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  1. What amazes me most is that everyone on the show is applauded so much for losing what is (to them) a rather small amount. Nowhere are they encouraged to exercise, but instead sit on their arses in front of the telly just as long, but with rabbit food instead of doritos. Then at the end, it's all "Well done! You are no longer a grotesque spectacle, just merely enormous!". On top of all that there are the subject's kids, who will surely have their growth stunted by such ludicrous diets. Still, I'll be the first to admit that televised morbid obesity can be really funny under certain circumstances, but then I've been lucky enough to never have to worry about diet or exercise. Am I a nazi?
  2. Yeech. Best I ever managed for that one was 26", and that was almost literally just holding right and jumping on the speed trainers.
  3. I remember watching Pitch Black and being really bored most of the way through. Surprisingly I found Starship Troopers 2 pretty watchable even though the plot was almost identical. The boredom certainly wasn't caused by Riddick himself, that's all I know, so I reckon I'll have to catch this film at some point.
  4. Cartoon sluts? Just try to keep me away now! Seriously though, wasn't the main character in the film pretty much naked throughout (even if she was a 'cyborg')?
  5. I've not heard of either Azumi or Versus, but I'm intrigued. Anyone fancy giving me a quick rundown on these 2 films?
  6. MP2 is probably one of the most fun 'quick fix' games I know of. That 'spinney round reloading thing' Max does in MP2 bullet-time has replaced Arnie's 'one-handed spinney shotgun thing' in Terminator 2 as my 'coolest thing evar', and I just can't resist shouting 'Billyyyyyy!' whenever I do a slomo jump to the side. It's also great fun messing with the physics, like jumping into people and running away as the fall and get back up. Like the chapter which continues the opening section with the cleaner behind the door, and you can just keep knocking him over repeatedly without him being able to shoot. Funny as hell, as is slo-mo diving from the tops of stairwells. Class game if ever there was one, although I agree that, when played seriously, it's short, frustrating, and too confusing for it's own good.
  7. I can't remember him smelling that bad. Had a long conversation with him about how great MAME is (while playing the Midway collection or something on PS2, funnily enough). Then again, he was behind the counter... Although that was way back in March though. That was just before I stopped buying games so I could afford more uni textbooks .
  8. "Do you know what the chain of command is?" I may just have to download this when I get home from work. The series was the greatest thing I had watched in such a long time, and I'm fairly sure there isn't a single duff episode (except possibly the last one they showed, but only cause you knew that's where it ended). I still find Shindig to be one of the finest pieces of television ever made. Every ounce of it is perfectly realised.
  9. Uh, you know that NGE could be replaced with any other anime and the comment would still stand (except for Digi Charat, of course)? Seriously though, I agree with you. The biggest problem I had with it was that the kids in it are meant to be, like, fourteen. Fourteen. I know that's the japanese age of consent and all, but I wish I'd had kind of a warning before I got steaming great piles of uncomfortable ecchi thrown in my face. Still, watching Shinji have a wank was a revelation in unintentional grossout humour. Did anyone else cheer at the money shot?
  10. If you pay me, I'll come over and pull the aerial out the back. Is this as lame as it sounds? (I.E Rick Bacon and Co. watching telly), or is it a surreal, Mystery Science Theater style bunch of gags at the featured programs expense? Not sure I'll bother watching either way...
  11. So I take it that GITS:SAC is worth watching then? I got the first couple eps, and started watching, while fully expecting the same level of intellectual stimulation as the film. I still managed to get bored after about 15 minutes of Not A God Damn Lot. I turned my brain off again and watched some Prince of Tennis. Seriously, I now have nearly the whole first series on my hard drive, and I dunno if I can be arsed to actually watch it. Any tips?
  12. I think Tazmania was never given anyway near the exposure he deserved. Just imagine the sort of creativity that went into produciing him! Warner guy 1: Okay, mice, rabbits and ducks are out, What else is left? Warner guy 2: How about we do a wildebeest cartoon? Warner guy 1: Fuck you and your wildebeests. We need something unpredictable! Warner guy 3: How about a Tasmanian Devil? (pause) Warner Guy 1 & 2: What the fuck is a Tasmanian Devil? ...and a legend is born.
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