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  1. I like Pogues, Mariah, Slade and Wham as much as anybody at Christmas but do get sick of hearing the same songs over and over again. What are some good alternatives? I know Dylan’s Christmas album and Billy Idols are fun. No Buble or stuff like that. Good Christmas songs that are not on the regular playlists. Save my sanity at Xmas folks!
  2. Another angle where this is a winner is for kids who are into their PC gaming. It looks like a cool PC and they are therefore far more likely to jump on board. With Gamepass PC as well now it’s gonna be really tempting for that group who might want both.
  3. Anecdotal child feedback. Apparently everyone at my 13 year old sons school ‘has an Xbox and gets all their games off Gamepass’. When a new game hits everyone plays it. That jump force is the latest one that’s got them all talking. That’s a pretty important group for MS to capture.
  4. I just thought of something. It’s going to have a brand new UI right? I mean it has to what with the current one being pretty much widely disliked? Only with the more subtle upgrade paths they’re creating (like an Apple ecosystem) that could suggest the UI would stay the same. If so that really would make it feel like less of a step up.
  5. Yes that makes sense. New X and new S renamed as ‘series’. PS5 does have an advantage on paper though. It does sound more like a whole new console rather than an upgrade. Even if the end results performance wise are nigh on identical. I say it every time and having recently sold my PS4 pro I am readying myself to be a one main console household and I’m hoping this beast of a machine will do. If Gamepass stays good, it’s silent and I can use my controllers I will be very happy. Until the first top tier PS5 exclusive comes out that is!
  6. It is an odd name no doubt but I don’t think they will have a problem marketing it to avoid confusion. As we don’t know yet what the line-up of hardware is going to look like we can’t really judge. £449 Xbox Series X £300 Xbox Series S Maybe? I can’t see the current X sticking around as it would muddy the waters. Maybe they rebrand and keep the current diskless S going (Series A?) as a dirt cheap (£99?) option. I think it looks good and is likely to look a lot better in real life. It LOOKS powerful. Practically speaking though the height of it on its side and in an AV unit could be a problem for some I would think. Not me though. It will be standing tall and proud. Gamepass for this will be an absolute winner. And the fact I can use my elite series 2 with it and all my other controllers is fantastic.
  7. Thanks @Ninja Doctor and @Lorfarius I guess it might depend if you have an original or a clone as well. What behaviour were you seeing on cards that don’t work? Flat our not seeing it? Mine is weird. It doesn’t seem to see it but if you pop it out and pop it back in again it detects Instantly and loads fine. But you need to do that every time. A reboot without touching it sees it not working again. The DCHDMI mod works an absolute treat though. Fantastic picture on my 55”.
  8. Thanks @Lorfarius I know you pmed me and I didn’t reply. I had one in the end. Can anybody tell me what SD card they use with their DCEMU which 100% works please? The one I’m using (Lexar) is possibly exhibiting something strange behaviour and I want to try another that I know works.
  9. Did the polterkitty bit last night and it was nowhere near as bad as some had made out. Seemed a bit pointless but I guess they wanted to throw in a bit more variety. As if there wasn’t enough already. I love the way so many of the floors seem so different, not only in their themes but also in the structure and gameplay. Yes you’re ultimate sucking up ghosts but getting to the point is hugely varied and lovely to boot. It’s a tremendous effort and easily the best in the series so far.
  10. Thanks. Thats the make the chap recommended actually but he said they were pricey too. I might have a look in the loft and see what we have. The Jack looks like the one Dell laptops used for over a decade and I think I have a few of those. What WATT should it be? Is 35W enough?
  11. I have a dc hdmi and GDEmu dc on its way with a pico power supply. I need a PSU for it. Apparently I need... 12v 3A+ (5A suggested), DC Power supply with centre-positive DC Jack 5.5mm x 2.1mm Can anybody help a Luddite out and link me to one of these on amazon or similar? I get confused and panicky at numbers. x
  12. If I want to play Destiny 2 on my Xbox what’s the best way in? Should I just download the free to play version and play till I hit a wall the. Pay for more? Or should I buy shadowkeep now? (It’s in the sale for £18) Does buying shadowkeep off the bat give me any Immediate advantages over doing the former? Will best everything with that including forsaken? They’ve made it well confusing!
  13. If you pay (£10?) for the Dolby Atmos codec app through the store and change the sound output to Atmos doesn’t that turn any pair of stereo headphones into a decent surround type pair? Not wireless of course (I have mine plugged into the pad) but mine even work with the mic.
  14. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    I want to switch back to using my orig switch as my main and the lite as my secondary. Is there anything I need to do except change the primary in the settings? Could I swap the cards over or do I need to format things and redownload?
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