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  1. Usual stuff - piracy hasn't killed the games industry so therefore it can't be all that bad, swapping cassettes in the playground, all of that. Read it here before it gets deleted or something. Credit to the RPS fellas, it's a debate worth having if you've nothing better to do. My own personal standpoint is that if games were pirated less, then they wouldn't need to sell like half a million copies just to break even, and so there'd be much less risk attached to trying something new versus endless sequels and remakes.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if the games magazine industry was a socialist alliance of collectivised newsgathering. Future Publishing probably wouldn't though, and they do pay a lot of games journos' wages.
  3. That looks amazing, though I have no idea how you'll make a game out of it. Looking forward to that even more!
  4. If reviewers were meant to prize innovation over other things, then our games mags would be full of stuff from Kongregate and TIGSource, and Eurogamer would have minute-by-minute blogcasts from every bunch of students giving talks at IGF. There is, of course, no money whatsoever in such an endeavour.
  5. I don't really play games with stories anymore. It's actually quite nice.
  6. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    Man, that happens every time I play. The notice comes up on screen: Don't set off the alarms! So somebody does, then screams and runs when he sees the horde charging towards him. Laughing at that will never, ever get old.
  7. Recently? Like, 3 years recently?
  8. One second of invincibility from bullets, and three seconds of invincibility from explosions. Levels like the ones you describe above are just poorly designed by idiots who don't play games. TFC and TF2 handle the spawning thing perfectly IMO.
  9. You don't pay for games anyway, how would anything I say matter to you? Unsuccessful troll defense is MEH. The rest of you though, you're daft if you think the demo will be representative. Next time you want to pre-order a mass-budget first episode of a new franchise, just paypal me £40 and you'll never have to feel disappointed.
  10. I gave up trying to do this when I was a child. Some people just can't handle anything more complicated than a TV remote.
  11. They demoed the entire game? Wacky.
  12. You guys sure you're not placing a little too much weight on a demo? You do know they'll have spent much less time polishing the rest of the game, right?
  13. Urien with a Shang Tsung mimic ability and a screen-filling super? Fine by me. Would have been better to have Urien in as well though.
  14. SNES and MD. I was like, "The backgrounds move? THIS IS AMAZING".
  15. Those guys in Stalker who pull out a guitar to play by the campfire. Every game should have them.
  16. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    I'm on Steam, I can't say I noticed any of the problems with matchmaking that people were reporting. mac_beast@yahoo.co.uk if you want to add me up, but to be honest if I'm playing this at all then it's likely I'll be using Hamachi with mah boyzz, so you won't be able to join. When this is out proper though, I'm down like syndrome, son.
  17. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    The demo of this is awesome.
  18. Well, the X games I guess, but that's not what I meant. Sims has no conflict or competition, and is almost impossible to 'fail' unless you actually aim to play it that way for giggles. All games should be like that, really.
  19. Yeah, it's a pretty shit game, but mostly because Will Wright managed to forget the way his games were different from everyone else's. He went from "danger-free and all the time in the world" to basically 5 shit versions of games that other people already make better which casuals don't want to play. I thought The Sims had proved that truly mainstream games avoid making the player 'compete', but I guess Spore was needed to really test the theory.
  20. I've got a good voice and can act a little bit, plus I have a face for radio which is a bonus. Put me down. I could write a short script but I'm busy this weekend and I'll probably forget.
  21. Why would someone with the drive and knowledge to run a business worth millions... ...also be happy to sit about watching daytime telly?
  22. Sounds like Game acted well within the law, guys. Sainsbury are the only people you could complain about for so obviously screwing up. Flogging them wholesale to Game didn't benefit them at all, yet someone thought it would be a great idea. Now they've lost loads of possible attachment sales and pissed off a lot of customers. If it makes you feel better you could buy some shares and make a ruckus at the next AGM.
  23. That's a point, what happened to the song credits they used to put at the end of the old episodes? I used to get into loads of older music by looking through those.
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