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  1. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2008/10/18...er-coming-soon/ Infinite link loop go!
  2. I laughed heartily, because it was all true and I'm a big Stalker nerd. Top entertainment.
  3. Oh come on, don't pretend it's a surprise. There's a novelty single purchaser born every minute.
  4. I respond differently to scary games. AvP had me shitting myself, and all that had was super-animated xenos making screechy hissy noises in rooms with flickering lights. Oh, and the motion tracker. FEAR on the other hand I played like I was Ash out of Army Of Darkness, boomstick in hand and ready for whatever tricks they wanted to play on me.
  5. That's another thing! If I'm gonna abuse quicksaves, could the devs please bind Save to F5 and Load to F9? Put some distance between them so my ham hands can't bash both at once, ruining everything. Cheers. This is usually the example I cite for not trusting checkpoint systems. I firmly believe that whoever designed the final section of the Mansion should never work in games again.
  6. So what if it does? You can still not use it.
  7. I loved the fighting and the arcades, I just wish it didn't have all those inept detective sections where you need to talk to everyone for 'clues' to something you've already figured out. I also don't appreciate the sections where you're forced to do crap things for no benefit (such as airing the temple books, or talking to the miserable residents of Dobuita). The game becomes truly awesome once you hit Kowloon and then float through the dream-like final disc, it's a pity the 5 discs running up to that point are so lacklustre in comparison.
  8. Well, I'm jealous of you then. At least all the fuss about him must make sense to you, I'm all at sea. Oh come on! I wasn't the first to say it! I didn't even say it was a bad thing! Of course it would be childish to complain about people making money from their art, but that's not what I did, I just commented that it happened. 'Selling out' is more of a statement than a judgement in my eyes, though I guess it's pretty subjective. For the record, I think if someone's good at what they do then they can't be maligned for trying to make a retirement plan out of it.
  9. Sylar's english is brilliant, I concur. I have to say I really enjoyed Fable though. Admittedly I only played The Lost Chapters on PC, so the ridiculous hype had long been forgotten for me. I think I would have felt differently had I expected a massive gameworld where my character actually lived his life or whatever it was Pete promised. The game I played was just a fun action rpg with loads of cool approaches to fighting.
  10. Fable II. I already have Stalker, after all. What do I need another post-nuclear playground for?
  11. Oh, I love them all over again. All is forgiven, Rab.
  12. Whenever I've given Shenmue another go 'for old times' sake' I usually end up totally speechless. Not because it's good, Lord no! Because Sega nearly bankrupted themselves making a game about aimless wandering.
  13. Gwynster

    Far Cry 2

    And you'll have none from me, they're both awesome. Far Cry Instincts does make me wonder though.
  14. We're not big names in show business, though, so your point is invalid.
  15. I've never really understood Peter Kay's act at all. He just talks shit, doesn't he? All this nonsense about how dads don't run, or buying holidays on Ceefax, it doesn't ring a bell at all. He's a great performer but he needs other people to write for him as he hasn't a clue about what makes things funny - "I'm fat and cheeky" doesn't cut it. And I know it's not because I'm an out of touch southerner, because the Royle Family was nail-on-head brilliant in its observations of pretty much the same sort of thing. Kay just talks complete bollocks. Phoenix Nights was brilliant, but it's becoming more and more clear that it had nothing to do with Kay beyond his talent as a performer. Comparisons to Gervais are a bit harsh I think - Gervais is obviously an enormous talent who got fed up of being broke and decided to sell out, but Kay went straight for the sellout without really dabbling in competence beforehand.
  16. Games are expensive, and that kind of design is difficult to playtest. So nobody bothers.
  17. Gwynster

    Far Cry 2

    Wow, you have really low standards. But yeah, if Jim Rossignol likes it then I'll probably like it too. I just hope it won't matter too much that I don't have a top-range graphics card these days.
  18. If you can, try digging up the Edge preview of Deus Ex 2 and see if it has any similarities whatsoever to the game you eventually played.
  19. I thought the whole show went downhill after Reggie serenaded J. with Purple Rain. But to be fair, at that point I thought the entirety of recorded entertainment had hit its nadir and would never be as good again.
  20. IT'S FREE (Except it shows you an advertisement video at the end that you can't close or even kill at process-level, which is somewhat worrying)
  21. Many thanks to KieronGillen on his own site for finding this. I had a blast with this last night. Basically on the face of it, it's WC3 with Romans instead of Night Elves. Peasants build buildings, buildings train soldiers, soldiers go kill. You get a hero unit who is way stronger than your normal grunts and they can be levelled up as you progress. It's pretty shallow at that level of things, and you have to really be skilled at RTS play to win without running out of gold. However, it adds a brilliant twist - 3rd person combat where you control your Hero. You get a sword and a bow, simple 'follow' and 'hold' commands for your troops, you can order your men to charge into battle and you get a special ability (I had Achilles, and he had this battleshout that gave my army super toughness). The funny thing about it is that the heroes are so mentally strong. You can literally run through an army, hacking away, and have them obliterated before your men even turn up. If your armies are beset by a tower stocked with archers, your hero can climb up the tower and hack them all down (or even better, destroy the tower itself in about 6 hits). You see a huge army of cavalry legging it towards your infantry, and you can cut through them in seconds. By the end of my game last night my hero had over 700 kills. It stops being fun late in a game where your hero just has hardly any energy to do anything and you've run out of gold (not to mention the CPU cheating to get infinite gold), but it's well worth a 2 gig download for the 2 hours prior to that. It's a brilliant concept, and hopefully it'll get returned to at some point.
  22. Nah, I think Save&Quit solutions are perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with them. I just personally prefer to save and not quit.
  23. Your logic, while watertight, is irrelevant. I paid for the game, it's mine, I decide when I save. End of.
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