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  1. I don’t think TPH has hit switch yet no.
  2. Quick Q. If I’ve done my first run as Black Eagles is there a best house to do as my 2nd run to give the best contrasting story?
  3. WHOA! @Dig Dug I’m done lads. 3 hours its taken me by the end there were 3 of us left, Myself, Petra (My wife now) and Lindhart. I remembered right at the end about restocking from the convoy which helped me out. I was down to my last time rewind and on the very last hit to knock his block off the bastard dragon did some ‘I get the first attack’ and guarding bullshit which meant he had one HP left. On my very last rewind I managed to do it. Felt amazing. It’s the first RPG (type game) I’ve completed in years. It pretty much all felt good and although the ending frustrated me in places and even though it still felt pretty epic. Not sure I have the capacity to replay as another house but I will sleep on it and see.
  4. Great tips thanks @Dig Dug i have just worked my way bit by bit through the whole level. I lost Catherine towards the end but decided to plough on as can always go back in time if it’s impossible. I think I have 1 golem and the boss left but I’ve bookmarked it for later. Took me about 90 mins to get that far. Quite an epic last mission in contrast to the relative ease of the rest of it. Gonna go for the final push later.
  5. So I wanted to call on the collective Rllmuk Fire Emblem Brotherhood to ask for some help on the end of the game. I am not a hardened RPG nut but have made it pretty far in this but have hit a bit of a problem. Some facts... I am playing on Normal Classic mode. I am at (what I believe to be) the final battle. I have lost a number of units mainly as I thought the previous battles might be the last ones so I was cavalier with my attempts to save them. Going so far as thinking it ‘poetic; that they had fallen courageously at ‘the last battle’ which turned out not to be ‘The last battle’. I am down to 5 Units (including myself) for the final battle. I think I had 10 as a max. I never recruited any of the other familiies when they were hanging about the monastery. My 5 units range from level 38 up to about level 45. I have had no problems with any other battle in the game really. Most units are 1 hit kills. Anyway, as I am sure you can tell I have hit a bit of a spike on this battle.... So any thoughts or tactics or suggestions as to how I might win would be appreciated. I don’t want to put 50 hours into a game and fall at the final hurdle. Thanks fellow adventurers!
  6. I played through this on Apple Arcade and enjoyed it. Shades of Phoenix Wright with the investigation stuff and Layton with the puzzles. Presented in a well acted and well told story with fun characters. Quite a direction shift from snipperclips but I can see the link in style and quality. Quite funny too with good dialogue between the main characters.
  7. Yiggy

    Apple Arcade

    Was off work sick today and started / finished Tangle Tower. It’s from the Snipper Clips Devs and is a short timed exclusive for Apple I believe. Really enjoyed it. It’s a story driven detective adventure game with a lovely cluedo type mechanic. Elements of Phoenix Wright and some really good voice acting and characters. Highly recommended. Took about 6 hours and I played it across Apple TV and iPad with the transition working perfectly. This is a great service.
  8. Been playing through the levels this morning with my daughter to try and get all the crystals and the golds. It’s got a lot or replay-ability and the music is sooooo good.
  9. Just finished this. Absolutely loved it. An amazing experience. Only thing I wasn’t sure about was pacing as some of the levels were really short. Oh and QUEEN LATIFAH.
  10. Forgive my laziness but has anybody figured out an easy way to cancel this yet or do I have to call somebody? They’re stacked up and I’m not reading em.
  11. Yiggy

    Apple Arcade

    When they update Apple TV will this run on it and will I be able to Bluetooth an Xbox controller? I have the 4K version.
  12. Yiggy

    Apple Arcade

    It’s this sort of title that I find so utterly charming and nice about many of the launch titles for it. An experience that hits emotional beats. Not your usual mobile phone game at all.
  13. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    I wonder if the control restrictions with the lite will make it less likely that things like rumble will be pushed in games. Like when they removed 3D. I guess it depends how well it sells.
  14. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Also. If I play a game as a download on my primary lite with my account and then somebody else try’s to play that game on the fatty using my account I take it that it will dump one of us out but only if my lite is online?
  15. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Cool. It’s not perfect but I think it’s the same way the Xbox works too so it’s not Nintendo being shits. What would be nice is if there was a way to transfer saves from one user to another but I don’t think there is? I wouldn’t mind her playing on my account on the fatty with something like stardew as I never play it. I guess I could just buy it for her under her account?
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