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  1. Yiggy

    Best New Music 2019

    This is really ducking good.
  2. Another 3 hours whilst my wife watched TV last night. 260 games and still no win. Had 2 2nds and 2 thirds in last nights session. So so close. I just can’t quit till I win.
  3. This. I played for about an hour yesterday (220 games and still no win) and was getting absolutely murdered to the point of it feeling quite unfair. As you say two thirds a screen worth of junk within seconds. If the playing population are going to get that good then they need to do something to ease things up a bit for the less pro players as it’s only going to get worse.
  4. I'm nearly 200 in with no win yet. (Multiple 2nd and 3rds) I'm taking today off to come in fresh tomorrow. (I'll be playing tonight) I have no T-Spins either. About 20 Mini's. I watched a 3 minute 'simple' Youtube video on them and didn't understand a second of it. I sort of feel now like I'm never going to win as I have peaked with my skills but I refuse to believe I can get to 2nd multiple times and not eventually do it. When it gets that fast though it just seems like survival and luck (with the pieces you get) and hoping that you get some Tetris's and have full badges.
  5. Had a fair few ‘communication errors’ in the last hour including one when I was in the top 4 which was a tad annoying. I assume it’s people getting in from work. 160 games now without a chicken dinner. Can I do it before 200? PMA.
  6. Now my wife is addicted to it and keeps wanting to play. All i can say is thank fuck she hasn’t got a win yet. 153 games in for me and still awaiting the elusive victory. Its starting to affect my brain a bit now.
  7. 125 games played and still no win. More top 5’s tonight. It just falls to pieces when I hit the top 5. Blocks fall too fast. I take it you just have to have tetrises ready to go right at the end to get bang bang bang knockouts? Being at the bottom of the screen getting singles at that point just doesn’t seem an option because you get hammered with massive garbage.
  8. Tbh I’ve not even noticed the UI. You start it you press 2 buttons and you’re in. You die. 2 button presses and you’re back in again. There isn’t much else to complain about is there?
  9. One more 2nd place and a few thirds. So nearly had the guy at the bottom. I didn’t even notice his screen was flashing red till after. I am starting to feel I’m never gonna win as I’m not a god tier player but guess I just have to crack on. I noticed today that I seemed to be getting massively targeted in games getting hammered by multiple lines of junk really early on. Much more so than yesterday. Causing me to get knocked out in the first 20.
  10. Can you clarify what you mean by targeting? Individuals or one of the other modes.
  11. 3 more 3rds tonight and still no win. I don’t know how to cope with the speed when it gets down to the last 3. It’s a horror show. Whats the vest tactic with 3 left? Just hope you have a good setup and get a couple of quick tetrises?
  12. When people send you their junk it doesn’t appear in your well straight away. A level meter appears to the left indicating that that level of blocks is going to drop onto your screen shortly. Rather than getting Multiple lines to keep banging junk over to your opponents you can wait until you’re about to get a load of junk yourself then bang out the multiples. This then reduces the incoming junk on your screen. So rather than attacking others you have a defensive system to stop yourself getting hit.
  13. https://kotaku.com/tetris-99-doesnt-have-a-tutorial-so-heres-what-you-need-1832626364 This does a really good job of explaining the badges. The one bit I didn’t get.
  14. Three 3’s and a 2nd. I’ve been getting kicked quite a bit so packing it in for the night. It really does capture the battle royale feeling of the circle closing right at the end when the speed goes nuts. They’ve got the intensity perfect. Are people able to actually look at other players screens to see who to target after the top 50 because I find I can’t take my eyes off the central screen.
  15. Yiggy

    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

    You see to me, an old school game these days has loads of quality of life issues that make it hard to play. Poor check point systems, confusing maps that don't tell you where you're supposed to be going, rock hard bosses and fiddly annoying enemies that make you throw the pad at the TV. So far, and I'm only a few hours into it, its had none of these. Quite the opposite in most cases, and from what people tell me the puzzles and the quality increases through its duration. I played the Dragons Trap remake and didn't gave up quite quickly because it was just that. A old school game with a lot of those old school problems that whilst were fine and acceptable back in the day made me really frustrated as a modern gamer. This new one doesn't have any so far. Horses for courses though. If I find in a few hours that it's driving me made and I've thrown my pad at the TV I'll pop back and update.

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