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    Left 4 Dead

    Yeah, I know literally nothing about the 360 version. Does it have servers, or is it player-hosted? I reckon the 360 version would likely be a far more uniform experience in this regard if it's the latter - as Rudi has said, it appears the things that annoy me the most are caused by server config settings rather than bad playtesting. Still, I'm amazed you haven't had to play a grievously imbalanced versus match yet. No, not amazed, but envious.
  2. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    Given how long it takes Valve to release anything until they've daydreamed about it for 2 years, I'm skeptical than any part of the game's design came as an afterthought. They do all the thinking beforehand, which is why their implementations sometimes suck so much.
  3. Well, it's all wasted on me. When I play Gears I'm not looking AT the architecture, I'm looking over or around it for anything that might kill me.
  4. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    It's more likely that you'll just end up with 3 hunters and a boomer in a wide open space, though. For the handful of times I've been gifted with smokers and an area that allows a coordinated ambush, there's been tons more where my entire team's got nothing but trash. I know I should just refrain from spawning until my team has something worthwhile, but it's just frustrating watching the other team waltz through unthreatened simply because they won a few internal dice rolls.
  5. Why are people getting so worked up about Gears? I think we can all agree that technically it's marvellous while artistically it's little more than mud, guns, and shoulders the size of watermelons.
  6. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    I've been playing a lot of Versus mode this evening, and I'm despairing at how broken it all is despite being a lot of fun. 1. Melee just stops working when you need it the most. It's fucking poor and there's no reason for it to happen. 2. Games are just completely imbalanced and decided by luck every single time. There's no point in trying if the other team gets all the breaks. 3. The infected's spawn countdown doesn't mean shit, I've been waiting for full minutes after this has reached zero while the game arbitrarily decides I can't play. 4. Hunters are shit. The lag means you'll jump through people all the time, or you'll just be interpolated backwards to someone you actually didn't want to jump on (ie someone already downed). This being Valve, they'll never fix it. This being Valve, it's still annoyingly fun to play whatever happens.
  7. Everything Milo does is very obviously modelled on how Keanu would play the same role. Try to tell Peter Petrelli and Pre-Neo 'Thomas Anderson' apart, it's impossible.
  8. There's a difference between 'bad' (ie unprofessional) acting, and ham acting. Truly bad acting is the kind of thing you only see in movies by Ed Wood or Coleman Francis (or in your nightmares), where every line of dialogue rattles around your frontal lobe like a tennis ball, making you moan with exasperation, like watching someone shit sing an X-Factor audition. Ham acting is what Reeves, Wahlberg, Bloom et al practise. It's not so much to do with only having one facial expression or tone of voice, and more to do with finding the most inappropriate way your character could possibly deliver his lines with a straight face. A full, deep appreciation of what people don't tend to do in real life is essential, as is the cooperation of the scriptwriter. Proper ham acting is a team sport more than an individual pursuit - Reeves would never have gotten where he is today without Busey and Swayze, after all. It's hard to measure individual actors by their hamminess, so the Bloom scale will never suffice. A better unit of measurement is The Happenings, so for instance The Matrix gets 7 The Happenings out of a possible 10.
  9. Outrun actually is shit. I wonder if anyone can actually remember playing it except for the great music, it's just boring to actually play. I think my favourite racing game would have to be F-Zero X, I don't think I've ever caned a game quite as hard as I caned that. Literally the one game that finally proved for me that graphics were worthless and that speed was king. I'm also partial to MotoGP. I find cars drab and boring, but bikes somehow hit the right note. Sega Rally was, of course, one of the funnest games ever. Top Gear Rally on the N64 came seriously close of course.
  10. I AM A FLOWER IN A DUSTBIN made me lol for about a full minute.
  11. You're doing it wrong, man. Deus Ex takes like a week of holiday to play through unless you're being really anal about finding every skill point or not killing anyone. Grim Fandango though, I haven't completed either for the exact reason above.
  12. Seems odd that, despite almost worldwide deflation, microchips are somehow going up in price. My guess is that Sony think people are too stupid to understand that they're getting screwed by prices based on outdated exchange rates.
  13. Nah, it's not Oblivion! I loved Stalker the first time through, and that was totally mod-free (although it was fully patched).
  14. Has it not been incorporated into Oblivion Lost? It sounds like it would be a part of that mod's aims.
  15. Well, if you don't know 3 other people with L4D then it's a fair choice IMO.
  16. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    I got to the end of No Mercy and then a Tank knocked me off the roof. THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT!
  17. It's immersion for me - if I'm playing the part of a hardcore crackshot assassin bloke, the least I ask for is to be accurate at all times. Imagine if Rambo played with a joypad, he'd never have stopped those commies.
  18. Flashpoint's dogshit, though. Completely unplayable these days. You've undone your entire premise here.
  19. I think it's worth pointing out that a mouse is a pretty good game controller, even outside the obvious FPS mould. Why worry about kicking a ball or driving a car, when you can move the earth?
  20. PC gaming puts us in touch with the rest of the world. The best that consoles can manage is the USA, France and Germany. Fuck that, I roll with Poles when I game.
  21. Which is why I gave up wanting to be in the games industry many years ago. The power balance is all fucked up.
  22. See, I can engage with this sort of thing far more than the almost entirely theoretical software piracy debate.
  23. My dad once told me I was juvenile for playing games, even though he was lying on a sofa watching football at the time. Even my mum called him out on that one, bless him.
  24. Story of my life. Piracy threads are fucking boring, to be fair.
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