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  1. Well, it's less the end of an era as much as it is an opening of our collective eyes. I used to be a pretty passionate gamer who thought this was the medium that would change the world. "Videogames are like TV for people who aren't stupid or lazy!" I would helpfully explain to anyone who'd listen. Consolevania felt like my show, speaking my language, and presenting my hobby with more humour and grace than I was capable of. Somewhere along the lines I got fixated with perfection, and started spending all of my time arguing about what was wrong with the things I was supposed to like. I thought I was learning about how the industry works, questioning its fallacies, and pushing for technical perfection married with artistic freedom. I tried to look far to the future, and in doing so I narrowed my eyes. "This is shit", I would say with authority. I realised recently that I hardly even play games anymore. I bought a couple, and talked about a lot, and did my biannual replay of Deus Ex. I played Stalker and fell in love, but for some reason I found it impossible to return to. Left 4 Dead impressed me at first and then I let it drop. I kept going back to Warcraft 3 DotA like some kind of abused spouse, thinking that maybe this time I'll finish a game without someone quitting after 5 minutes. I'm a lapsed gamer in denial. I tell people I'm into videogames, but in the evening I just sit about watching TV or complaining about things on here for no reason other than boredom (Israel? I don't care because I care, I care because I haven't anything better going on right now. Sorry Smitty). I used to live for this shit, now I dismiss it as too expensive, too time-consuming, all of that. I got into other things, music, movies, theatre, good writing, politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, exercise, the great outdoors. I make more of an effort to meet new people, but I'm basically shite conversation on any topics outside bad movies and great videogames. I need to stop wasting my time, and start playing games properly again. Evidently Robert (I feel like such a patronising southerner when I type 'Rab', I really do) feels the same way, but had the wit to realise this by himself. Here's to Consolevania, and here's to us all. Let's not waste more time, eh?
  2. I don't hate Lucas just because he made a rubbish Indy movie.
  3. If the western industry went tits-up, the Japanese would benefit greatly from increased exports. If the western economy goes tits up, the Japanese are screwed because they won't be able to balance their trading deficits with the other far east nations.
  4. See, when I make this argument in favour of quicksaving, people get offended. That's the power of Nintendo for you.
  5. I love the collection of Post-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Bristol School oil paintings in the Bristol Museum. Some of them can just be stared at for ages, as you find new details and clues to a story the longer you look.
  6. This is on permanent rotation for me right now, you're a god for finding this! Termanology's an amazing emcee as well, what else has he done?
  7. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    Well I suppose some areas are like that, but when you spawn in the endless corridors of No Mercy there's nothing to do anyway. Noone except a tank can mount a decent attack because the survivors are bunched up together and usually in a straight line.
  8. Gwynster

    Left 4 Dead

    Is it me, or is No Mercy the most boring level they could have chosen for versus? There's nothing worse than watching the survivors run through corridors where you can't make a proper ambush regardless of what you spawn. It's also pretty tedious to play as survivors, given that nothing poses a genuine threat at any point outside of 5 or 6 areas in the whole of 5 levels. In Blood Harvest, nearly everything can be used to launch an attack. It's great fun to play as any of the classes there. No Mercy just bores the shit out of me on both sides. I'm frustrated, obviously, because I've just had to play a versus campaign on No Mercy. Fucking waste of an hour of my life, that.
  9. Yeah, I guess the problem is that FPS games still insist on giving you limited ammo for pistols, semi-autos etc. If the unified ammo only applied to rockets, flamethrowers, plasma cannons and other FPS 'special weapon' tropes then it would be a lot easier for people to like.
  10. Nah I usually LOL at him and agree with his choices, but this one was a bit weak compared to his usual amazing standard.
  11. Well, I didn't laugh, and I ended up watching a snippet from the terminally unfunny Unskippable at the end. I'm in a terrible mood now! Is Saints Row 2 worth picking up then? The 5 minutes I've played of GTA4 put me to sleep, and I loved Crackdown before the disc stopped working.
  12. Aye, even the Green Hill Zone has sections that cause you to run at full speed into spikes or enemies. It was always full of awful trial and error sections, but it was whizzy and colourful enough that you didn't mind all that much.
  13. I thought the T600s were the ones with rubber skin. Why would T700s have no skin?
  14. The issue for me is that you don't get to see what significance your choices will have before you make them, short of either quicksaving at every doorway or just playing it to death so you know every level inside out (both of which I'm guilty of for Deus Ex). Removing the skills, making the biomods replaceable, unifying the ammo, all play a part in removing the burden of uncertainty. Choices you don't fully understand make for arbitrary and meaningless consequences as far as I'm concerned (Oh no! It's a tank bot/security grid/gas barrel/room full of guards! I wish I'd picked up that ____!), and to remove the need to worry about 'unknown unknowns' in this way is to streamline the game while keeping its core intact.
  15. I tried! Mystic Meg's people ran me out of town, and I'll never work again.
  16. In fairness, I think I'm just as guilty as him in failing to really articulate my points regarding Deus Ex 2. Mirror's Edge is blatantly wank, I called it as soon as the damn thing was announced. Damn I'm good.
  17. Every airport level I can remember playing in an FPS has been pretty good actually. I guess get 3rd Person Shooter designers to play more FPS games? Annoyingly the only examples I can think of are the Airport in Perfect Dark and the Counterstrike maps cs_747 and de_747. There's more though, I'm sure of it.
  18. You're crazy, bro. Your reasons for the unified ammo being a 'design fail' were that it discourages resource management (aka using the pistol all the time so you can save your rockets for other stuff) and that having limited ammo for certain weapons presents choice (while I think it makes choice an illusion). The old system meant that if you didn't have a rocket, you had to crawl past the sentry bot. That's not choice. This talk of dimensionality is bizarre. You think that a game being more complex will inherently make it more fun? My point from the beginning was that Invisible War stripped away dimensions that were wholly superficial to the game at hand (as well as a few which helped the atmosphere, such as keypad entry). The active gameplay consequences of Deus Ex are given less weight by the fact that the ammo/inventory management forces choices onto you that you would otherwise not have taken. Invisible War removes these constraints, leaving you in a far more balanced position at each juncture to act at your discretion, and giving the consequences more weight as a result. And sure, Ad Hominem, whatever. I've never seen someone so stubbornly refuse to understand this point while attributing its merits to his own argument. It's like you live in Opposites Land or something.
  19. Man, I've just been trying to listen to some of this stuff on Youtube... it's just not doing it for me. I feel like I'm suddenly too old for music or something. I know how I used to introduce my mates to hip-hop via Jurassic 5, Ugly Duckling, De La Soul and so forth - is there a super accessible dubstep equivalent that I can use to attune my n00b ears to this?
  20. They weren't cool until I discovered them. True facts!
  21. Gwynster

    Worst Album Art

    No idea about the art style, but the concept makes me giggle. It's a guy in a bear suit giving a real bear a piggyback! What's not to like, eh?
  22. Which people forget this? I spent ages pointing this out in the run up to release, and got bitched at by Uzi et al for my troubles. Bottom line is that this forum enjoys baseless hype, and that it's very easy to point these things out in hindsight. Try pointing them out beforehand and, well, people get upset.
  23. Gwynster

    Worst Album Art

    Wow. Some guy who can't write criticised some guys who can't draw. They always said the reveolution would not be televised!
  24. Since Giuliani implemented life sentencing for graffiti artists, they all switched to using wordart.
  25. I've spent all day listening to it already, I don't need more of it! The above was a lie, of course I do.
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