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  1. And does that mean the Japan DLC isn’t coming out for the first one? It’s not on the steam store.
  2. Got the original on the steam deck with all DLC for a fiver in the current sale. It’s a cracker. I didn’t even know a sequel was out till I saw the posts above.
  3. Yiggy

    Oculus Quest

    Well I’ve been delighted with the Quest 2 and getting reacquainted. I still get VR fatigue if I’m in it for more than an hour but playing in short bursts is great fun. Loving Cubism. What a great little game. It’s like being on the Krypton Factor especially when you have a big guardian boundary and can walk about. How to blow your mind for £8.
  4. Been enjoying this a lot. Put in 7-8 hours. What's the end point your supposed to get to? Once you've completed 30-minute runs with a few characters what do you do next? Just keep playing it till you've completed all the levels with all the characters?
  5. Yiggy

    Oculus Quest

    Oh and final dumb question. What’s the best alternative to the official cable if I want to hook up to my laptop now? It was hit and miss on the cables a few years back and I see the official one is still £90! Or is it generally best to go fully wireless now and is virtual desktop still the best option?
  6. Yiggy

    Oculus Quest

    Maybe a daft question. I got rid of my quest a few years back and was considering picking up a quest 2. Will I still have access to all the games I bought for my quest? I used my Facebook account at the time. Will it all just be there? Is there a way I can check what games I have on my account?
  7. How do you unlock the bonus levels? I’ve unlocked a couple but I’m not sure how.
  8. You pleased with it @SeanR? Good for a family of 4? Can you put multiple things in a single basket? So nuggets AND chips or Salmon AND brocolli?
  9. Got my deck (or a deck - not checked the new serial) back from RMA. About 10 days I think.
  10. Stupid dock question. If I plug the dock into my 4k TV will it output games in their 800p resolution? To be clear this is what I want to happen just like the switch does so the TV just upscales it. Effectively making it just like the Switch dock?
  11. My deck saga is laughable now. Here is a summary. Order Deck 1 Get charged twice - Ticket logged with steam and receive a refund for one within a few days 2 week wait (right at tail end of reservation system) Deck 1 ships Evri get it - keep it for 13 days without delivering Steam eventually say its lost and dispatch a new one (Deck 2) Evri respond to a support ticket to say they have found Deck 1 and say they're sending it Evri contact me and say they have received a return notice from Steam for Deck 1 so its going back to clog land. Deck 2 arrives (Parcelforce thank God) All good except that the right touch pad is fucked RMA issued for Deck 2, gets packed up and sent back (8 days ago) Get home from work today to find (you guessed it) Deck 1 has arrived on my doorstep Now have to give it up to another week for Deck 2 to be returned, hopefully without any further drama. I will hold Deck 1 hostage for now.
  12. I think I might stop playing. About 3 hours in. I’m finding it very tough and a lot of memory is needed to recall where you’ve been and where you’re going next. Especially when you die. Ammo is fairly scarce and aiming and targeting seems a bit sketchy. It’s gotten me quite frustrated at times. Also seems like it’s a fairly sizeable game and I’m not sure I can do this for more than 4-5 hours. Will sleep on it and see if I feel like a bit more pain tomorrow. I think they’ve done a cracking job with the design overall though. For someone with patience I bet it’s cracking.
  13. You’re along the right lines. I’ve enjoyed the first couple of hours. With headphones on it’s very atmospheric and is channeling some great source material at times. Alien, The Thing, MGS etc. Only thing I got really annoyed at is that enemies seem to come back to life after a bit? Despite shooting, zapping and stomping? Or am I being thick?
  14. Any experience in here on RMA turnaround? It’s for a touchpad repair. I know it arrived in their UK RMA centre on Tuesday morning but not heard anything yet. I know I’m being impatient but wasn’t sure if chasing is useful etc.
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