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  1. It’s quite the phenomenon. I didn’t love it but it’s perfectly enjoyable. There’s a delicious irony that one of the main themes is the protagonist of the story putting wonderous family entetertainment above ‘meaningful art’ whilst getting panned by critics. Yet becoming wildly successful nonetheless.
  2. Yiggy

    Yoku's Island Express

    Finished the main game at 50% and intend to try to work my way round to 100% the world. It's a really nice game. So charming and despite me not loving Metroidvania games in had something that made it shine for me. I'm gonna try Hollow Knight next I think.
  3. Yiggy


    Thanks. How do I link the epic account to my gamertag? On the epic website?
  4. Yiggy


    I’m confused. (And an idiot) I have it on Xbox where it seems to be logged in as my gamertag but on that platform I can’t find mention of epic account linking anywhere. When I load up on Switch I can login as an epic account I have created on their website but how do I link that to my Xbox account?
  5. Yiggy

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    So if am new to Fortnite. Can I setup an epic account on my switch and also use that later on my Xbox and my tiers etc will all carry over?
  6. Yiggy

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    How come its allowed on iOS? If you link your PS4 Fortnite account to your iOS game then you get the stuff you’ve bought don’t you? Is it JUST Switch this is a problem with?
  7. Fucking Hell. Talk about one game focus.
  8. This thread is amazing.
  9. My 5 year old just shouted... ”And it’s just getting started!”
  10. The length of this is actually insane. (That’s what she said.)
  11. That’s a ridiculous amount of characters.

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