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  1. I’m planning on playing through all 3 with my wife. Both our first times. She is okay with games and loves sci-fi. If there’s an easy mode we’ll probably use it.
  2. @Mr Do 71what does that indicate for those of us not in the know?
  3. Yiggy

    Apple Arcade

    Taiko Pop Tap is fucking sensational. KOI is my new reason to get up in the morning. That is all.
  4. You can have a private ship so nobody else can jump into your crew. The world is permanently online though and you will encounter other players many of which will try to blow you out the water and steal your loot. You can switch game voice chat off to remove potty mouths and to be honest there isn’t tons of it anyway and none if you stay in party chat. The PVP stuff is impossible to avoid completely but if you work on a tactic of avoidance and steering away from others then you can mostly keep out of trouble. Having gotten my own kids into it I would suggest letti
  5. I see Season 2 has teased, amongst other things, a hiding in a barrel mechanic, which could be great fun if implemented well. I think for their first season it’s gone pretty well. They will keep developing it and a new mechanic each season will be nice as a way to keep evolving it. Finally managed the hoarding 20 chests achievement tonight AND hit 100 to get some nice blue sails. Happy days.
  6. For me part of it was 60fps with nice visuals. I wonder if the small screen could scale down the fun somewhat.
  7. Yiggy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Pleased its not just me. I am a few hours in. I am not getting the love for it yet. I know its 8 bit style appeals and I can see its done well. It IS quite funny with the skeletons etc (humour reminded me a lot of Monkey Island) but from a gameplay perspective its not doing it for me and so far the Story that everyone talks about as being amazing has done nothing for me. I keep thinking its an emperors new clothes type thing. But there is so much love for it and I gather that its not long I may well give it some more time. I felt the same about Outer Wilds sadly!
  8. I think there is a process that links your Xbox app with your steam account. It should do that when you first launch the game from Steam. I think you have to have the Xbox App running in the background. It should be pretty straight forward. The alternative is he just subs to gamepass and does it though that but I have a few PC user friends who seem very stuck on using Steam and wont consider any other option!
  9. Had an amazing session in a sloop last night. We... Set sail on a merchant ship search. Found the key. Found the manifest but the ship had gone! Grabbed another merchant ship search. On the way to the wreck defeated a Kraken. Found the wreck and just as started unloading got attacked by a Megaladon. Smashed it's teeth in. Unloaded the ship and right at the end got attacked by another Megaladon. Smashed it's teeth in. Had some very entertaining glitching on this one where it was stuck on the side of the ship so I could cannon it mercilessly. Got up to 5 stars emm
  10. I didn’t mind him. You can turn him right down (off) if you want.
  11. I have the ultimate edition. Is the DLC playable at the end or does it bake it into the game somewhere? The one thing I am struggling with is doing the side stuff as its appearing and I think I would prefer to just do it at the end like Alan Wake.
  12. I've smashed the shit out of this over the past 5 days. First long form game I've got 1000GP and totally cleaned up in ages. Took about 15 hours to do everything. I really enjoyed it and I feel its been a bit overlooked because the cover is pretty terrible and it got middling reviews. It looks amazing in HDR, particularly the NEON underground bits and the sense of moving, finding stuff and progression is nice. The combat and missions get a bit samey but the fun of smashing the crap out of everything over-rode that for me. Also had me belly laughing in a f
  13. Its actually a really good game for playing in small chunks as the save system is very generous.
  14. Another game that got people (vaguely) interested that looks likely to sit somewhere between crushingly disappointing and crushingly average.
  15. Yiggy

    Disco Elysium

    If I play this on PC via steam is the default / recommended control system mouse & keyb or a pad?
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