing has changed. UK Statutory rights still say that its a reasonable amount of time. For something like that its probably 4-5 years. Manufacturer specific guarantees are just marketing and add to your legal rights. Makes it a little easier in the first year or 2 as well.
  8. Thanks. I knew about the turn-based nature of this one and I'm pretty sure I will prefer it to a more traditional brawler.
  9. Looking forward to playing this as my 'Big Exclusive' come Series X launch day. Never played a Yakuza game before. How long are they normally?
  10. This is all marketing. Apart from the VR of course. Granted I’m surprised MS aren’t crowing more about it from their side as it all adds to the flames but I’m sure they’ll get on it.
  11. How much do we actually think Sega would cost?
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/V-MODA-BoomPro-Microphone-Gaming-Communication/dp/B00BJ17WKK/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=boom+mic&qid=1603834057&sr=8-7 Although beware if you have the Sony WH-1000XM2 (like me) as apparently it doesn't fit the socket very well. If anybody has used this with these cans let me know.
  13. You can plug any stereo headphones into the pad with no adapter and you’ll get 3D audio.
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