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  1. I’m super excited about this service and more and more disappointed that it won’t be released this year in the U.K. The Mandalorian looks really good. I suppose only time will tell if a VPN will do the trick?
  2. Yiggy

    PC Engine Mini

    Are there any other CD based games that have been announced? Memory wise I would have thought with all the music and stuff that they wouldn’t want to do loads of CD games due to keeping storage costs down or is that not really a problem. Also. I wonder if it can handle Arcade games. (The system later had a slightly complex set of upgrade cards that boosted the memory to really push the capabilities of the hardware) Some of the Neo Geo conversions are pretty amazing for what was essentially an 8 bit box.
  3. Yiggy

    PC Engine Mini

    I love this machine. I’ve had 3 over the years. 2 JP Engines and a Modded Jap C2D. Something very special about them. Mainly their mythical status over here due to it not really getting released. Also the sheer beauty and collectability of the Hucards and their unique little CD cases. Part of that goes out the window with a mini of course but if price and games are right I’m still tempted to pick one up. Salamander Parodius Galaga 88 Jackie Chan PC Kid Bonk Parasol Stars New Zealand Story Amazing little machines.
  4. So I’m loving the sound of the tall tale stuff. Not played in ages. If i I jump in with my son where do we go to get started on the tall tale stuff? Is there an NPC we need to go see? I know this game doesn’t always hold your hand with stuff like that.
  5. So if you get an Asian one will the games have English language? I’m guessing not and whilst it doesn’t matter for a lot of it it would matter for the likes of shining force etc?
  6. I think it looks like an amazingly innovative idea with regards to the season style game delivery one at a time. Hardware looks good with a strong engineering background. It could well be £130 but even at £150 I think I’m in for the novelty value combined with the vision.
  7. I really liked the final episode. I thought it was about as good as it could be. I liked the mellow nature of it and it has the right level of gravitas.
  8. I just watched that video and it sounds pretty great. No way I could get away with it with my PSVR sitting there unloved though. I do think the lack of wires and needing to stand in front of my tv would lead to more play though. Seems so much easier to just put it on and get stuck in.
  9. So does this enable you to take small steps around your area rather than PSVR which is pretty static? Have to say the idea of no wires is amazing. Does it use a rechargeable battery?
  10. Hi Just got my sun renewed for the 12 issue thing. Not sure I’m gonna keep it past that. Does anybody know a link to cancel online? I had a quick look but couldn’t find anything. Still pondering. Need to actually sit down and read some.
  11. Is there any indication if it can be used as a regular USB stick for PC / Consoles etc?
  12. Yiggy

    Best New Music 2019

    This is really ducking good.
  13. Another 3 hours whilst my wife watched TV last night. 260 games and still no win. Had 2 2nds and 2 thirds in last nights session. So so close. I just can’t quit till I win.
  14. This. I played for about an hour yesterday (220 games and still no win) and was getting absolutely murdered to the point of it feeling quite unfair. As you say two thirds a screen worth of junk within seconds. If the playing population are going to get that good then they need to do something to ease things up a bit for the less pro players as it’s only going to get worse.
  15. I'm nearly 200 in with no win yet. (Multiple 2nd and 3rds) I'm taking today off to come in fresh tomorrow. (I'll be playing tonight) I have no T-Spins either. About 20 Mini's. I watched a 3 minute 'simple' Youtube video on them and didn't understand a second of it. I sort of feel now like I'm never going to win as I have peaked with my skills but I refuse to believe I can get to 2nd multiple times and not eventually do it. When it gets that fast though it just seems like survival and luck (with the pieces you get) and hoping that you get some Tetris's and have full badges.
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