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  1. I’m playing that Snacktime dungeon crawler at the moment. I bought it because I thought it was couch coop but turns out it’s 2 switches or online only. However I’ve put about 8 hours in to it solo. Story is batshit. Lots of RPG jokes and 4th wall stuff. But cutesy characters. Many ridiculously ott characters and a lot of innuendo. Mechanics are decent enough. Stupidly complex weapon system hack em up dungeon crawling. It can pick all your crazy gear for you and you can navigate the whole thing via menus rather than traipsing around town if you prefer. It’s fun. Annoying things are the map round dungeons is a bit shit and apart from a fun one I’ve just come across the quests are a little repetitive. It’s like Level-5 (Professor Latyton) does Diablo light.
  2. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Playing that Snack Time Dungeon Crawler. It’s a bit mental but I think I like it.
  3. The simultaneous mp on one switch has really muddied the water on how I should play this with the family. Was going to have it on the lite as the family animal crossing machine. But now it kind of has to be on the main switch (For TV Play) if we want to do MP locally. Not sure how much fun that will be though. We all watched and we are really looking forward to it. It looks great. One thing that wasn’t clear. If you had it on cart could you use the same cart on multiple switches to create multiple islands? It suggested a switch and a cart for each island but surely there’s no way if can ID that the cart has already been used for an island elsewhere?
  4. Yiggy


    Played a good few hours of this today. It’s pretty decent for a free FPS. All co-op at first but it does want you to spend cash in the usual ways and I’m finding even some of the early missions pretty tough. Runs pretty well on Switch though. If by some miracle any switchers want to get a team together let me know.
  5. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    If I’m transferring one switch to another is it pretty easy to do? Got an extended battery model to replace my battered original.
  6. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Apologies. Mario Rabbids. Not played mutants.
  7. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Opinions and arseholes etc. However Mario Rabbids, imo whilst it’s brilliantly presented and a great crossover the actual turn based mechanics are fairly basic and frustrating at times. I struggled to make it through. Worth it for under £20 if you’re a fan of the genre though.
  8. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Diagaea too if you prefer a more Japanese fantasy stylee.
  9. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Thought so. There could well be problems for months if that’s the case.
  10. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there a known shortage of Fat Switch consoles at the moment? Possibly due to shipping issues out of China? Was looking for a V2 model but they seem to be pretty rare at the mo. Those available have had their prices hiked.
  11. Quick question. I played the GTA V campaign years ago but never got into the MP. Now that my son, who is 13 has seen DanTDM playing GTA online this week suddenly he wants to give it a go. Would you let a 13 year old play it? He is fairly sensible and I don’t stick to certifications all the time, preferring to research myself and take a more reasoned view. So I’m starting here. Is it suitable for a 13 year old?
  12. I started this recently having heard great things. I’ve lost my collar, left the first fort joy part and am wondering round the marshes with a party of 4. It’s a very atmospheric game and I get that it’s not supposed to hold your hand but I finding the lack of a hold your hand quest log and the very lo-fi map to be making it a little tricky. I wander but have gotten into a few fights that are quite tough. Playing on Switch which doesn’t help as the rest is quite low and you can’t see HUGE distances in front of you. Any tips on how to get further in or so I just explore and save a lot in case I get caught out. (Party are level 5 at the moment)
  13. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    I use the gold headset. Either straight into the dock or, in handheld, into the USB-C via a small adapter. Yes it looks like you’ve got a weird aerial poking out the bottom but you get used to it. Sounds good too. I find that normal headphones cabled into the switch come out very quiet for some reason.
  14. I know that ACNH is slightly different. However. On a switch that isn’t your primary, users other than yourself won’t be able to play a digital game that you’ve purchased (it will check online before it launches) unless they’ve changed their whole digital structure for it. Note that for most people with only 1 switch none of this matters.
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